Simone, Nina - Take Me To The Water Lyrics

Take me to the water
Take me to the water
Take me to the water
To be baptized

None but the righteous
None but the righteous
None but the righteous
Shall be saved

So take me to the water
Take me to the water
Take me to the water
To be, to be baptized

I'm going back home, going back home
Gonna stay here no longer
I'm going back home, going back home
To be baptized

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Simone, Nina Take Me To The Water Comments
  1. Mary Salvi

    2020 always Nina we need to hear from you..with your pain and honesty ~ I know you had your moments of joy, sending love up to the universe!!

  2. Panton Muenchen


  3. Jacobim Mugatu

    So beautiful and Lord what a spirit in her. Loved this.

  4. Guit Meister

    I may be a white guy (raised UN- prejudiced, thank god- BTW) I love this lady to no end, and all black women that I see with an inkling of this woman within. that's all I can & will say.

  5. 1947dhammond

    More love to anyone listening in 2020! Leave a legacy for people!! Love NS!!

  6. Veroosh

    Her life is an example of what happens to people when they stand up and oppose the system. But this should not deter you, as more people rise up, the negative consequences of doing so will be mitigated. She is an example of strength, a true Pisces-Aquarius cusper.

  7. Chrystal Herron

    When YeYe said “I’m a Pisces (water sign) and I’m on the cusp of an Aquarius (the water bearer of the zodiac, even though it’s an air sign) and so I gotta say take me to the water...” 🙌🏾🌊👑

    She was so far ahead of her time!

    End of the clip...
    “My folks got nothing and they need inspiration 24hrs a day...” 🙌🏾. To whom much is given, much is required...and Nina gave her all.

  8. Angela Rotella

    2020 ❤❤❤

  9. Shadow Play in the Woods

    Thank you Nina for leaving us inspiration. We love you always - Your people. 💛

  10. Nat Jac

    Where are the foundation proceeds going?

  11. Clyde

    Nina isn't an artist ...she is art ❤

  12. egopat15

    Wanting to skip, compelled to watch?

  13. Adam Hansen

    No god no religion no body. Just the spirit

  14. Melquisedeque Oliveira

    Fierce 😍

  15. veronica

    She is light and love!!

  16. K. Yvon Julien

    It always been a battle for us, still is. But now thank you to those who put they carrier inline for us today.

  17. K. Yvon Julien

    Beautiful soul😊😘😘

  18. Lisa AudreyJacinta Skinner

    ♪Lovin' this song of freedom♪. But you know what? Times are so hard, I'll just settle for a "Glass Of Cool Water, Before I'd die"!!!🎶🌎🎵🌍🎶🌏🎵
    ♪Reminiscent: Ldy. Maya Angelo♪

  19. katja arnaldi

    One of the greatest singers I know, thanks for recording this marvelous person.

  20. Karen Griffin

    My sheRO
    ​I want to shake people up so bad that when they leave a nightclub where I perform, I want them to be in pieces.
     -Nina Simone

  21. Thobeka Ngcobo

    Argh, Nina! What a vibe. What a treat. What a stiff audience😂!

  22. ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii

    I can't be the only one who SCREAMED PERIOD at the end.

  23. D W

    Such feeling in here voice But strange woman - not as nice as you think     Shot a boy with air rifle who was destroying her concentration once.    She may have been bipolar.

  24. Penelope Ryder

    She was 33 there.

  25. Yitzhak Malul


  26. Juan David Alcántara Vivar

    Thanks Rosalía 💯

  27. Thalia Cano

    Aquí por Rosalía.

  28. M Madrid

    Alguien por el tuit de LA ROSALÍA??


    no mogolico

    Diego Rodriguez

    Si aqui

    M Madrid

    @Jeremías la educacion y el respeto no te lo han enseñado a ti, no?


    @M Madrid no

  29. Patrick S. Douglas

    I hope you all learned something...

  30. Janset Akgöz

    She is fearless

  31. Shane C

    " 18,000 do not need it." (LOL) Nina Simone was definitely anti-PC and a straight shooter.

  32. Ricardo Galrão

    ...and just like that...a kind of instinct came alive... great stuff!! Dosn't hapen every day, u know that, don't you!!..."people needs help, and that's why I'm here"...great Nina!! Really, one of the best things that a human being can whitness, is they atituds, this kind of mentalaty!!, for that thanks a lot Great Lady!!

  33. Fabricio Andrade

    Genia! Es una diosa y nadie como ella! Que afortunados los que la llegaron a ver en vivo! Una joya este video!

  34. Martin Schuster

    Was it Heroin or Kokain whata makes her crazy?

    Martin Schuster

    @C Sure, believe it

  35. monique cavard

    Qu'elle est belle! je l'adore

  36. buzznachi

    7:07 AMÉN!

  37. TheLife OfLove

    One thing you can say about her is that she lived her life as a FREE BLACK WOMAN!!!!! now she’s a FREE SPIRIT. RAIN ON MISS SIMONE💕💕💕💕💕

  38. Earthly Color Brown

    Phenomenal Woman! I love You Empress Nina Simone

  39. bluenote824 jones

    Great and she looks great

  40. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  41. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Sweet Jesus 🙏

  42. Colum Lynch

    What an incredible force of human nature from one woman. Her legacy will always be young black and beautiful forever.

  43. Louise

    i love you my loving love

  44. Louise

    TRUTH 7:34

  45. Contemplative Queen

    She is so original!!!!!

