Simone, Nina - Poppies Lyrics

A child ran through the meadow on a sun drenched summer day
And then he stopped his play
And kneeled in a field of poppies.

A man walked through my ghetto on a humid summer day
And then he stopped to pay and he dealed in a field of poppies.

Oh, flower of forgetfulness, just an hour away to the moon
Take a deep breath if you are reaching for truth
While you're in the stupor
The door knocks and death takes another youth.

Poppies, red poppies..., red poppies...

A boy I used to know, a boy I used to know who's laughter rang to the skies
Was a joy to behold
Then I looked into his eyes, a look so cold, a boy who (rose on (??sorry))
In a field of poppies

Poppies, red poppies, red poppies, red poppies..., red poppies...,
Red poppies...., red poppies..., red poppies..., red poppies...

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Simone, Nina Poppies Comments
  1. kabeauregardajax

    This is absolute heaven. Oh! You beautiful woman.

  2. Brenda Cleveland

    What a beautiful song.

  3. Diane Byard

    saw this phenomenal vocalist at the village gate in the late sixties. i feel she is an unsung hero! whatever the personal crap about her! she.s phenomenal. i will never forget her live performance ! she was electrical! an unsung vocalist and performer. lest least we remember her. if not for anything else! her unimitable talents. she was a true trailblazer! for the likes of Badou. Scott. etc. an unsung!! no matter! she s amoung thee greatest!! a trailblazer! recognize!

  4. Teddy Angert

    "Then I looked into his eyes, a look so cold, a boy grown old, a zombie who kneeled in a field of poppies"

  5. Gray Sharp

    I know its red poppies.  actually love this song.

  6. Gray Sharp

    dead puppies

  7. Mark B. Humble


  8. Niall Hoare

    Beautiful song! Thank you Mr Bleecher for writing it.. I hope your Brother got over his addiction! Thank you for the explanation to the origin of the story Mr Bleecher junior and thank you Nina for recording it.

  9. Carol Namisnak

  10. HeySlowPokes

    I had a puppy once, it ran away when I went to hospital. !

  11. David Bleecher

    Odd to stumble across this... my dad wrote it.


    @David Bleecher Is that fact on Wikipedia?

    David Bleecher

    Just look at the actual song. It tells you the lyricist. My Dad's name was Leonard Bleecher. 

    David Bleecher

    This is a post from 2 years ago. That's a long way to go back in my posting history to get upset, man. I won't block you at the moment because I appreciate the depths that you went to give me said attention. :)

    Nev Nevitt

    Wow I just felt the pain in this song, I found it on my iTunes so sorry about your uncle it took pain to write such a beautiful song.


    Kudos to him 👏🏾😍

  12. Megan McInnis

    It sounds like the words you couldn't hear are "a boy grown old."
    Poignant lyrics!

  13. Blaq66


  14. CB Fall

    how beautiful but true