Simon & Garfunkel - A Hazy Shade Of Winter Lyrics

Time, time, time See what's become of me
While I looked around for my possibilities
I was so hard to please
But look around Leaves are brown
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter
Hear the Salvation Army band
Down by the riverside's
Bound to be a better ride
Than what you've got planned
Carry your cup in your hand
And look around you
Leaves are brown, now
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter
Hang on to your hopes, my friend
That's an easy thing to say
But if your hopes should pass away
Simply pretend That you can build them again
Look around
The grass is high
The fields are ripe
It's the springtime of my life
Seasons change with the scenery
Weaving time in a tapestry
Won't you stop and remember me
At any convenient time?
Funny how my memory skips
Looking over manuscripts
Of unpublished rhyme
Drinking my vodka and lime
I look around Leaves are brown
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter
Look around Leaves are brown
There's a patch of snow on the ground
Look around Leaves are brown
There's a patch of snow on the ground

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Simon & Garfunkel A Hazy Shade Of Winter Comments
  1. Alastair West


  2. Nick

    The Bangles OWNED this song...!

  3. Em Jackson

    Prefer The Bangles tbh

  4. Jimmy The Clown

    This is awesome but I Love The Bangles cover more

    Wendy Ramsay

    I love both, which is rare for me! I think the Bangles version has more edge, but I like the instrumentation on the original version.

  5. Juan M Lopez

    Love the energy in the song

  6. Duncan Anderson

    RIP Hal Blaine.

  7. Stephen Cecil

    Hey look it’s idubbz

  8. Jacqueline Amelie

    yo I honest to god thought the Bangles did it first, my bad

  9. Brady Argo

    who's here after the Gerard Way cover?

    Mortel studios

    And after umbrella academy

    song happy

    No first .

    olatunde onipede

    Its an awesome cover

  10. Dhritiman Sharma

    Good boys of rock n roll

  11. Chloe Mathews

    Groovy man

  12. Stella Ercolani

    Love the diversity and sheer brilliance of our fffantastic musical/magical era😘

  13. sailormanariel

    For a couple of nerdy suburban kids, they have a heck of a discography.

  14. Carlton J Fahrquahr

    Memories.....I bought this when it was new....

  15. RJC RJC

    3:35 AM 1/20/2018

  16. Brian Herrington

    Got this single when I was 10 years old and in the 5th grade and still have it today 51 years later. One of my 3 favorite S & G songs.


    What are the other two songs?



  17. Joey Korsmit

    I am addicted to this song i have liztened to it 5 ti es in a row and have had it stuck in my head for three weeks


    I once had this song play on loop for an hour while studying for school.

  18. Sandra Hernandez

    Excellent lyrics great beat almost punk rock for its time.

  19. Joan pfiffner

    They are original

  20. Pig Fighter

    One of the best songs of the 80s, by the Bangles.

  21. 渡邊浩

    Time, time, time,
    See what's become of me,
    While I looked around,
    For my possibilities.

    I was so hard to please,
    But look around,
    Leaves are brown,
    And the sky is A Hazy Shade Of Winter.

    Hear the Salvation Army Band,
    Down by the riverside,
    It's bound to be a better ride,
    Than what you've got planned.

    Carry your cup in your hand,
    And look around,
    Leaves are brown now,
    And the sky is A Hazy Shade Of Winter.

    Hang on to your hopes, my friend,
    That's an easy thing to say,
    But if your hopes should pass away,
    Simply pretend that you can build them again.

    Look around,
    The grass is high,
    The fields are ripe,
    It's the springtime of my life.

    Seasons change with the scenery,
    Weaving time in a tapestry,
    Won't you stop and remember me,
    At any convenient time ?

    Funny how my mem'ry skips,
    While looking over manuscripts,
    Of unpublished rhyme.
    Drinking my vodka and lime.

    I look around,
    Leaves are brown now,
    And the sky is A Hazy Shade Of Winter.
    Look around,
    Leaves are brown,
    There's patch of snow on the ground.
    Look around,
    Leaves are brown,
    There's patch of snow on the ground.
    Look around,
    Leaves are brown,
    There's patch of snow on the ground.

  22. Crocshank

    One of their most epic songs

  23. Sunzu49

    Poor Barb. 😔

  24. 渡邊浩

    The present day of musician is how about think the lyrical song like this ?

