Simon, Paul - Kodachrome Lyrics

When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder
I can think at all
And though my lack of education
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's
a sunny day
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away

If you took all the girls I knew
When I was single
And brought them all together
for one night
I know they'd never match
my sweet imagination
Everything looks worse
in black and white

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Simon, Paul Kodachrome Comments
  1. Jonathan Hyde

    The remake of this song would definitely include some damn lines like “Momma don’t take my smaaart phone away.”


    How bad would I be to replace "all the girls I knew" with "all the waifus" ?

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    This re-listen prompted us to unpack our stored-away 800+ slides and old projector...... after 30+ years the colours are still VERY brilliant! Everything worked perfectly ..... and so did the memories.

  4. elige brown

    I'm 46 the whole time I thought they were saying dont take my phone away! Damn I need to get my hearing checked. I have a 1940s collapsible Kodak camera and it's in good shape and still works. I was helping remodel a building that was built in 1889 and found it in the basement with some 1950s national geographic's. Great find.

  5. matthew moeller


  6. jeffreylc

    Shout out to the Muscle Shoals boys on this track. RIP Jimmy Johnson.

    Rick Davis

    Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers, they've been known to sing a song or two.......

  7. chip block

    I love this song a lot. I really miss the days when I used to shoot Kodak 64. When I wanted a lot of detail I would shoot 25. It wasn't till 2011 before I bought my first non-film camera. I still shoot a lot of black and white with my Cannon EOS 1. Something about film makes the image come alive!

  8. Danny Manny

    Now we do realize that Kodachrome was taken away on account of the pics taken with it right? Naughty naughty!!

  9. Belle Starre

    Marrying for the first time my classmate from high school. THIS is on our playlist ! WE'RE ALIVE THE CLASS OF '85 !

  10. Mary Walker

    Love Kodachrome!

  11. daAnder71

    Pretty sad that a company that once was so omnipresent that famous artists would write songs about it, and that in fact was a pioneer in digital photography - inventing a digital camera in 1975! - eventually committed suicide by totally ignoring the rise of digital photography.

  12. acer g

    who here remembers the old Nikon cameras

    James Morrell

    I was a photographer for my college newspaper in 1969 and 1970, and we had two Nikon F cameras that the newspaper owned and we used.

  13. Gumshrud Flenzoro

    I miss Kodachrome 25

  14. Stephen Poliszuk

    Reminds me of The Conehead’s family videos throughout the years. Who’s still listening in 2020?!!

    Michael d'amico

    do yo dig graceland?

    Stephen Poliszuk

    Possessive = apostrophe. The fam videos belong to them.


    Stephen Poliszuk The family is called Conehead, and together they are the Coneheads, so it's either the "Coneheads' * family videos" or "the Conehead family's* videos". Hope, that clarifies it. All the best.

  15. hairypolack

    1.29 is that the guy from "High School Musical" in the Romeo photo?

  16. Gruntbot1227

    Guy on cell phone at 0:25. Time Machine!!

  17. Tony Hodgin

    The Cone Heads

  18. Gary Remillard

    who would have thought that this song is about Koda chrome film

    debbie green

    lol, i understood kodachrome but i thought it was 'nack on camera'; never knew nikon

  19. Jeff Hawkins

    This song really puts the bounce back in ur step💚☘😎

  20. Dwight Turner

    This song came out when I had just graduated from college. I heard it a thousand times on my car radio.

  21. John Smith

    Anyone else remember Fotomat booths?

  22. baggrat

    I feel so outdated... I don't know if I should take a walk or wind my watch....

  23. Danny Manny

    Dang it. I'm tapping my feet in bed again.

  24. Ford Burkett

    Back when this song was released, I remember a D J said this song was banned from The U. K. radio stations because it was considered a commercial and not a pop song. Anyone know if that was true ?


    Ford Burkett possibly BBC run stations. They still have strict rules

  25. SirTimmy

    I Miss Chris Farley =(

  26. Vin D

    Hold on...I've gotta put in a new memory card!

  27. GMar

    Yeah, but who are those 4 cute girls who look like they are on their way to the senior prom?

