Simone, Nina - Isn't It A Pity Lyrics

Isn't it a pity
You don't know what I'm talking about yet
But i will tell you soon
It's a pity

Isn't it a pity
Isn't it a shame
Yes, how we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain

How we take each other's love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Forgetting to remember
Just forgetting and no thank you
Isn't it a pity

Some things take so long
But how do i explain
Why not too many people can see
That we are all just the same
We're all guilty

Because of all the tears
Our eyes just can't hope to see
But i don't think it's applicable to me
The beauty that surrounds them
Child, isn't it a pity

How we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain
How we take each other's love
The most precious thing
Without thinking anymore

Forgetting to give back
Forgetting to keep open our door
Isn't it a pity
Isn't it a pity

Some things take so long
But how do i explain
Isn't it a pity
Why not too many people
Can see we're all the same

Because we cry so much
Our eyes can't, can't hope to see
That's not quite true
The beauty that surrounds them
Maybe that's why we cry
God, isn't it a pity

Lord knows it's a pity
Mankind has been so programmed
That they don't care about nothin'
That has to do with care

How we take each other's love
The most precious thing
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Forgetting to keep open the door

But i understand some things take so long
But how do i explain
Why not too many people
Can see we're just the same

And because of all their tears
Their eyes can't hope to see
The beauty that surrounds them
God, isn't it a pity
The beauty that surrounds them
It's a pity

We take each other's love
Just take it for granted
Without thinking anymore
We give each other pain
And we shut every door

We take each other's minds
And we're capable of take each other's souls
We do it every day
Just to reach some financial goal
Lord, isn't it a pity, my God
Isn't it a pity, my God
And so unnecessary

Just a little time, a little care
A little note written in the air
Just the little thank you
We just forget to give back
Cause we're moving too fast
Moving too fast
Forgetting to give back

But some things take so long
And i cannot explain
The beauty that surrounds us
And we don't see it
We think things are just the same
We've been programmed that way

Isn't it a pity
If you want to feel sorry
Isn't it a pity
Isn't it a pity
The beauty sets the beauty that surrounds us
Because of all our tears
Our eyes can't hope to see

Maybe one day at least I'll see me
And just concentrate on givin', givin', givin', givin'
And till that day
Mankind don't stand a chance
Don't know nothin' about romance
Everything is plastic
Isn't it a pity
My God.

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Simone, Nina Isn't It A Pity Comments
  1. R C


  2. Chulito Movies

    I am touched by this song..I am mesmerized...I am inspired...I am thoughtful...I am moved to love more, to forgive more, to be more caring, to respect more, to look for the goodness and beauty in think that there is still love in this world despite all the crime and violence, despite all the hatred, despite all the wars and destruction...there is hope..there is love....this song has touched my innermost...and this is 2020..maybe this is the year of change for me and for you. Sending love from Belize to the rest of the world..sending love to you!

  3. Eric Howl

    What a beautiful sentiment and song about respecting eachother and not abuse love


    This song should be credited to George Harrison, since he wrote it and recorded it on his "All Things Must Pass" album.


    The credits go to the singer on the record, i'm sure on the vinyl cover itself it has the george harrison credit but its not a youtube requirement. once you open that door forget it how many artist do we have to list for cover songs? do we list everyone that ever sang the song or the person that penned the song and not the singer because they didnt write it?


    mitcholobe A correct songwriting credit is literally only two words—their first and last name. Do you think that’s too much???


    @7JANEWAY No but for youtube its listed correctly. Only the artist that your listening to needs to be credited. Anything else is, do I dare to say it being a nitpicker. If your so worried read the comments Mr. Harrison has bee mentioned numerious times. Also, most people know the artist she does covers. Believe me I'm one for giving credit where credit is due but I also don't believe in overdoing it.


    mitcholobe You would not feel like it was nitpicking if it were YOUR song (and I’d be the first to back you up).


    @7JANEWAY that's why he wass given credit on the album it's not that hard to understand. On this platform it's not required.

  5. Spencer Dodds

    Beautiful song by a great man sung by a great women.

  6. Brian kent

    Nina Simone is someone who has Ambiance in a way others have volume ,lots of it ,wish I had seen her live .

  7. James Neal

    So nice, so soft, so true.............what to do.

  8. Karmen Jazbec

    no woman no cry as marly says

  9. Karmen Jazbec

    yes nina we are the same wth bob dylan but i am happy so far coz he loves me

  10. J Vili

    Oh how much I love her ❤ she knocks me out. I have to put big picture of her in my room ❤

  11. Arnaud Doré

    I love you Nina Simone.

  12. linda jackson

    Utterly brilliant

  13. KR8TZ


  14. angel tejo Tejo

    Writers Pierre Delanoë, Gilbert Bécaud????. PLEASE , composed by George Harrison. jajajajajajajaja.

