Simon, Paul - Papa Hobo Lyrics

It's carbon and monoxide
The ole Detroit perfume
And it hangs on the highways
In the morning
And it lays you down by noon
Oh Papa Hobo
You can see that I'm dressed like a schoolboy
But I feel like a clown
It's a natural reaction I learned
in this basketball town

Sweep up
I been sweeping up the tips I've made
I been living on Gatoraae
Planning my getaway
Detroit, Detroit
Got a hell of a hockey team
Got a left-handed way
Of making a man sign up on that
Automotive dream, oh yeah
Oh Papa Papa Hobo
Could you slip me a ride
Well, It's just after breakfast
I'm in the road
And the weatherman lied

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Simon, Paul Papa Hobo Comments
  1. Ventura Easy Rider

    Un disco maravilloso que te hará viajar a otra época ..... grande Paul Simon ☮️

  2. Juliana Nacci

    Sam Kiszka brought me here :)

  3. jong rak kim

    my hero paul simon

  4. small son

    hello papa i love my papa

    big big papa69

    small son fuck off son 😡😡😡

    Eli Malaga

    big big papa69 hahaha your names and your comment. Be nice to each other 😂

  5. Christin j Smith

    from Ann arbor Michigan and when he says Detroit Detroit got a hell of a hockey team I smile inside and out,and I don't even like hockey, just love my home state so much;)

  6. Tyler Pearson

    what instrument is that? 1:06?

    Ethan Doran

    Bass Harmonica played by the great Charlie McCoy

  7. Mel Strait

    No doubt an incredible writing job. He may have been difficult to work with, but he has few rivals when it comes to writing a tune.

  8. David Ramirez Larsen

    Lately, I like more Paul Simon solo songs than with Garfunkel.

  9. Lee Mitchell


  10. Joshua Benson

    favourite song ever #paulsimonisagod

  11. Harry Tavitian

    Fantastic! Sadly, it's one of Paul Simon's several underrated compositions! The man's a brilliant songwriter and this is a gem of a song!

  12. Hilton Barlach

    I feel like a clown.....

    Jean Ely

    +Hilton Barlach  It's a natural reaction you learned in this basketball town.

    Hilton Barlach

    +Jean Ely Indeed!!!!!

  13. Holymakinaw

    Paul Simon is an American musical GENIUS.  As important as Lennon & McCartney, in every way.


    He contends with Dylan, honestly.

    Jim DeCamp

    Outstrips in every possible way.


    Holymakinaw I think the guy is a genius and has a finer sense of detail than lennon or mccartney but the beatles were more nuiversal and pushed boundaries more than them all tho

  14. Ian McGillis

    Funny thing is, at the time Simon wrote this song, the Red Wings sucked. Doesn't make the song any less great, mind you. Right up there with his best, and that's really saying something.

    Jim Saunders

    I think it was tongue in cheek.

  15. harmonica lewinsky

    Detroit does have one hell of a hockey team!


    Well, they USED to, anyway........

  16. Elizabeth P

    Ezra's though

  17. MrGandharva108

    I meant to say that Paul Simon was sitting on Johnny Carson's couch when he played this song. Just Paul and his guitar. Johnny was very impressed.

  18. MrGandharva108

    I saw Paul play this on The Tonight Show/Johnny Carson Show, TV, while sitting on the
    couch, it was '69 or '70. I don't think he recorded it yet. I flipped out...I said, "This is one
    of the greatest songs I've ever heard !" I bought a guitar just to learn how to play this song.

  19. Charlotte Glassman

    I had no idea that Gatorade existed back in the 70's. Too bad about Detroit; it used to be a great town.

  20. Ethan Doran

    Get out.

  21. britbeat11

    Ezra's is a kajillion times better. That's not even a number.


    nice joke pal,

  22. hbxnyer

    its carbon and monoxide,that old Detroit perfume...
    I bought this album as soon as it came out...I think I still know every this record...

  23. Connor Billyams

    of course!

  24. GRHennigh

    I'm in the road, and the weather man lied.
    No greater way to put it.

  25. Ethan Doran

    Pretty much.

  26. Michael Young

    Awesome song. Awesome musician.

  27. Uncle Phoquer

    I absolutely love this song! I hope it's not taken down :D