Simone, Nina - Porgy Lyrics

This song talk about the same Porgy
That we've talked about for two years now
His name is Porgy only this one was written by eh
Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh

I got my man now I got Porgy
My baby understands now I got my Porgy
I'm through with bymays his way is may way forever more
Lord when i feel his arms around me
Knowing he can't go on without me
I wants to beg for a chance to camp at his door

Say he's not much for to look and see
He's lazy and no count as he can be
He's got the kind of a love for me
So I'm changing my style my way of living
Glad I've stopped taking and started giving
I got my man got my Porgy now

Though you say he's not much for to look and see
He's lazy and no count as he can be
He's got the kind of a love for me
Oh oh baby I'm changing my style nad way of living
Glad I've stopped taking and started giving
I got my man I got my Porgy now

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Simone, Nina Porgy Comments
  1. Lord Voldemort

    That still picture is freaking me out...

  2. BeBopandBeyond

    Sweat, like streams flowing over smooth stones in a riverbed, turn to tears. Hearts beat as one, eyes long, deep staring into the abyss behind two pairs of eyes, looking at the same life. Outstretched fingers needing to hold onto something/ anything, drawing you close to me, as if you ever left me at all. BeBop4000 February 2020

  3. Fabricio Andrade

    Where’s the live version of this song?

  4. Karmen Jazbec

    bob dylan is my man

  5. Karmen Jazbec

    gershwin i am bess anyway rapsody in blue oh in summertime which i hate i love ice and snow iam girl from north country

  6. Anthony Kabeya

    😭😭😭😭 elle était un ange 😇

  7. sanaa Bel

    I'm here bcs of yesung 💙

  8. malak s

    i’m here cuz yesung 🖤🖤

  9. Ron Lawray

    Hearing this song watching the movie Porgy and Bess, l didn't get what the song was really about, but l do now.

  10. Ron Lawray

    First time hearing it on you tube....just as good now as it was many years ago.
    Amazing how earphones almost puts you in the room just feet away from the performer.

    No worn or scratchy sound from years of play....God bless whoever founded You Tube....allows us old heads to go back in time...before Our time comes.

  11. Sylvia Carlson

    I first heard this on my green transistor radio when I was in 8th grade and it brought me to tears.

  12. ninosimone x

    Sweet sweet and perfectly sad

  13. Rosineide do Carmo e Silva

    I love you Nina!!! Uma das mais lindas músicas!!!🎼♥️♥️♥️

  14. Barry Rosen

    much better with Nina Simone from Billie holiday that is just me

  15. Ester Willis

    The piano piece is so beautiful. Jazz was soooooo mellow in those days as l listen now. I was too young to appreciate this kind of singing. I was listening to good jazz as a little girl and at my age now I do appreciate it. Beautiful Ms. Simone

  16. LarryCultina

    Fall 2005 & I had just gave birth to our 2nd son. My husband played this song and I cried like a baby. Nina voice is memorizing. I play this often imagining that we’re in Paris were my beret & I’m sitting on my rooftop patio with a glass of wine.

  17. Ester Willis

    I remember listening to this when I was a every small child. My father was a Jazz lover and Nina Simone was one of the artists along with Nat King Cole, Ellington, Basie, Fitzgerald, Vaughn amd Coltrane there were several. This song was one of father's favorites to listen to.

  18. albert samuel kruger

    Love conquers all

  19. Chairman Meow

    She was gorgeous when she was thin and young.

  20. Tom Johnston

    Take her Porgy love her hold her tell her everything you need to say before He comes to take her away and harm her with his Hot evil hands! But no dont let him take her she loves you Porgy damn it she loves you! and that is surely worth a fight!

  21. Steven Garfinkel

    this is where it all started for her - also on the album her rendition of the title song Little Girl Blue is a killer - I had to have been 15 years old when I bought this album -

  22. Anna

    Every performance is one to remember.

  23. Hunty Baby

    I am so glad she lives on forever

  24. BlaqkDymond Inc

    Wow - sitting here looking out an Oakland, CA window stunned beyond measure. I had to put this in heavy rotation to listen to lyrics and feel the feeling, as this is first time hearing this song and from Ms. Nina - Wish I had the LP (yes vinyl LOL) to go with my other LP's. Thank you BettyBlue

  25. A Frank

    Hauntingly, beautiful.

  26. James Threatt

    One of my favorites by Ms. Simone. Hadn't heard it in quite some time. 9/11/2019. Thanks

  27. Pedro Cooper

    my goodness

  28. M. Clayton


  29. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Maravillosa Nina Simone.¡¡

  30. 坂巻洋


  31. Corliss Jasper

    What a classic

  32. harm ony

    Thank you Chris Martin 🙏

  33. Trisha Didrickson

    U. R. My. PORGY...

  34. Anke Wunder

    Ein großer Song, den ich über alles liebe!

  35. AZIZ18691

    I love this beautiful picture of Nina which is attached to one of my favorite songs she sang. Oh my...🍷🎶🍷

  36. Adonis Básil

    Una canción muy hermosa. 💞

  37. Cambo Johnson

    ☝🏾 🔊 🔥🔥🔥 💯 🖤

  38. Alan Abrek KOCKAR

    I won't die like that, put a few more bullets now.

  39. Samaire October

    What a beautiful voice and song. This song is other worldly.

    Carl Scott

    I love you Nina ❤️

  40. Ben Ben

    Why is love written as 'loves' ??

  41. Patricia Walton

    I remember hearing this song on the radio when I was a little girl, and I loved it. What a hauntingly beautiful song and awesome rendition by Ms. Simone.

  42. Cherrise

    I loves you Nina. I do. I do.

  43. uwontfindme

    I love you Nina. Where did they take you? did they handle you? Why did they drive you mad? I can keep you, I wanna stay here with you forever, Iv'e got a friend.

