Simone, Nina - Do What You Gotta Do Lyrics

Do what you gotta do
Come on back see me when you can
Man I can understand how it might be
Kinda hard to love a girl like me
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know
I've loved you better that your own kin did
From the very start it's my own fault
What happens to my heart
You see I've always known you'd go

So you just do what you gotta do
My wild sweet love
Though it may mean that I'll never kiss
Those sweet lips again
Pay that no mind
Find that dappled dream of yours
Come on back and see me when you can

Now I know it'll make you feel sad
And make you feel so bad
They say you don't treat me me like you should
They got ways to make you feels no good
I guess they got no way to know
I've had my eyes wide open from the start
And man you never lied to me
The part of you that they'll never see
Is the part you've shown to me

So you just do what you gotta do
My wild sweet love
Though it may mean that I'll never kiss
Those sweet lips again
Pay that no mind
Find that dappled dream of yours
Come on back and see me when you can

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Simone, Nina Do What You Gotta Do Comments
  1. Fashion Killa

    I just wanted you to know, I loved you better than your own kin did from the very start.

  2. Marvin Jones

    Classic....she like you just tell me what’s is what is...

  3. philip tropman

    Another Jimmy Webb classic, best song writer in the world!

  4. Joseph Bishara

    Kanye wrote these lyrics in 1968. He used a time machine.

  5. Blu Brin


  6. Hippo Crates

    I remember this song from the top ten in the UK around Christmas 1968.

  7. WillCusatis

    Anyone else here because of avengers 2???

  8. GG E

    I made that bitch faamous

  9. MsAprichard

    Thanks for sharing the original

  10. Will Padget

    Nina wants you to be free of New Kanye (even though it's the same Kanye).

  11. blane

    Hey kanye sampled this but this song is actually beautiful

  12. Max Alberts

    Oh my sweet Lord, what a genius You've created. She waits, then walks deliberately into her groove and while you're following each sweet syllable she abruptly shocks and tasers you and you're a sobbing, sopping mess on the living room floor.

  13. Mr. Carter

    A very beautiful lady !!!

  14. Alescia Lewis

    In a dream ,I was at my former job and this was playing.... somebody tell me what that mean.

  15. the giant midget

    Everyone talks about her singing but These lyrics are fucking amazing also🔥
    ive never heard another woman talk like this

  16. Kosuke Ueki

    Love it ^^

  17. MrRoadster100

    Written by Jim Webb for the Johnny Rivers album "Rewind" in 1967 which he also wrote the strings, brass, and woodwind arrangements for.


    I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

  19. OtherTwin

    loverly NINA bless you and thanks for everything j vincent edwards hey my pal JIMMY WEBB wrote this classic


    😌 just... just so beautiful

  21. patricia Brooks

    My mom loved this record, now I love it too.

  22. Veggis Teggis

    THE GOAT brought me here

  23. Jay Rivera

    God bless your voice Nina!! 😍😍😍

  24. RBIKO5

    This is not used on Kanye West's FAMOUS - or rather - the song is, but it isn't Nina Simone singing it. Listen carefully and you will hear.

  25. prinsreintje

    Fuck commercial fake ass Kanye West. Hooray to real '90 underground hiphop. Hooray to the best female artist ever lived Nina Simone and hooray to the real Four Tops, who own this classic like no other. Love real music - the finger to all commercial mainstream followers

  26. Neve Chen

    Nina always brings tears of joy to my eyes.

  27. Jeff Samuels

    "I gotta lot of livin' to do before I die and I ain't got time to waste. Now let's make it. #50 😍😍 love you NINA!!

  28. Music Chair Reviews

    Kanye? I'm here cause 50 Cents Wanksta and cause i love Nina but every time I hear Wanksta i come back to this.

  29. Yung Fury

    Made that bitch famous

  30. Tarik M.

    Who was here before life of Pablo

  31. Thierblanc


  32. SILVIA Spee


  33. Dat

    Nina Shop

  34. mikeisradasfuck

    This song is good but I'm not gonna do what I gotta do lol

  35. LiSA pOLLOCK

    This song was written by the great Jimmy Webb and he is not credited for the hundreds of times it's been "sampled" (stolen), nor is he eligible for a Grammy despite it being the backbone of Kanye's "Famous."

  36. Larry Bell

    Thank you Jimmy Webb.

  37. Napoleon Solo

    how did kanye sample Famous part without vocals?

    Quill Untouchable entity

    for Most of the song famous you can tell the vocals are still playing but very low in volume

  38. Paorop

    0:25 The Part Of Famous Thank Me Later

  39. Angel Sanchez

    who else came here after they found out kanye sampeled this song in famous

    Alexis Paredes

    Angel Sanchez meeee


    Angel Sanchez me.

    Blackmoon Beniko-Chan

    Angel Sanchez Me!!

  40. Rayski

    I'm here for 0:24-0:31

  41. Tiffany Island

    The picture shows her sadness. I love this song!!