  15. Andy Gingen/Fils

    Nina can make an adult man cry.................

  16. Jean-Paul Harrison

    man, I wish I could see this live. my word it hits me hard

  17. Karmen Jazbec

    we miss you nina you were sow sweet

  18. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah nina

  19. Karmen Jazbec

    ssame love is so simple the it i

  20. Karmen Jazbec

    e wo will cry nina im not the on

  21. leidy gonzalez

    "because we cry so much
    our eyes can't, can't hope to see"

  22. appletater

    Breaking the 666 comments 🐓

  23. Patrick Mullen

    I am in awe of Nina Simone I heard her on a "Juke Box" on the south side of San Antonio It was about 1973. Her mind was about a hundred years ahead of me. Rare as a Red diamond.

  24. 1947dhammond

    Wow! Im so moved by the way this amazing woman snagged this song! Truly she's singing her heart's song! What a message she has given to the people during her performance. I love songs of the heart!


    Who is that?.....that photo isn’t Nina.

  26. GFinYT

    Correct pls the writers that's a G.Harrison song

  27. Rap instru Freestyle Beat

    20 / 20

  28. Aurea Muçouçah

    Magnifica, emocionante. Que linda interpretação.

  29. John Longo

    Jesus.......what a force.......Documentary on her on Netflix.....

  30. Alain Bialec

    .....WoW.....WoW.....ViVa NiNa !!!

  31. J.P.

    You're not here anymore: what a pitty...

  32. Norman Degelman

    What a beautiful version!

  33. Garcia Fraser

    😢😭😭it brings back old memories.

  34. Emiliano Bassetti

    Doesn't exist another Artist like her! The most powerful and sensible. I love her

    Biah Kadın

    @Emiliano Bassetti ... Hey I know it but try to look for Benjamin clementine... He look like her with a wonderful vibe and voice.

    Biah Kadın

    Emiliano Bassetti

    @Biah Kadın i know him and i like very much, but not like Nina!

  35. Palmer Eldritch

    So unnecessary. Just a little time.

  36. Richard Condon

    read Maya Angelou The Peckerwood Dentist as you listen for total effect of prejudice on a little 9 year old black girl in the Deep South, in deep pain.

  37. Richard Condon

    s a though Nina has reinvented music and the voice.

  38. Ashlie Rundquist

    It is a pity, and also a blessing.

  39. Ashlie Rundquist

    Awesome beyond description. You've been such a blessing. I can't bare to say goodbye. Thank you Nina Simone.

  40. irisbjones

    "Every thing is plastic. Isn't it a pity?"

  41. Jenny Amaral

    I love music..

  42. Gladis Alvarez

    GRande Nina!!

  43. Guilherme Tomás


  44. Spinal

    songs like this never fade away im 11 and i love it !!!

    Jenny Amaral

    @Julian Christensen hi kiddo ..u r The future of music ..u have it in your soul..God bless you.for real!!!..keep it going for the next 40 years

    Jenny Amaral

    @Julian Christensen 💔💞💋😎😊🇺🇸😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Julian Christensen

    @Jenny Amaral ill try my best :)

    Jenny Amaral

    I need my glasses see what you guys have said

    Jenny Amaral

    Ok thank you..I'm trying to find out the commercial that shows a black chick in a tub..she is so cute!!

  45. boss 2


  46. CarOline Hart

    Thank you, Nina. Beautiful.

  47. catherine fahy

    What a woman

    Bob Green

    Not just a woman, a goddess

  48. Holladay Cummings

    Beauty of love is betrayed in so many ways yet, we CAN make things better. I have seen true beauty and I BELIEVE. It is up to YOU and ME...

    Bob Green

    Yes! Yes!

  49. Ildikó Cserháti

    She is a wonderful artist. I love her.

  50. Joshua Keesee

    This is the first time I’ve heard this song sung other than George Harrison and it is just as great.

  51. Star Tsar

    Fantastique x

  52. waldon warner

    If this song doesn't touch ones soul something is definitely wrong.

    Star Tsar

    Yeah like there isn't one there

  53. sarsum42

    You don't take love. You give love. Still a brilliant piece by Nina Simone

  54. Jack Doe

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  55. riadhk

    Nina put a spell on me.

  56. John O'Shaughnessy

    This George Harrison song is one I used to play a lot back in the seventies and eighties.... Of course Nina, well she takes it to another level

  57. King Phil

    I wish I could hug Nina <3

    Star Tsar

    Done know!

  58. mitcholobe

    First time hearing this and I'm blown away. I dig the white noise of the vinyl too great recording.

    Bob Green

    Same here

  59. annajuliet

    Her playing ...her voice ...her performance ...her soul !