  44. waitwaitwaitgo

    nothing like it

  45. 33uptempo

    So beautiful.....I like this 1958 version the best.

    J Denese

    YES. Me too

  46. Dina Smalls



    Brillante e inmortal

  48. スーパースケベタイム


  49. I should go Beat my wife

    Can someone explain to me what this song is about ?? Is it about rape ??

  50. Noli Jean Perlota

    Is she the orig?

  51. Devin Gademan OFFICIAL

    I did a tribute to Nina Simone adding a guitar solo and some vocals to a live performance of this song. Love her. She was the very, very best in her own unique way.

  52. last time


  53. Garwin Wayne

    I know she recorded many songs but IMO this is the best
    Eunice Kathleen Waymon bka Nina Simone RIPP (rest in peace-n-power)

  54. pennydink72

    I knew about Nina but my dad was the one who reintroduced me to her. Magnanimous!

    christopher ray

    I'm sure I agree with that let me google it to find out what it means!!!😂😂😂 nina simone has always been incredible

  55. Ken Wall

    Love this!!

  56. A Happy Lil' Fella


  57. Joe Fernandes

    Essa música definitivamente é uma das minhas preferidas na vida, um primor. ♥

  58. Fedot Strelets

    Who the FUCK are these 62 thumb downers? For the love of God, take a video of yourself singing the song to prove you can do it better.

  59. franca manzi

    grande fascino e atmosfera......una vera chicca per l'ascolto e per il cuore!

  60. Jacqueline T. Harty

    I guess I have been listening to Nina sing this since I was 16 or so, when I first discovered her, and I’m 74 now. Most of my life, and every. single. time. my eyes get really moist. Every single time.

    Ron Smits

    I am only 57 and like you have been listening to it for as long as I can remember, it is one of those songs that brings you to quiet tears

    Bruno Marafigo

    I'm 30 and still felling the "fells". Good music is timeless.

  61. Slimdulla87

    It feel good knowing that Nina Simone dedicated this song to my father.


  63. B.G. O'Donnell

    Penetrating agony of one so talented as she bares her soul with the world!

  64. B.G. O'Donnell

    Simply beautiful - first heard this song in the 8th grade - never forgot it!

  65. BoldAndWealthy Holly

    I LOVE this song by her AND Whitney Houston! I was introduced to this classic, recently. I'm not happy I've never listened to Ms. Simone's music until now.

  66. Lisa

    So soft and soothing, yet capable of breaking my heart.. I loves you Nina

  67. Brian Crain aka Cain

    excellent...great song...

  68. Gabriel Ganímedes

    Dios mio que voz

  69. Adhitya Wisadha

    Sitting in a park bench , listening to this song, left crying alone.

    Pog Champ

    I see what you did there

  70. Mạc Gia Mẫn

    I loves you, Porgy
    Don't let him take me
    Don't let him handle me and drive me mad
    If you can keep me
    I wanna stay here with you forever and I'll be glad
    Yes, I loves you, Porgy
    Don't let him take me
    Don't let him handle me with his hot hands
    If you can keep me
    I wants to stay here with you forever
    I've got my man
    I love you, Porgy
    Don't let him take me
    Don't let him handle me and drive me mad
    If you can keep me
    I wanna stay here with you forever
    I've got my man
    Someday I know he's coming to call me
    He's going to handle me and hold me soon
    He's going to be like dying, Porgy
    When he calls me
    But when he comes I know I'll have to go
    I love you, Porgy
    Don't let him take me
    Honey, don't let him handle me and drive me mad
    If you can keep me
    I wanna stay here with you forever
    I've got my man

  71. Brigitte Martin

    toujours autant de frissons à l'écouter cette grande dame que j'ai eu le bonheur de voir en concert dans une petite salle à y a plus de 30 ans

  72. John Pelosi

    Gosh, this sends me every time, so intimate, so perfect in expression.

  73. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Una maravillosa versión..¡¡

  74. k g

    The entire world.... Takes pause.... She goes into the memoir of her life.... And she finds that one true moment when she felt no excuses to be made. She finds herself completely taken aback....she tries to bridle her wild horses... Yet they still run... They drag her... Always to the beautiful call that is love. She let's herself go freely. He is hers. This moment in time was theirs.

    Barbara Richmond

    Beautiful!, K G

  75. arthur fungai Mashamba

    Thank you TYLER PERRY

  76. GerOnimO JoNes


  77. Michelle Clark

    Acrimony, was an awesome movie

  78. Coco12

    i love you nina

  79. jellyfishj1

    nice to be among others who love Nina

    Gil Green

    You mean loves

  80. Ahmad Tillery

    What a lovely voice RIP Nina Simone

  81. ferrygirl100

    Yes, the tears do well up:-))

  82. Janis Bryant

    Sheer vocal genius. It always blows my mind that two Jewish boys from New York could understand something so profound that happens between a man and woman of any culture.

  83. Chris Peacock

    Her first song as mentioned elsewhere on YT . So intimate in delivery, who could ever turn her request down.  Very beautiful photograph too of this iconic woman.

  84. Music Music

    💛💛💛💛 thank you Nina!

  85. mike rayner videos

    wonderfull 👍

  86. javier Azmat


  87. Anke Wunder

    Einer der besten Songs die ich je gehört habe! Gänsehaut...

  88. Benjie Barrientos

    Christina Aguilera Bring Me Here.

  89. Jane Eyre

    Why "loves" you porgy??

  90. Dawn Keibals

    I love you

    Ana Maria Gogoasa

    Hugh Gaenus I loves you more :)

  91. Keith McMahon

    I'd like to bring it back

  92. Clara Pennington

    best song ever


    Oh my god......

  94. thefridgefreezer