  42. Stone Heskett


  43. James Jones

    Fuck 50 Cent. Who give a shit about some fucking rap song

  44. David Rico

    I am really digging this!

  45. Husniawan Nian

    we all here for the same reason

  46. taygan cleo


  47. Jacinto Barbosa

    wanksta from 50 cent has the same beginning

  48. Yton Saybin

    "I got a lot of living to do fo' I die and I ain't got time to waste" -50 Cent

  49. Mr. Horrible

    So technically Nina Simone has been making KANYE famous... Hmm


    Mr. Horrible lmaooo SHE made that bitch famous.

    Amr Tahditi

    CheesecakeLasagna hahha on the point


    I feel like this is a statement Kanye west would 100% agree with, which is kinda funny.

  50. Victor Muthoka

    TLOP brought me here. Never heard of her before, so gooooooooddddd!! Almost shed a tear listening to her. Sold.

  51. muzzt73

    if you like this version you should hear the Roberta Flack version

  52. muzzt73

    nobody writes like Jimmy Webb

  53. Jewel Joseph

    Todays music is nothing but recycled music from back then.....get with it...learn your history. This is why shitty singers and rappers are what tthey are because of who they sample and steal from.

  54. The Broddha

    Kanye putting this generation on to the passion of the past. Love my generation cuz I enjoy it all.

  55. verifiedobsession


  56. Ryan Williams

    "I loved you better then your own candyyy"


    wether what she said i dont know but being a Jimmy webb fan i know what was written

    Mia Andrea

    ***"i loved you better than your own kin did"

    Jay Rivera

    It's "I've loved you better that your own kin did" fam

    Kain Ashford

    Literally look up any lyric video for this song lmaoooo

    June Marie

    It was a joke...🤞

  57. Yung Reggie

    That moment when she doesn't blame you much for wanting to be free but she just wanted you to know.

    Dat Dinh

    shit this touched me in the heart man.

    Max Alberts

    I can't breathe by the time she gets there, then I'm done for.

  58. Slechtmans

    I'm looking for a WAV-file (or good quality) of this song to play at my mother's funeral in two days, including that first line: "I got a lot of living to do before I die and I ain't got time to waste". Does anyone have an idea wher to find it or on which album the song was released with that line?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Steven Jacob

    +slectmans I have this version off of 'The Essential Nina Simone.'


    +stevenjm12 Thanks! I found a copy of that album and got a good quality file now :)

  59. CeeAsia W

    And I always thought 50 cent made up the "I got a lot of livin' to do before I die and I ain't got time to waste lets make it" on Wanksta

  60. Wilfried Laura Schmidt

    Lana del rey is not the Only nina fan <3

  61. Dunder Mifflin

    Rihanna is actual garbage

  62. Peter9191919

    Actually Kanye West didn't bring me here,I already knew Nina Simone

  63. glitter boy

    I made that bitch famous


    Stop 😂

  64. ToneTone


  65. Eiichiro Oda


  66. esttres

    This is actually a country song released by Johnny Rivers, written by Jim Webb. Released one year prior to Nina Simone, lyrics the same.

    Carlton Knox

    esttres no it was actually a r&b/pop song released by Al Wilson . IT was indeed written by Jimmy Webb and was on Johnny Rivers "Rewind" album but never released as a single by Rivers...btw Johnny Rivers was pop not country

  67. Evin

    Lmao this is the original

  68. Vi Vi

    who else tears up every time they hear this song?

    unicornlovernae berry

    im not crying, you are! 😭😭😭

  69. Jay Vee

    Swizz beats and Kanye brought me here.

  70. johny166

    kanye west brought me here

  71. Jena Daza

    Kanye brought me here.

    Chris Woodard

    +Jena Daza You here because you never knew good music :) its okay your honesty counts

    Sai Teja_

    @Chris Woodard she knows good music because she knows kanye

  72. rareads

    The Four Tops version was far better I think

  73. alex jungeee

    Rihannas voice is nothing better than this

    Ryan Williams

    True, that's why Kanye ended the song with Nina's vocals instead of riri's lol

  74. ken hz

    thanks so much kanye, as soon as i heard rihanna singing those words, i.was.blown away. no way i thought, this has to be from somewhere, this isn't rihanna, though her voice is just so perfect. ! When i reached the last 15 seconds of the song and i recognized nina simone's voice singing the same words as rihanna before, i lost it. no way, i thought, what is this song!! i had to google the words and her name, and now i am so in love with this song. i swear, i think i discover a new nina simone song every year. she is so amazing.

    Lyrics and melody are mostly by the great Jimmy Webb and his being snubbed by the Grammy's, its a crime!

  75. aonelix

    I love her

  76. Aetreus idk

    I think that was a man singing this that whole time, while listening to kanye

  77. Maxime Beck

    Plagiarism is called sampling nowadays...