  46. Coco Brown

    Its amazing to me. That she ONLY became a singer because her first job performing FORCED HER TO SING!!!

  47. Queen b

    This lady had a gift, but seems like she was lost inside.

  48. Shay

    This is like a prayer to Long forgotten Gods that rise up within and remind are who you were so very long ago!

  49. Voodoo Chile

    You go girl! Work it! Flow it!🎵💜🎵

  50. luanna lovell

    ...plenty of white people struggling

  51. dustyblue

    Nina gave heartfelt service as a warrior wisdom healer through the muse of music to go to the depths of the soul. Dive deep~ lifting the veil to peel away wounds, deep seated wounds. She knew them well and asked others to Feel Deep w/ her in commune. Her Legacy with Grace of Heart will Always be Endearing to those w/ Empatic Commune to Resonant her Inspiration to Go within and Heal the Trauma of DNA Legacy to no longer carry....So Blessed Nina Simone...a Gem with a Facet that Shines Infinite Touching so many Heart of Hearts! <3 Shine on Warrior Wisdom Eternal~ AHO!

  52. Danny Beasley

    A soul sister and revolutionist , spiritualist, of her time

  53. Nicole Bernier

    Tellement naturelle et spontanée. Elle reflète une grande sensibilité et une grande force extraordinaire. Unique.

  54. Ibn El Sadiq Bey

    ms. simone had a way if making people feel special, especially her own. we love you! continue resting well empress.

  55. domenico monaco

    I feel so happy listening to this woman ....Such inner power } Bless Nina Simone xx

  56. Sammy Nammy

    Watching her move with the ancestors. Konga man is genius as well.

  57. giovanna santagati

    Semplicemente...Nina! Unica, inconfondibile, inimitabile, indimenticabile....

  58. Sleazy Michael


  59. Winta Kamita Kemet

    With thé drums waouu....
    we are connected to our ancestors. Thankhs Queen.
    Thankhs Mum

  60. K. B.

    She is amazing... thank you so much for sharing.

  61. Flavia Cristina


  62. Dattatraya Nalawade

    Was she drunken?

    David Liberis

    Go sit down. You must be part of the 1800. "This is not for you!. You don't need it!"

  63. Sugarandspite

    That's where it's cuts off? Really? Darmn.

  64. Garbanzo Delarosa Del Peru

    NINA forever.....

  65. Jamael Jordan

    Aquarius take our people to the water, Nina give me chills.

  66. Nick j

    Wasnt she a heroin addict?

  67. Carmen and Juliet

    Im a pisces. Take me to the water YES, it soothes and moves me!🌊 sing it!

  68. Susan rennie

    pain running through her soul

  69. Just Saying

    This is a man!! Open your eyes people!!!

  70. Margot Bronski

    I miss her so.

  71. karimam1275

    She's better than Obama!

  72. Rebecca Lynn

    Magical human.

  73. Albertine No

    Such an incredible witness of her immense talent. Merci du fond du cœur.

  74. ouhh yeah

    She was not from earth.. She always living in musical universe... A goddess, legend, living music in a human body, living simpl truth in human body

    Pray with Our Feet

    ouhh yeah // Precisely! She flowed on a different creative frequency... ❤️



  75. Mary Nazario

    One of the kind


    ROYALTY INDEED💜👑💜🎤🔥💕💞🎼🎤💞💞💞💜💜💜💜👑👑👑👑👑👑N🎤S💞🎼💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  77. Fernandes de Mendonca

    Nina was unique! she was a truly talented woman just the way she was.

  78. A Deep Fried Rat

    If I could time travel to just one time and one place, it would be one of her shows

  79. Hannah Evans

    High Priestess of soul.

  80. ouhh yeah

    A legend 🙏 Goddess 🙏
    Human body of Music 🎶
    Living music 🎶 music with musical body...
    Nina you are my Goddess

  81. Army Veteran

    this legend lived, breathed, and ate music all her life....48 albums, over 400 songs, 15 grammys,! and countless tours.

  82. Goddess Jnu

    I'm a Pisces to Nina I can feel your passion I know it can be a bit to much at times

  83. Otto Dagson

    Возьми меня к реке...

  84. S Laws

    When she dances-- I love it! Celebrating a life and living the music.

  85. conucoheights

    that's actually at UMass Amherst. There are still far too few black students in a school of over 20,000

  86. Siobhan Monique

    Love you mother

  87. Peggy Ferrera

    Can't believe they finally got her in The Hall Off Fame!!!!

  88. mi man Miman

    Putain c est magnifique.
    C est .......
    C est ..........
    Ouf. !!!!!!!

  89. Teo silva

    2:01 look at facial expression, so sexy

  90. kayaker247247247

    inspiration for Talking Heads "take me to the river"?

  91. Tessanna12

    I just love her spirit and energy! She is beautiful and unique. But, at 6:45 , what does she mean when she says, "You 18,000... you are not needed!"? And
    "You have yours, your money, your parents, and your easy livin."
    "My folks got nothin', and they need inspiration 24/7, and that's why I'm here."?
    What's she talking about?

  92. Kawaii Squishy-Boy Siwanator

    Love you Nina Simone you're the best.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Rosamund Morgan

    Beautiful Nina ...unforgettable.. I never tire of her voice.

  94. Karstique René

    and no crazy...

  95. Marilia Villarreal Garza

    Que triste

  96. al coburn

    watta voice