Simone, Nina - I Think It's Going To Rain Today Lyrics

Broken windows and empty hallways
A pale dead moon in the sky streaked with gray
Human kindness is overflowing
And I think it's going to rain today

Scarecrows dressed in the latest styles
With frozen faces to keep love away
Human kindness is overflowing
And I think it's going to rain today

Lonely, lonely
Tin can at my feet, I think I'll kick it down the street
Tin can at my feet, I think I'll kick it down the street, why not?
That is the way to treat a friend

Bright before me, the signs implore me
Help the needy and show them the way
Human kindness is overflowing
And I think it's going to rain today

I hope it's going to rain today, yeah
I hope it's going to rain today, yeah
I think it's going to rain today, yeah

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Simone, Nina I Think It's Going To Rain Today Comments
  1. IETCHX69

    yuck. grating

  2. Andrew C

    just perfect <3

  3. Noa Baak

    Lord, keep me near. - NYC, 12/26/2019

  4. flagemdown66

    I think that's a picture of Josephine Baker, not Nina.

  5. Explore Greer

    Beautiful Nina, you're truly singing in the Universe. 2019.♥️

  6. Lisa Tafoya

    Such a haunting song and TRUE to human nature

  7. Robert Taylor


  8. Ice BarPP

    Ice vid

  9. John Baker

    Poverty Earth "yea I hope it's goina rain today yea~"

  10. Brandon Hudson


  11. Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.

    pure genius. both the vocal and the piano. a raspy billie holiday. compare with the nice, but utterly pedestrian judy collins version.

  12. Don Juan Contreras

    Scarecrows dressed in the latest styles
    With frozen smiles to chase love away
    Human kindness is overflowing
    And I think it's going to rain today...

  13. Heather Lindquist

    This crushes my a good way.

  14. peter littlehorse

    The best version is by The Laurie Bower Singers.

  15. Tom Kelly

    Wow, is this great! Randy's song. Nina's rendition. Sheer magic. (Must be a longer version. Sure like to hear it.)

  16. Colton Roberts

    That part at around 2:30 where she holds "way" with that chord progression kills me!

  17. Yaos

    anyone know about a piano sheet for this song? So gorgeous, especially the tin can part...

  18. Daniel Mendez

    Broken (Sean Bean last "mini" series) brought me here

  19. Christopher Reed

    so much the spirit of the singer

  20. Chris Peacock

    Diabolically magnificent.

  21. Angelsfury

    Harsh version with zero reverence. Yeah plenty of vocal acrobatics but hell, there's fairy piano notes and no real feeling here.

  22. Talkindurinthemovie

    Lonelllllyyyyyy lonnnnnnlllleeyyyy

  23. Jennifer Barnard

    Love this song far bettet than Bette Midler

  24. SuzieLa

    Blessed Nina Simone. I wish she was still here to sing more songs in the way that not another soul on earth can touch. Whenever life is handing me its worst, her voice fits right in my heart, as if to say, 'baby, I know how you feel, hang in there.'

    I'm hoping this too shall pass... and I know Nina's voice will be right there waiting with just the right number, once again, fitting right into my heart.

  25. Nosa Lloyd

    the piano in this song is dope af. I need the piano version asap!

  26. Ya Basic


  27. Vanessa Oquendo

    No one cares why or how you come here unless it's cuz you know what she has talent

  28. Rick Gammon

    Song overflowing with poignancy - "Broken" is like revisiting so much of my past - and all around me are "Broken" lives - we can only keep on keepin' on - finding the beauty is everything.

  29. Rose Watson

    Broken, another contemporary brilliant Drama, by the BBC, addressing issues that affect real people. Framed in the timeless echo & haunting voice of Niña Simone. Thank you. Rose

  30. Mark Jolley

    terrific song and used for the opening credits too the brilliant broken starring sean bean!! if you not watched this catch it on eye player!!

  31. Isa Muhammad

    Great BBC drama "Broken". Research being done on the writer and also the captivating theme tune by the late Nina Simone.