  28. HayBob

    This song makes me smile and sing the words out loud every time I hear it..

    Zzz Zzz

    No matter where I am at I sing it out loud!

  29. Rick Smith

    So in 57 years of life I was thinking they were trying to take his coat of chrome away

    Abe Lincoln

    I was once a boy trapped in a woman's body, then my mom gave birth. Although this has nothing to do with this song.

    Angela Polizzi

    That is too funny!!!! Coat of Chrome but hey it does sound like that! haha

    elige brown


    elige brown

    I'm 46. I thought they were saying dont take my phone away.

    Jackie Wilson

    I thought the same until my brother corrected me

  30. George Vreeland Hill

    Forget this 2019 and 2020 stuff. We are listening to this forever.

  31. James Biehn

    I was listening to this in the car wiyh my nephew (12) and he asked "What does kodachrome mean?" I told him it was a kind of color film. He said "What's film?" I really felt my age then.

    Zzz Zzz


  32. Mr MEMé

    Well Mamma did taketh
    thy kodukchrom awhey

  33. Harrell Kerkhoff

    Nicely done!

  34. Edward Creter

    Kodachrome the song may not be (exactly) about photography per se, but when it comes to colorful tunes not too many artists have better "focus" or a more impressive "palette" of vivid hues and dreamy shades of neo realism than Paul Simon. Every song from Paul is a Kodak moment in and of itself. Just see the "picture" as you see it.

  35. Mesh Grow Bags

    I remember shooting some 400 Kodachrome and finding it required a lot of light for a good exposure. My first SLR camera was a Miranda that I still own.

    John Birch

    Mesh Grow Bags I use to push my 400 Kodachrome 2 1/2 times to 1000. It caused some interesting effects.

  36. Mesh Grow Bags

    2:36 my first camera was a Brownie given to me by my grandmother who had a newer 35mm cartridge camera. But I always remember it called a "Brown Eye" camera for some reason.

  37. tubedude54

    And in 2009... Kodak killed Kodachrome! RIP

  38. Cheryl bois

    Good times

  39. Cheryl bois

    Good times

  40. rickw1954

    It makes the nice bright colors, and it doesn't fade!

  41. Matthew Costello

    I used to make Kodachrome film at Kodak Park in Rochester, NY Bldg 29 14 room largest fastest most versatile film making machine in the world path of the film was over a mile long, came out in 5' wide 12, 800' long rolls each roll was 55,000 camera rolls and we put out 110 rolls in a 24 hr period, the machine ran 24/7/365

    Bill Barry

    5 ft wide by 800 ft long? Damn how much would one of those rolls weigh? Was it done all in the dark?

  42. Bonnie Bickett

    And not one redhead!

  43. xr7fan

    This is actually a song about interracial dating. When Simon Says "mama don't take my Kodachrome away", he's really asking her not to forbid him dating a black girl. "Such nice bright colors".

  44. Todd Armstrong

    Why is google so evil?

  45. Sten Dahlberg

    I just preferred Ektachrome!

    John Rodrigues

    I like them both. I used them both. My dad had given me his Canon SLR. It was the first one with the light meter on the side. No through the lens metering. He also gave me his Kodak Retina IIIc . That being a rangefinder had the best depth of field you could imagine with a stock 50 millimeter lens

  46. Sean Bailey

    I cry whenever I hear this. I have a huge collection of Kodachrome. And memories.

  47. Marvin Flyer

    I love ❤️ this song. Great lyrics, tune and Harmony.

  48. Gary Hieronymus

    Film has gone the way of common sense.

  49. Rbt Wll

    wish i was back in highschool instead of driving this big truck

  50. Turbo Lives In my heart

    Bought this 45 when I was 10... also Loves Me Like s Rock. Big influence on my life.

  51. mrthebillman

    Actually, Kodachrome was used to enhance blues, Fujichrome was used for greens.

  52. Capt Termite

    In high school, the photography club stole a mannikin from the business marketing classroom and set her up in the back of the club's darkroom with back drops and lighting in order to practice photoshoots all the whole hoping someday they would have a real live model. It was a sad but well kept secret.