    Cole Madeoy

    @Maxime Beck Well, they still create their own lyrics and melody over most samples. It's like a remix. Nobody complains about remixes being unoriginal.


    +Maxime Beck Dude, haven't u ever written a paper n quoted someone else before, basically the same thing.

    is is

    Maxime Beck this is the dumbest take


    Maxime Beck but people pay to use a part or best to a song. If they don't it'll be another Robbin Thick situation lawsuit

    Macarena .V

    it is called inspiration, dude

  78. Shar Cearley

    The great Jimmy Webb brought me here. The songwriter is the genius you all are hearing in this song. Nina Simone is an excellent interpreter. Listen to jimmy sing it.

  79. Diwas Ghimire

    The life of pablo brought me here and I'm glad.

  80. jonathon sherron

    Am I the only 1 that caught that her intro to this song is what 50 cent said on the intro of the song wanksta? I learn something new everyday about music!!

    Steven Jacob

    @Yung Reggie lol it hasnt been on whosampled for a long time. i know this b/c im the one who uploaded it to whosampled

    Yung Reggie

    @stevenjm12 Ok. But I didn't say it's been there for a long time, I said "it's been there for quite a while".

    Steven Jacob

    @Yung Reggie that means the same thing

    Yung Reggie

    @stevenjm12 lol No it doesn't. Maybe to you it does but that's your business.

    alex gipson

    Yung Reggie dude quite awhile means almost exactly means long time..just take the L gracefully

  81. Ron Chambell

    I love people on the feed saying the new Kanye West album brought them here! That's why I love hip hop you find out where the samples are from and you find a new artist to love!

    John A S

    Maybe they should, but if they came here from Kanye West, there's nothing wrong with that.

    Steven Jacob

    I agree. I originally posted this song after I found out the intro to 50 Cent's "Wanksta" interpolates this song

    Poison Ivy

    and people talk crap about kanye...but he's still doing the work ;)

    Macarena .V

    @Poison Ivy true

    Shawn Naquin

    Ron Chambell thank you for being positive about that. So many people thank that they're above every one else just discovering these artists in a year like 2019 or 2020, simply on the premise that they've been aware of the artist longer. That just made me happy to see someone being actually positive about it

  82. Kevin Tha DJ

    Kanye brought me here

  83. oxüm 422

    TLOP brought me here, Thanks Kanye!!

  84. bkkings1212

    TFLOP isn't the only reason I'm here.

  85. Tony Batez

    so dope💯💯💯

  86. AntonioVanegas93

    Song is so soothing

  87. -chase

    ye has referenced and sampled Nina Simone NUMEROUS times

    Randall Sly

    Actually, It was written by Jimmy Webb


    @Randall Sly doesn't mean its his song.

    Randall Sly

    Actually that's exactly what it means


    @Randall Sly just because he wrote the song doesn't mean its his song. he wrote it FOR her. meaning he gave it to her.


    It means it came out of his mind, and not anyone elses. Jimmy Webb is the writer, and everyone knows it. Nina performs it beautifully. The industry has never changed.

  88. obviously not art garfunkel


    Kaven Dang / Feedback Beats

    Wrong Place, Thats Famous (Sample: Bam Bam By Sister Nancy)

    tyeot tor

    lool nice kanye refrence

    tyeot tor

    ofcourse i know bam bam was by sister nancy

    Albert Tv Network

    art garfunkel that's by sister nancy

    Albert Tv Network

    Sister Nancy BomBom

  89. Brandon Kimm

    life of pablo brought me here...nina being the real G

  90. Uzair

    I just wanted you to know "waiting for the beat to drop"

    Joe Lewis

    +hi bob That beat is amazing I Love it

    Daniel Yeh

    +hi bob it felt so empty without the drop and swizz beats grunting

    Banin Diar Sukmono

    Yeah, agreee. That's another level of music

  91. TheKamalex

    TLOP brought me here and I'm glad it did!

  92. Luke Schreiter

    wow Life of Pablo brought me here, but Nina stole the show from Kanye completely. What a performance!


    I think he samples her a lot. I love her music


    @Felipe Ricardo Nina didn't take anything from Johnny Rivers, didn't write it. She recorded a song written by Jimmy Webb, as others did. And, Jimmy Webb only references Nina's version. Lastly, you're here listening to it.

    Felipe Ricardo

    @Obsidian451966 Thanks for informing friend. Now I can finally sleep at night without this horrible confusion on who wrote what and who sings what! =]


    @Felipe Ricardo You're more than welcomed for the angst.

    Felipe Ricardo


  93. Jay 203


  94. zeranzeran

    thanks for showing me this kanye, cause it's better than your version! HAHA! HAHAHAH! OH MY WORD


    +ZeranZeran He doesn't hve a version idiot


    Go listen to Kanye West - Famous feat. Rihanna and tell me it was not directly based on this. I THINK WE'RE DONE HERE..


    Thats a sample, not a version