    Tobias Boston

    渡邊浩 Lyrice are deeper than most present day

    tom delayhole

    That's not exactly true, tobias. kids today find their music the same way we found ours, and things that they will remember will be just as sacred as our memories. Just enjoy music, don't rate it. Don't categorize it. Close your eyes and drink it in. And if you have kids, and they come home with Taylor Swift (I have a 14 year old girl) don't judge. Find out what it is that attracts them to it. Now, I know that will include stuff like Kanye West and Justin Bieber some times, but give your kids a chance. I bet they come around some day.

    José Furgiuele

    tom delayhole This is downright bullshit, lyrics are objectively more shallow than before.
    And I am one of those "kids today".

  25. Ron Mishra

    Folk-music at it's musically-lysergic and lyrically-introspective best. This was a kaleidoscopic musical-portrait, a dissection of the concept of time— as we humans perceive it. Keep on rocking!

  26. I am not an addict


  27. Drewbacca

    I just realized this belongs in Steven universe

    Maladroit - the clumsy one

    StarWarsBeCool wait wHAT?!

    Maladroit - the clumsy one

    Crazymrmario steven universe? Did he mean the show in Cartoon Network or...

  28. Alex Blom

    Hmm. Feels like the song "Pretty Woman" was inspired by this


    Sonic Heaven Pretty Woman is from 1964, so it's older.

  29. Cel TV

    A lot of bands seem to cover Simon & Garfunkel a lot. I guess their music is just that good or easy to cover, or both. Brilliant composers either way.

    Mitch Feder

    Composer... Art didn't have much to do with creating the songs.

    Lorenzo Sarli

    @Mitch Feder He had a lot to do with arranging and producing them though.

    Mitch Feder

    @Lorenzo Sarli Actually he didn't. Paul pretty much did it all with occasional input from Art. Have you read much about them? Why do you think Art's solo career was, "eh?" Six top 40 hits (one top ten ) in almost 50 years. Whereas, Paul Simon... Do I need to clarify? Suffice to say Graceland sold over 14 million copies worldwide and that was just one album

    Lorenzo Sarli

    ​@Mitch Feder That's incorrect sir. Simon may have come up with the songs, but he and Garfunkel worked out their vocal parts together. It was Paul's gift for songwriting AND Art's ear for haunting harmonies that made the duo such a hit. Paul said that without Art, the songs didn't sound the way he heard them in his head.
    Plus Art wasn't napping while Paul and Roy Halee worked on production. The three of them created those wonderful records through teamwork.
    As for solo careers... Simon is the clear winner, no argument there. But still, I'd pick Sounds or Bookends over Graceland any day.


    @Lorenzo Sarli I agree with everything you stated. I have a low tolerance for so-called "World Music," thus "Graceland" is a snoozefest to me compared with anything Simon and Garfunkel recorded as well versus Paul Simon's earlier solo work. Also, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (who became acquainted when they were 11 years old and first sang together in a school production of "Alice in Wonderland") both graduated from Forest Hills High School, the same school attended by John Colvin (Johnny), Doug Cummings (Dee Dee), Jeffrey Hyman (Joey) and Tom Erdelyi (Tommy) , the four original members of the punk rock band The Ramones. S&G started out as the team of Tom & Jerry, recording as an homage to their idols, The Everly Brothers, not a bad duo by which to be influenced. In fact, S&G covered The Everlys' "Bye Bye Love" on their 1970 swansong album, "Bridge Over Trouble Water."

    And Simon (under the pseudonym of "Jerry Landis") had also been a songwriter for small Brill Building-based labels, composing for Ritchie Cordell (born Richard Joel Rosenblatt), who himself composed and produced so many of those great hits ("I Think We're Alone Now" among them) by Tommy James and The Shondells, as well producing "I Love Rock and Roll" years later for Joan Jett. And Simon had also composed that great pop tune "Red Rubber Ball" for The Cyrkle. But without Garfunkel's beautiful harmonies and ear for music, those S&G recordings would never have existed, at least not as we know them.

    Garfunkel, whose pseudonym had been "Tom Graf" because he supposedly liked to track or graph the chart positions of pop hits, had also completed work toward a doctorate at a teacher's college while he was in the beginning stages of S&G. And Garfunkel helped his college roommate (who had gone blind from glaucoma) by reading to him to help him complete his degree. The roommate rewarded Garfunkel's kindness by paying the $500 used to record the demo of "Sounds of Silence." I think that's a nice anecdote about how an act of kindness led to unpredictable greatness.

