Simon & Garfunkel - Rose Of Aberdeen Lyrics

I'm a rambler I'm a gambler
I'm a long way from my home
If you people don't like me
I can make out on my own

'Casue it's dark
And it's rainin'
And the Moon gives no light
And my pony can hardly travel
On this darkened road at night

You know once I had a true love
Though her age was just sixteen
She was the flower of Belton
And the rose of Aberdeen

But her parents did not like me
And now she feels much the same
If I'm writ on in your Diary
Well blot out my name

'Cause there's changes in the ocean
And there's changes in the sea
And there's changes in my own true love
But there ain't to changin' me

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Simon & Garfunkel Rose Of Aberdeen Comments
  1. chantal haton

    magnifique ! beau duo !! j'adore !!

  2. Ayden Salazar

    Cool :)

  3. Matthew

    The albums were remastered in 2001, and I think this came as a bonus track on Sounds of Silence. I think this is the demo form, and there isn't a proper recording of it.

    Pandu Widagdo

    Even as an "isn't proper recoding" it's still a great song.

  4. Drew Little

    Where did this recording come from? I love their music, had all of their albums (except the "Graduate" one) learned to play almost all their songs on guitar, and would have remembered this! Very cool!


    It was on the rerelease of Sounds of Silence, but I'm pretty sure it was recorded after Bridge over Troubled Waters.