Simone, Nina - My Sweet Lord Lyrics


Oh, my Lord, (Hallelujah)
I really want to see you (Hallelujah)
I've got to see you (Hallelujah)
I really want to see you,
But it takes so long, my Lord (Hallelujah)
Oh, my Lord, (Hallelujah)
My sweet Lord (Hallelujah)
My, my Lord (Hallelujah)
I really wana to see you, (Hallelujah)
Really wana to see you, (Hallelujah)
Really wana to see you,
But it takes too long, my Lord (Hallelujah)
I will wait all my life for you
So you gotta? through (Hallelujah)
I really wana to see you now, (Hallelujah)
I've got to see with you (Hallelujah)
I've got to see with you (Hallelujah)
I really want to see you,
But it takes so long, my Lord
Oh, my Lord
My, my sweet Lord
My sweet Lord
My sweet Lord
My sweet Lord
I really want to see you,
I really want to see you,
I really want to see you,
I wanna see you,
I wanna see you,
But it takes so long, my Lord
Oh, my Lord
I really wanna see you, let's go
I really wanna see you, oh yeah, oh yeah
I really wanna see you,
I really wanna see you,
I really wanna see you,
But it takes me too long, my Lord
Oh, my Lord
My sweet Lord
Sunday night (My Lord)
Hope this time I'll see ya (My Lord)
Don't you know I need ya (My Lord)
Don't you know I want you (My Lord)
Don't you know I need you (My Lord)

I wanna see you, yes, I do
I wanna see you, yes, I do
I wanna see you, yes, I do

I have to see you, yes, I do
I have to see you, yes, I do

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Simone, Nina My Sweet Lord Comments
  1. Dylan Hannon

    What a glorious fecking sound, i feel so much better.

  2. 1947dhammond

    Beautiful singing!!! Thanks to the late singer Nina Simone.

  3. frost lee

    14:15 truth

  4. frankie brumen

    A great Song for the Great Jesus - My Sweet Lord -

  5. Michael McGovern

    Does youtube hate us that much? If not, why would it interrupt Nina in the middle of one of her songs with ads? Can it not wait until the end? Or does YouTube not know how valuable music really is? (so why should I subscribe to its music app?)

  6. Durand Claude

    Une artiste fantastique géniale merci madame

  7. Zack Love

    Fantastic! What more can be said.

  8. Dictionary Pictionary

    How apt to discover this masterpiece on Armistice Day. Gotta love those jazz drummers, too.

  9. Adrienne Woodfork

    Gosh this is powerful on so many levels ! 🔥✊🏾
    Grandma I was not really listening 👂 then when you played her but I OVERSTAND your music choices now !
    So much needed soul and heart ♥️! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  10. Pascal Makganamisha

    Reminds when i was young. My mother would play it on repeat... And i loved it. She still plays it.

  11. Joann Polidori

    Good but check out Federico Perlingieri and singer Trevor Jackson of Stuttgart Germany version. Live Sensational. The best!


    beautiul i love you always nina hugs in memory of your greatness sweet sis.

  13. Blake Aaron

    This version is much slower than version streaming on apps like apple music... which is closer to accurate speed? I can hear more nuance in this version, but the faster version seems more likely true to the live performance.

    Ayaba Awoyemi

    Weldon kept us coming in ontime. he knew all the singing parts and he was on it. A couple of times we were scared to come in because we were not sure which words came next in a couple of spots.We only rehearsed with her once. But Weldon knew the Queen was not about mistakes and she definitely had the right musical director. Her Brother hung in there like they were twins. It was tight, tense and wonderful!

    Blake Aaron

    Ayaba Awoyemi Thank you for commenting. Do you know if it was filmed? One of my favorite performances of Nina’s.

  14. Tyler Forest

    This is totally UNIQUE... as Dame Nina was !

  15. Joann Polidori

    This is good but check out Trevor Jackson on this!

  16. Bruno BRF3

    My Sweet love

  17. Carlo Vettosi


  18. inner light

    This is magnificent! George loved Nina!

  19. Seonghoon Jang

    Thanks Lord for giving us Nina Simone. She's a big deal to us!