  60. Rose _dollhouse_singer

    cried a bit and knew. . I was in hurt. . pain in my heart melt away and dissappear after i listen to this song. What a singer she is. .love her so much

  61. S t a r s Krishnan

    Magnificent ... the original by Nina Simone (I heard this first in the Concert for George rendition by Billy Preston which will then blend into La la la ... from Hey Jude) ... the original is just astoundingly magnificent ..

  62. Lazy Potato k

    Anyone watching in 2019? ✋😌

    Monique Koolen


    Bob Green

    Oh yes, and for many years to come

  63. sprunzloffio

    I think that many musicians must watch their attitude when Nina plays piano and sings.

  64. Marcos Namorato

    meu deus, que musica linda!!!! emocionante

  65. Kaouther Ghabri St. Clair

    This singing is exquisitely oozing “Soul”. It hugs my heart and brain and swing me back and forth like a baby in my mum’s arms. Same “being” experience as when listening to Um Kalthoum in Inta Umri.
    Thank you Nina for helping me see the “beauty that surrounds us”. You are definitely part of “The beauty”. However I feel deeply sad that you had to give so much to learn about “The beauty” and subsequently so generously and unselfishly pass it on to us.
    Be assured that I will pass it on to my child who I hope will pass it on to someone in the future.

    Thank you Nina Simone


    Kaouther Ghabri St. Clair thankyou Nina Simone.

  66. Chairman Meow

    She sure was good looking when she was young and thin.

  67. Vincent Casey

    We need more copper colored sisters like this in this world we live in timeless

  68. Louise Taylor

    Best i ever heard

  69. Tony Off

    C'est tout simplement sublime...

  70. Mommasita young

    Still 11/20/19 isn't it a pity..💕 Thanks Nina Simone..

  71. Jasmine Turner

    That sound of a record is being played 🥰

  72. Jasmine Turner

    Yep, forgetting to give back😢

  73. donie uptop

    It's why I love love .... cause CHRIST'S love requires no reciprocity it's selfless truely unconditional beyond vows it's a covenant yall enjoy!

  74. Funky Monky

    Nina shows us a true soul from bottom of her mind.

  75. Blueskywatcher

    Let's be good to each other.

    Elliot Smith

    Do you think 3rd worlders will listen to that message?

  76. unoriginal name here

    2019 and it's a pity that the world is still filled with more hate than love. Climate change, racism, sexism, homophobia, mass shootings, terrorist attacks, threat of nuclear war and more...why would anyone want to bring a child into this world?

    Some things take so long....indeed.

  77. Tarari Tarará.

    Siempre, siempre hay tiempo para Nina Simone. Gracias Nina.

  78. Tina Kurtidi

    Legenda 😍

  79. Ann

    wow- what a song; what a performance! thank you for posting!

  80. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    What a song.... Nina!!

  81. Geli Rodriguez

    What a talent to make every song her own! Unique and fabulous!

  82. salvatore Inghes


  83. thecosmopolitandude

    This is the first time I'm listening to this version of this song, and it's amazing! I really appreciate the upload.

  84. Bob Orrahood

    I'm curious why the composer of this song, George Harrison, wasn't even credited, but two other "writers" are listed here? Apparently they put their names here for posting this. Fine, but at least give the original composer credit.

  85. alonso romero

    From her Soul...

  86. cshim yota

    New anthem for america

  87. Giuliana Di Febo

    Questa è una di quelle cose che scopri per caso e che ti ricordano perché vale la pena vivere

  88. Ibtissam OUAKHA

    Chanson parfaite pour la situation de la France en ce moment. #allthesame

  89. Ma(t/s)termind

    I know what about you told me. The time is here. Only you can't give in every time for everyone because that's would be an unbalanced world. If you don't know what's the sadness, you don't know what's the happyness. If you never cried, you can't give a honestly smile.

  90. Britney Basden

    Such a beautiful yet sadly true song

  91. Ssw Ssw

    Божественная Нина

  92. Nubian Ra

    Right now this song described my life my marriage my relationship, My dear wife came down with cancer and she went cold, Meaning she pushed me away. I'm just here to help for her sickness. Hoping she get the better, she tossed the marriage away.

    Khouloud Kiki

    Hope she gets better my dear🙏❤️

    Nubian Ra

    @Khouloud Kiki thank you much!!!

    Monique Koolen

    Much love!

    Jason and the robots

    I’m here for you my brother , take care and keep on keeping on

  93. SpongeMind TV

    I first heard this song by the version of my favorite singer Youn Sun Nah and deeply moved by it. Nah said the Nina Simone version inspired her to record it so I am here... and weeping like a child

  94. RoisinElektra

    Grande Dame💔💟💞🌌

  95. Helen Ann Lee Shung

    This woman was magic, the type that happens only once 👌💞💞💞💞💞