  53. Robert Orr

    I remember the first few digital cameras, and the last few film developer booths.

  54. David M

    Kodachrome RIP.

  55. Bonnie Garrison

    Kodachrome and Nikon got a ton of free advertising from this one song. Amazing!

    Brian Ball

    I remember the Album, "There Goes Rhymin' Simon" had a trademark symbol beside the name of the song, stipulated by Kodak.

  56. milleke223

    One of the greatest lines of any songs...
    If you took all the girls I knew
    When I was single
    And brought 'em all together for one night
    I know they'd never match
    My sweet imagination
    Everything looks worse in black and white

    Mick Jelsma

    Such a great verse! That's one party I don't think I want to go to! Just sayin'....

  57. Jeff Silverberg

    If I look back at my college education, I can't imagine all the crap I learned in higher Ed.

  58. Fred TheHead

    Nikon made the best lenses back in the day. Other than Leica.

  59. Fred TheHead

    I miss having my film developed.

  60. ROGER2095

    I came across a box of old slides today: My Ektachrome ones from the 60's and my father's Kodachrome ones from the 50's. I always like Ektachrome better because it was a faster film than Kodachrome and I could shoot in lower light. But 50+ years later, the Ektachrome slides have noticeably faded - but the Kodachrome ones are still spectacularly bright and colorful!

    David M

    That was the unique quality of Kodachrome!

    Brian Ball

    Kodachrome has always had a very stable image. Ektachrome in the 50's was process E2. In 1966 they introduced E4 which was better and made the image last longer. I have found the same thing with my Dads slides from that era. The Ektachromes have faded and the colours shifted but the Kodachrome slides are still very good to this day. If you still have a roll of Kodachrome and want it processed in colour, you are out of luck. The last roll processed was at Dwayne's Photo around Dec 30, 2010. There is no one else running process K14.

  61. Karl Reimers

    Paul Simon is a real Dem lib tard! But I really enjoyed this song!

  62. sullinsmarvin

    I just noticed at 2:44 that's Ronald Reagan

  63. robert chandler


    John Adams

    Yes indeed! It was free advertising for both Kodak and Nikon, so why would they get their corporate panties in a bunch?!

  64. Bonnie Bickett

    pentax K1000 loved it!But B&W is the best!

  65. moosefactory133

    In college my roommate changed the lyrics a little bit singing "mama going to take my chromosomes away"

  66. Northern Bohemian Realist

    They took my Kodachrome away. God, i miss those reds.
    And the stability! My slides from those days are still perfect.

    Steve's Place

    They took my Kodachrome away. Sad.

  67. Jamie Kerr

    You people that think you have 6os early 70s figured out, you don't: Vietnam war, 55.000 of our generation gone, many more dehumanized for life, John Kennedy 1963, Robert Kennedy 1968, Martin Luther King 1968, the civil rights riots, the Civil Rights Act, and massive antiwar protests, etc. Woodstock happened, The Beatles arrived. The glorious Richard Nixon was elected. You don't know! History is being rewritten, and you people are all for it.

  68. Brian Strachan

    Thank you for sharing Eileen.

  69. regularguy8888

    I can read the writing on the wall, literaly

  70. Irenee Shubert

    Celebrating photography and life.

  71. Daniel Deschenes

    I love Kodachrome ! My favorite Paul Simon song !

  72. Anastacie Robbins-Cole

    "Give us those nice,bright colors,give us those dreams of Summer,makes you think all the World's a sunny day,oh yeah," says it all!! Thanks,Paul Simon,for this hella good tune!! I request it whenever I have the opportunity!!..Love it SO,SO,SO,much!!😍😍😍👍👍👍👏👏👏❤❤❤

    Mitzi Miau

    I preferred agfa dia film because the colours were more realistic. Yes, kodachrome made the world look nicer than it really was.

  73. Anastacie Robbins-Cole


  74. Taz Mod

    I used that film all the time thru the years. Today my cameras are stored away and I just use my iPhone.

