Simone, Nina - Everyone's Gone To The Moon Lyrics

Everyone's gone to the moon

Streets full of people, all alone
Roads full of houses, never home
A church full of singing, out of tune
Everyone's gone to the moon

Eyes full of sorrow, never wet
Hands full of money, all in debt
Sun coming out in the middle of June
Everyone's gone to the moon

You see a long time ago life had begun
Everyone went to the sun

Parks full of motors, painted green
Mouths full of chocolate-covered cream
Arms that can only lift a spoon

You see everyone's gone
Everybody's gone
Everyone's gone to the moon
Everyone's gone to the moon
What will happen now
Everyone's gone to the moon
There's nobody left
Everyone's gone to the moon

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Simone, Nina Everyone's Gone To The Moon Comments
  1. Brett Sylvester

    You guys don't get it. It's SUPPOSED to be shitty. Signing that sounds nice is too mainstream and plebian for enlightened individuals like me.


    I love her extraordinary interpretation of my song especially when she goes out of tune on the words out of tune!

  2. Randy Cox

    Oh God, Something sung at least

  3. สมประสงค์ ช่างสมบุญ

    Oh, Gosh. This is marvelous. I did't know my Nina was still a doll.

  4. starcopper x

    She made this song her own..i feel more when she sings this than Jonathan

  5. jim riberdy

    What the hell?

  6. soundof7

    @tunult I agree about Nina's version - a fascinating and individual interpretation - as with Marlene Dietrich's, a classic version.

  7. donald gisbey

    @soundof7 Mr King, yours may not be the first name that springs to mind if someone were to ask "who is THE songwriter of the modern era?" and dear Miss Simone may not be the first name when the question is framed around THE singer, but this meeting of minds ,for me, is the most heart filled, indescribably beautiful, (it also encompasses ugliness in it`s purview) recording I know of. Her reading of Leonard Cohen`s Suzanne comes close. But this truly plumbs the depths and scales the heights

  8. Crumphorn

    I'd like to see the Dietrich or Sinatra versions. Are they available anywhere?

  9. red8e8wg

    Hmmm it’s a very arty version and probably appealing to 1 or 2 of you out there. I’ll stick to my Joe average opinion and declare: THIS SUCKS!

  10. Marcus Francisco

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Sad to see so many negative comments. I can't help thinking that the incapacity to appreciate such a voice and interpretation is a reflection of our current society, taking long and rushed steps towards the deterioration of intellect, character and scope.

  11. GalacticCowboy

    Oh God, terrible.

  12. lardo444

    it would be a good idea if she went to the moon, or beyond.

  13. Hotstrings

    For fucks sake!!! Sounds like saturday night, 11.30, just before chucking out time at the 'old dog and duck'! ......

  14. seanburi

    as someone didn't once say music is in the ear of the beholder, good luck JK.

  15. soundof7

    Well Ann and other haters of Nina's version; as the writer I was fortunate enough to have terrific singers interpret my song; Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra - even Percy Faith instrumentally. But this is my favourite cover; Nina gives my lyric an entire new meaning.

  16. seanburi

    Sorry!! but she murders this, if you want class listen to her take of Mr Bojangles.

  17. makingwinewidraisins

    this songs about people who live generic lives working as slaves no soul nothing there going to the moon no one lives anymore theres no energy no sun.

    people who dont like this song must be on the moon.

  18. Aaron Case

    I don't know what people have against this song. She sings on key the entire time except when she speak-sings. The piano is dramatic and powerful. The woman graduated from Juliard with a doctoral degree in piano, I'm sure she knows what she's doing.

  19. Niamalove44

    People aren't used to songs with meaning. Most of us are used to repetitive lyrics that say nothing. I never thought I'd say it but artistically and intellectually people of the 50's, 60's & 70's were way more deep and smarter than the following generations--in SOME ways.

  20. K2quared

    listen again. its about the alienation of people and what happens when everything is gone.

  21. Cidadão Cidade

    sempre atual, é a arte de reinventar a música!

  22. Cidadão Cidade

    ela é realmente incrível!

  23. calujaro

    Just a lovely tribute.

  24. Music

    Neil Armstrong was seen on earth alone. "One giant step for everybody, one little song for Nina."

  25. 54spiritedwill54

    This song is simply amazing!

  26. awol2602

    Jonathan King is not noted for depth in songwriting yet she has found in its enigmatic whimsy a description of modern dislocation - of course the liberties with time and tuning are part of the interpretation.

  27. awol2602

    Amazing. She takes a fairly jokey eccentric vaudeville number like Screaming Jay Hawkins' 'I put a spell on you' and makes an almost terrifyingly chilling cri de coeur.

  28. millvalleyrn

    play it loud!
    there's noooo-body left, evryone's gawnnn to the MOON!

  29. soundof7

    Really great artistes march to their own beat, dreamboats.

  30. soundof7

    I said "treatment" osa.

  31. Ianpbx

    No, art is another word for bullshit.

  32. Jimmy Qweerdo

    Wow. To be a person who wrote a song that was sung by such incredible artists. Awesome.

  33. soundof7

    Well I love her interpretation. I think my favourite is her treatment of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.

  34. Tom Sauer

    great song. nice photos. thanks

  35. soundof7

    Excuse me Trixie - ONE HIT WONDER? In America perhaps but elsewhere I had dozens of hits! Don't worry - better to be a One Hit Wonder than a No Hit Wonder!

  36. soundof7

    Jonathan King Muskie and I wrote it; I love her interpretation, it's weird, individual, strange... many others covered it, Marlene Dietrich, Sinatra, but Nina's is my personal favourite.

  37. awnplmigo

    EVEN if her vocal here sounded a bit unusual, it's still absurd that so many people actually HATE this song. The melody and the piano rendition should have moved everyone to tears. Could you tell me what songs do you like then, HATERS?

  38. Silky Johnson

    This song is simply amazing!

  39. Simon Bodger

    This is a disaster. Pure agony!

  40. paghat

    Sounds like it'sbeing sung by a muppet.

    -paghat the ratgirl
    at the weird wild realm

  41. Joshua EH

    she meant to sing it that way!!!!

  42. Marley Evans

    Poor vocals from Nina, way off par for her!