    Credit must also go to producer/engineer Tom Wilson, whose work on "Sounds of Silence" (including the dubbing of electronic backing onto the recording, which had initially infuriated S&G) is what helped make the tune a hit, and brought them back together (Simon was already in England working on new material with one of the members of the Australian folk-pop group The Seekers), making S&G worldwide-famous when their music was included in the soundtrack of Mike Nichols' 1967's Academy Award-nominated film "The Graduate." Imagine what "The Graduate" would have been like without the music of S&G; probably stil a fine film, but missing an important ambience. The S&G music was almost another character in that film.

  30. Ayden Salazar

    Listening to this in the heat of summer. Couldn't be better. :)


    Ayden Salazar same

  31. jimmy page

    Paul was really good at coming up with sad, melancholy songs

  32. Charles Black

    This must have been the THE inspiration for Belle and Sebastian.


    That's what I thought too. They have the same vibe

  33. Godfrey Poon

    Episode Six's cover destroys this.

  34. Dermacrosis

    I actually prefer the Bangles cover. These guys were great so i am not insulting them and I like many of their songs.

    Charles Black

    +Dermacrosis Its a beautiful song, but I think some of the covers are better than S&G's original version.  Mammas and Pappas' is the most popular of these.


    @Charles Black
    It's good but not upto California Dreaming to me, but that is because like The Bangles there is something attaching it to me making it more sentimental.

  35. Michael Maldonado

    holy sh!t

  36. Ka Boom

    Imagine Justin Beiber singing this? Talk about awesome

    Derek O Connor

    +Ka Boom there is hope for some of us but not you!

    Pig Fighter

    I don't want to think about that. The Bangles finished it already.

    Artistic Gaming

    Does he even sing? I've never heard him sing. All I ever hear from Justin Bieber is an auto-tuned monotone robot.

    Jennifer Jones

    Ughh! Feed Just got Poisoned.. Make Beib do HIS OWN thinking and write a tune.. too much stealing.

    Justin Aames

    ...Now you KNOW you need an ass whoopin'! ; )

  37. Dennis Healy

    *Simon & Garfunkel - A Hazy Shade of Winter*

  38. julieann501

    It was the 60s people...what more is there to say ?

  39. saki hyuga

    The Bangles played it just a tad bit better but this is still really great

    saki hyuga

    @Vanessa Loy lots of bands do that. Its to makes the song a cover instead of copying it completely which can lead to legal issues

    Pig Fighter

    S&G just started it up, but the Bangles had to finish it.

    Joey Korsmit

    With all due respect this version is way better

    Joey Korsmit

    Phill Emerson paul simon die write this song the bangles ripped them off with a crappier version

    Phillip Carpenter Jr

    saki hyuga how can you compare really? This is acoustic and the Bangles are electric. Plus they didn't cover the lyrics as written originally. They changed some.

  40. George Kenderdine

    They don't know what it's like to be free. that's all. Great song!

  41. Dan Cranfield

    Excellent song by S&G.

  42. Clever Name

    I really don't understand how this has 4 dislikes.


    I think those who hate this song does not appreciate humanities.

    The Man of Many Names

    saki hyuga BE GONE

    Phillip Carpenter Jr

    Alejandro Moreno S. I heard the Bangles version first in my late childhood. But would take almost any song by Simon and Garfunkel over the Bangles. I have the complete Columbia recordings, and listen regularly. I still have the vinyl yet, too. There's just something magical when these two sing together. Even though the lyrics are written primarily by Paul Simon. Their voices blend together like birds in the morning and better. This being declared to be the last tour of Paul Simon soon, it's the end of a legacy. Songwriters like this are rare. And harmonies of singers matching are, too.


    The dislikes are actually strong likes if you think about it!

    Kelvo 69

    unfortunately now 98

  43. robert gonzalez

    It been a long time I haven't heard this song

  44. C0d0ps

    @Alex K To get f*cked by the government?

  45. like, yeah

    how could somebody dislike this song?!

    Jim Blue

    As Bugs Bunny used to say, "What a bunch of maroons" (morons)! :-)

  46. Explosive Diarrhea

    Great. I like the Bangles' they play it meaner.

  47. Gluten Freeto

    1 person hates winter.

  48. ermacn

    Great song!