  75. Siki Nix

    Thank You Paul’s Mum for not taking his Kodachrome away. Can’t thank Kodak because they Did!

  76. Bogey Patel

    What kind of a duck is that, anybody?

    Cam Pritchett

    Bogey Patel Chinese mandarin duck

  77. Edwin Clements

    I once bought about 300 rolls of Kodachrome 64 film at one time. I got it on sale at a store that had a whole bunch of it they wanted to get rid of. I kept it in the freezer and it took me about 5 years to use it all up. I think if I ever win one of these multi-hundred-million dollar lotteries, or come into a huge amount of money by some other means, I am going to seriously look into resurrecting Kodachrome. It was the greatest.

  78. Daniel Konieczny

    Do this song to a tee!
    Was told by the guy who has claimed the best Elvis impersonator 4 years.

  79. Ben Kotowicz

    Nothing more than a musical advertisement slipped in to the 70s music stream. I didn't learn crap in high school.

  80. kriley9386

    My digital cameras are all Nikons.

  81. 113 DmG

    Were some of those images in video actually shot on slide film?

  82. Debbie Carter

    the lively upbeat is unstoppable! voice incredible! when people had to play actual instruments and showcase their artisan talent

  83. Orly Oliverio

    My cat died while this song was playing

    bob gibbs

    This is the saddest comment I've ever read.

  84. cameraman655

    I loved this song as a kid, though my first SLR was a Pentax K-1000. Later I moved to Canon and now Fujifilm mirrorless. Initially, I was shooting Tri-X/ Ilford (Colour film was too bloody expensive for a kid). Kodacolour negative a few years later, followed by Kodachrome for about 10 years when I switched to Fuji in the early 90s.

  85. cameraman655

    A little trivia.....Why was this song banned by the BBC in the 70s? Also, why did some US stations pull the song from their playlist? And no it was not for the same reason that the BBC gave.

  86. White Nagger

  87. Chris King

    all the girls i knew in high school

  88. Bernard Riley

    I love this song too, I remember film, I still develop b & w pics from my Pentax K1000, still own a Empire 110, and I remember when spam was canned meat.

    113 DmG

    Started selling cameras in my late teens. Oh my goodness the K1000 was the least expensive SLR, it had no automatic settings & a lot of folks bought this camera if they were taking a photography class. That one SAME model sold for years & years & years. No "new and improved" version every 9 months.
    Ah, yes, the good, old days. Remember when print film went from 20 to 24 shots per roll?

    Edwin Clements

    @113 DmG I had a Pentax K1000 also - bought it for a photography class. Very good camera.

    Phillip Woods

    Bless you Bernard, that brought a smile to my face

    Bernard Riley

    @Phillip Woods Thank you sir, glad to bring joy at Christmas!

  89. Darlene Cane

    I was in Spanish class tonight and for our oral evaluation my partner and I did a skit about someone buying a Nikon camera. I couldn’t get this song out of my head and had to listen to it the minute class was done

  90. Tourist From Earth

    315 dislikes from fujichrome fans

  91. bassbuckmaster

    Well that was fun... and I saw Ronald Regan having a cigarette.

  92. Richard Head

    who is the blonde godess at 1:01


    lol, another guy in an earlier comment wanted to know who the goddess is in the green dress at 1:20.

  93. Tolohtony

    I remember my mom dropping off the film from her little Instamatic camera in those little parking lot drop off booths. A lot of the booths still exist.

    Stanley Jedrzejczyk

    Fotomat? Yeah, right I'm 50, and haven't seen one of those since 1988...God I'm old! 😞

  94. Peter Evans

    302 Henri-Cartier Bresson's were triggered by 'everything looks worse in black and white.'

  95. Michael Workman

    Take picture or two great song

  96. Kevin McClintock

    1:01 - stunning.

  97. Wladimir Stozub


  98. Bill Cole

    If only this song were about Kodak's fine film. The Kodachrome is your imagination fueled by what you see. My ex-wife wouldn't leave her voice and thoughts at home, either. Maybe that's why she's "ex," eh?