  32. Mercedes Bermudez

    Love her voice. My history teacher introduced me to three of her songs

  33. Ben Whitehead

    Anyone here from BBC Broken? :P


    Ben Whitehead Hi.
    I just screened BROKEN on Britbox. (I'm in the US)
    The theme music and opening photography are so evocative of the drama that follows.
    Scrolled by this series for ages, not feeling ready to dive into any of the possible storylines related to priesthood--but now I'm glad I did.😀

    Bill Rodgers

    Yeh. But Dusty Springfields version I remember best!

    Ross McKenzie

    Yes. Clarity unmatched.

    Explore Greer

    Great choice of musical soundtracks for Father Michael's Broken.

    Explore Greer

    @Jie Lei it ended well tho.

  34. Skill Builder

    Musical genius. People say those words about so many but Nina was that and more. Uncompromising.

  35. whitechocolate isahatecrime

    Broken brought me here. But now I'm here I'm thinking of the Griffins meeting Randy Newman...

  36. Princess Bubblee

    Whut? Nina Simone singing Randy Newman? How's it possible?

  37. qasimat

    I remember this song from the album, Nina Simone and Piano that came out in 1969. I got a copy in a plain, unmarked sleeve in a record store on Atlanta's Peachtree Ave for 99 cents! Along with Aretha Franklin's "Soul 69" it got me through a a tough year.

  38. savymicheal

    Just watched 'Scandal' and heard this. Had to research and here I am. Gorgeous version by the one and only!


    the version of this song by Bette Midler is also excellent! I love Nina Simone but I think both she and Bette Midler did this song justice in their own way. Check out the song "alone again, naturally" by nina simone. Man it's amazing. It's on youtube

  39. shelley sherman

    Tune in Thursday at 1pm est to The Voice of Peace for Nina Simone and other love songs!

  40. SMacCuUladh

    a girl smashed my heart into a thousand pieces, before she did she told me she wanted this song at her funeral. I'd still learn it and perform it there if i'm still alive. Love is a crazy thing.

    Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.

    i hear yeah man....good and painful point....

  41. RedWagon

    How it was meant.

  42. Dale McNamee

    This is a nice variation of the original...
    But, Randy Newman is the best ! The string arrangement is heart tugging, if not heart breaking...

  43. Clamchucker

    None better.

  44. Maurice Phillips

    Surely this is pure perfection

  45. Maurice Phillips

    Love for her music brought me here

  46. Tammy McDonald

    Scandal brought me here, beautiful serene melody!!!

  47. bobeagle007

    beautiful! I like the UB40 version too..

  48. Docktor Njathika

    thanks to scandal season 2 episode 5-'spies like us', i ended up here.  this song is just so beautiful and Nina Simone just delivers to perfection.  I think the piano accompaniment to her version is probably the best i've heard from all the versions i've listened to

  49. David Child

    Scandal also brought me hear. GREAT TRACK

  50. The Effortless Naturalista

    Scandal brought me here.

  51. MaryMag & Martha

    It's just something about Nina Simone's voice and the way she delivers the lyrics to a song that just touches your heart.  I was looking at a past season of Scandal and could hear this song in the "background" of a scene and just had to look it up and enjoy it again, and again and then again...

  52. TheReisende

    I listened to Katie Melua's version and I couldn't listen to it all. I guess that's the thing about music different people have different taste. Nina Simone's version seems to speak to that song as no one else's can,...her raspy clinical voice as you put it, made it perfect!

    Angel CityGirl

    TheReisende so true! I love bette Midlers version. This one is awful.

  53. Wilson Adore


  54. Lawrence Mintz


  55. saskia fremano

    Her delivery was perfectly clear and the instrumental laced her tone precisely... and it is literally raining today in my town today.. lol

  56. Daniella de groote

    try again later..... is dit you tube????????

  57. Flora Bunda

    Utterly awesome. Ditto on Sealy57's comment, And yes, the Earth got thirst quenched on this part of the planet today.

  58. mannail888

    Simone's performance is neat.

  59. TheOrthoptist

    Like the original better

  60. john manasco

    This is such a wonderful song. Simone's rendition is too clinical for me but that's her style. So far, Norah Jones does the best job of all the stylists I've heard. That may be an unfair statement since Norah Jones is  just incredible and any comparisons are unfair.


    +john manasco Did you hear the recently released Streisand's version?