  20. Ian Lamont

    well holy shit

  21. Curtis Blyden

    Nina snapped on this song!!

    Rahmaiya Lewis

    Why you say that? 😂

    L V

    Curtis Blyden Yes indeed. She went OFF!

  22. Queen Hela

    Star brought me here

  23. Ujima Jame

    My two favorite versions of this song - undisputedly this one (a true classic concert moment) and the cover by The Stairsteps that has as yet not made it to YouTube. The version here by Nina will having you going for each of the 18 minutes and 43 seconds and her combining it with David Nelson of The Original Last Poets' "Today Is A Killer" takes it to another level and was mere genius!

    Joann Polidori

    Check out version by Trevor Jackson

  24. OhMaDayzz

    13:40 beautiful

  25. marilo amado ponce


  26. kabeauregardajax

    That bass though.

  27. donald frierson

    Her daughter Lisa Stroud (who has since reclaimed the sir name of Simone) is on this also. She is doing the polyrthythm you got ta sound. She was young when this was recorded. I don't believe she was even ten years old at the time. Her brother is the man singing back up on this along with a Junior Choir out of South Jamaica New York.

    Ayaba Awoyemi

    I was in that choir put together by my friend and her musical director Weldon J. Irvine, Jr. They both transitioned in April ...Weldon April 9, 2002, and Nina April 21, 2003. A hole in my soul.

  28. Norman Thusi

    When she says uyezwa she say I'm hearing you it's Zulu

  29. umberto tedeschi

    pure art.......mason new

  30. buddy noire

    Absolutely FUCK-OFF piece of shit commercials in the middle of this music. I want music not corporate BS.

  31. Ericka Barboza

    Wow, I am hearing this for the first time and thanks for uploading! Nina is a true artist.

  32. Mark Sheen

    Off the chain ...groove insane and message is ..


    Wow I remember this recording too I used to play it to death I was 11 years old

  34. Marys Renné

    it is me or we can hear the voice of José Feliciano too ?

  35. Monsieur JADIS

    : ) god

  36. Hanifah Walidah

    This!!! Skip nothing. Its all the nina experience

  37. Hans Stok / NIPPER Amsterdam NL

    If you wish, skip the "My Sweet Lord" intro and go directly to "Today is a killer" @ 3:05

  38. Lujira Cooper

    since the cover was written in Japanese didn't know it was performed at Fort Dix. I agree it may have been apocalyptic but war is like that

  39. Lujira Cooper

    love this song so much paid 25 dollars about 10 years ago to get the cd. It came from Japan. It was worth the money

  40. anne christine Fleury


  41. dhabhawalla

    Incredible!! She was that one supreme artist who when covering a song would make it her song ... and this is just so fantastic and re-working Harrison's my sweet lord and morphing into Nelson's poem - and taking us all elsewhere. Fantastic and edgy

    Frankie Powell

    Real, raw, natural, words can't express how much she moves my most most inner self. 💘👌👍😎

  42. Rico Mäder

    #music  Nina Simone arrasa e atravessa todos nossos corpos energéticos!!! #love

  43. Susan Rennie


  44. cepson


  45. John Moore

    One of her finest ever moments- very special singer, truly missed!

  46. SoulStylistJukeBox

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Thanks for putting this version on here x

  47. Rhys Wareham

    if this song doesn't make you feel something inside your already dead.

    Jamila Brown

    Rhys Wareham I just got down to this song today after getting home from work. I literally could not not dance to it. It’s so splendid George Harrison may have made it famous, but Nina took it to church.

    Norman Thusi

    Nina has finally met God, I wonder what they talked about, did she called her a killer? I wonder, they're buddies sharing wine together. Cheers Guys you're our Sweet Lord

    Edlawit Abera

    Very true!

  48. Fran Szymanek

    When I was a young gal in my 20's Nina Simone opened me up to different styles of music/opinions.  I have loved this from the moment I heard it all those years ago.  Her accompaniment is not to be beat.  God Bless Nina wherever she may be.

