Simone, Nina - Day And Night Lyrics

When you like a fellow
Try to treat him right
Give him your attention
Day and Night

When he starts to smilin'
And he's got you uptight
Shower him with kisses
Day and night

Tell him how you love him
Tell him he's out of sight
Then he'll know you dig him
Day and night

If he wants to leave you
And you think he might
Beg him not to leave you
Day and night

Tell him that you're lonely
Tell him that you're cold
Tell him that you need him
Here to (Satisfy your soul)

If he likes to dance now
Tell you what you do
When you see him comin' down the street
You start to (Do the bungaloo)

Oh no, even when he's wrong
Tell him that he's righr
You can take the blame
Both day and night

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Simone, Nina Day And Night Comments
  1. Wendy Peppercorn

    Awesome! I just came across Nina Simone sings the blues at my library. I Love it so much, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard her before. It’s my new favorite blues album (cd)

  2. Norjen Tee

    genius !!!

  3. Ave Figgy


  4. James S.

    Vinyl Me, Please just released a beautiful blue color exclusive only LP! Sign up via my link and get $10 credit added to your account

  5. Maria Lee Carta

    I just loved her she left us too early>RIP


    +Maria Oettinger thank you. Glad you like the video.