  61. MrGubrz

    i agree... she isnt singing the lyrics, she is feeling them

  62. walt7500

    This is a song where personalty comes from the song, not the person. Simone prevents that I think it's gonna rain today.

  63. 10skylark

    however her voice in particular and her rendition of the words aren't as poignantly sung as done by Randy Newman, changing the words in this song doesn't do justice to the song.

  64. 10skylark

    i agree with you, i think Randy wrote the lyrics perfectly, i don't like the way she changed the word from Smiles to Faces. i often wonder how composers feel when singers do this to their songs, i'm sure they thought long and hard about the words they did choose when they composed their songs.

  65. Lawrence Mintz

    John from Australia she sounded fantastic in Central Park, had a great band and she is such a terrific piano player. It wasn't like 50,000 people at the concert... maybe a few thousand outdoors on a beautiful sunny summer afternoon in the middle of Manhattan.... It was spectacular.

  66. John Benn

    I agree 100%
    It would have been great to see her live in Central Park.Was the sound good?
    I'm A 69yo Aussie male & i saw Nina live in a small venue in Brixton,London in the late 60's i think.She was magnificent & i really think she performs or sounds better in a smaller venue.
    I wiil never forget that memory as she is just like a godess!

  67. DealReal12

    Lovely Beautiful Heart-Felt Caring Decent Sweet Compassionate Empathetic Holy Merciful Righteous and More
    Nina sings Randy WOW!

  68. Lawrence Mintz

    Nina Simone has been my favorite female vocalist ever since I saw her concert in Central Park in 1967 and she absolutely blew my mind... She sings everything so beautifully from Kurt Weil to Bob Dylan to the Beatles.

  69. Gemma Pettersen

    I shazamed it but thanks pete

  70. Pete Adams

    Claudine Longet

  71. FlowersInHisHair

    Nina Simone. Imperfection, perfected

  72. Gemma Pettersen

    Anyone know what version of this song is in Gilmore girls; a house is not a home?

  73. Jasmine-Janaé Joseph

    <3 this version SO MUCH

  74. Frank Liriano

    I'M here for Nina

  75. Harry Reid

    it would be good .... if she was not black ...hate that about her !!!


    😂 Go to hell in peace

  76. Jalen Turner

    I loved this song before Scandal.

  77. John Benn

    I agree 100%

  78. myrtha77

    i love nina, but in this case i must say i dont think she captures the essence of the song as newman thought it. why woud she sing "i hope its gonna rain today" at the end?? doesnt make any sense.

  79. Adrian Kristofferson Albudin

    Scandal! :)

  80. PeaceLoveBarbie

    Saw this on Scandal

  81. exuberante9

    Yup.....Scandal got me here too. :)

  82. MeMeMeMeAndTimothy

    Love Scandal for helping me discover wonderful music. Always caught between the show and shazaaming :)

  83. sumiko chang

    Scandal +1
    almost made me cry...

  84. Daughter of TMH- Aboriginal American Hebrew 1st

    me too heard this on Scandal love that show!

  85. MsElle

    Me. Just moved me--how fabulous is this.

  86. K R

    Scandal bring anyone else here?

  87. David Zipkowitz

    Truly remarkable.

  88. Douglas Wilson

    I totally agree with you. Why do people insist on insulting a different taste? I appreciate Nina Simone, but she's just not my cup of tea. I don't bash those that really get into her music. Peopel need to be kinder, don't you think? There is no right when it comes to mucical taste.

  89. Grumpy181155

    This is just magic. Joe Cocker also did a wonderful version of this. Great music!!!!

  90. medusanerve

    Nina is/was a phenom but her voice was eclectic and so far a matter of taste; unfortunately one I never got used to.

  91. kyrior

    isn't this song about 'fair-weather friendships' ?

  92. bobeagle007

    UB40 did a pretty good version..

  93. supkirsten

    I was pretty much going to say the exact same thing!

  94. ikbenlaradetoffe

    the bleeb do you know? I think he inteted to sing it like he sang it. just... guessing.

  95. Tim McGrath


  96. Pim Hoebink

    @Sealy57 Finally someone that understands it. I don't know why people like the versions of Bette midler en Neil Diamond so much. They totally rip the meaning out of the song.

  97. dsdon175

    Burdon did it before Diamond, I had Burdon's album before i heard of Diamond