  49. Dexter Haven

    This lyric has confused a lot of people, because the lord can't be seen; so the prayer is misguided. If you know the kingdom of god is within, and that it can't be seen, ever, why would you say you "really want to see you"? It might make for good music, but it's bad philosophy, a poor way of looking at the facts. How many have been frustrated from not seeing the lord and think they need patience, as Nina says? Too many. Those words don't apply at all. It's not a matter of seeing or patience. The lord has been reified to our detriment. Don't be fooled by it. You have access to what lord there is, the voice of conscience, anytime, and should not even bother to ask to see it. Whoever wrote this lyric was misguided.

    Rafael Buhrer

    Sis, I believe that what Nina mean is that, when she die in this world, she wanted to see Lord himself, and about the "takes too long", I guess she meant that she have a long time here to live as human in this earth.

    Lindokuhle Nkosi

    vokof man

    L V

    Dexter Haven Theres always a big dummy in the midst. Are you really this slow?

    Dictionary Pictionary

    I think the lyrics of wanting to see god and it taking so long is about being able to walk around and look around and see god in all of the worlds affairs, instead of all the madness and chaos and corruption and sadness that exists. I doubt George of all people was talking about seeing god with his eyes as if he wished to be dead or something. People like to romanticise the past, but don't let anybody fool you into thinking George's day was all sweet.


    The misguided thing is to say this song has anything to do with literal ‘seeing’ — for George the song was about getting past his ego. For Nina it’s about getting past oppression.

  50. nicolas53578

    un pur diamant

  51. nicolas53578

    il faut bien ecouter toutes les paroles de ce morceau d anthologie pour moi le meilleur morceau du monde un diamant

  52. dakillabee13

    Love this, wish there was a video of the live performance.

  53. Irish Guy

    OMG this is just art at its best. Many thanks for this timeless and unique piece of work.So long looking for it, would love to get the actual lyrics. mmm thanks again.

  54. Sweetbabyvixen

    (Falls to floor!) Thanks so much for adding this! Ma used to play this all the time when I was a kid and I've been searching for it on YT ever since. I always tried to sing the last note, lol.

  55. ant4love

    I really wanna see that bass player in action.

  56. Douglas Goodbee

    Flavor :~>

  57. SecretTimeWarp

    Rather shameless editing to stretch out her held notes after "Today Is A Killer", isn't it? :-P

  58. SAEZ Virginia

    You're rich if you can buy the original LP! I still keep thinking that vinyls sound much better than many CD re-releases, but I had to deal with my money: I bought this album on CD. Not bad at all btw :)

  59. judyrichardson1963

    Growing up my Mother played this throughout the house and we played it so much that the record was white!!! :-) Brings back such wonderful memories of my Mother and I have been playing it for my children as well!!! Love You MS. NINA SIMONE!!!

  60. Hye Hope


  61. Brown Sugar

    As usual, Nina is making it real. What a woman. As a woman, she makes me think bad thoughts ;-). Back to reality, wish I could have met her. Musical genius and a style that can't be touched. A gift to the world. Oh yeah!!

    Frankie Powell

    Year's ago she performed in ATL, & a prayer to GOD was answered. I NOT only walked up to meet her, I also got to touch my FAVORITE singer in the world. My grandfather Douglas turned me on 2 her, & would tell me priceless stories about her unforgettable performances I LOVE Nina, & Douglas. Thanks 2 the both of you 4 contributing 2 my life EXPERIENCES

  62. kouji hujita

    i have cd

  63. Flickstro

    Death in Vegas put this on their Back to Mine compilation, but I never knew there was an unabridged version out there. I like the poetic pauses in this.

  64. eimajecnerwal

    How on Earth have I gone nearly 42 years without ever hearing anyone mention this album??!! I'm off to buy the LP now!

  65. Christophe44300

    un super moment d'une voix géniale.Merci Nina

  66. Raquel Vasquez La Roche

    WoooW! now that it's SOUL!

  67. hopefullyjh

    You know you like a song when about halfway through you realize you're doing a little dance in your chair.

  68. jose tarin

    Bravo, bravo, bravo Nina !!!

  69. taniac300

    been waiting for this one...thanks for uploading..

  70. L L

    thank god, this is amazing!

  71. Vita Brevis

    เร่งเร้า เร่าร้อน และมีความสุข