Simon, Paul - Congratulations Lyrics

Oh, seems like you've done It again
And I ain't had such misery
Since I don't know when
Oh, and I don't know when, oh, and I don't know when

I notice so many people
Slipping away
And many more waiting in the lines
In the courtrooms today
In the courtrooms today

Love is not a game
Love Is not a toy
Love's no romance
Love will do you in
And love will wash you out
And needless to say
You won't stand a chance, you won't stand a chance
I'm hungry for learning

Won't you answer me please
Can a man a woman
Live together in peace
Oh, live together in peace

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Simon, Paul Congratulations Comments
  1. Ventura Easy Rider

    Sube el volumen y viaja a los 70 que maravilla de disco ..... genial Paul Simon ☮️

  2. Rémy Macca

    The whole album is a masterpiece but this closing song is perfect:)


    Perfection. A beautiful cry of pain...

  4. Sean B

    One of his best. A hidden gem. I wish there was footage of this being played live.

  5. Nelson Lugo

    almost 50 years now...
    like, he could have released it today

  6. john browne

    "Can a man and a woman live together in peace."

  7. Barbara Murphy

    A sad song.A n eloquent commentary on a broken relationship

  8. Geeky Matt138

    For that special little someone that makes you want to toss them off a bridge.


    Lol, yorch!