Simon Curtis - The Dark Lyrics

Sometimes I see some things that I shouldn't see;
simple patterns that are sitting right in front of me
Try to climb ever higher
try to get to the sky
and though I've been to the clouds
it's just a temporary high

Take time, I said now what you're trying to do,
if you're gonna see it through
it takes time
I said it takes some time to figure it out
Stay in line
But how do you follow it and cross it at the same time?
You just can't cross it
oh, no

I don't wanna say the things I have to say
who's to say that I'll ever say them at all?
Gotta be that, gotta get it with that act
Gotta wear the hat although it's all a mismatch
Squared circles, ran around the hurdles
I did everything, I thought there was a purpose?
Can somebody show me how to get in?
'Cause I can't figure out how to get in.

Can somebody show me?
I can't see in The Dark
Can somebody take me?
I can't stay in The Dark?
Will you Illuminate me on out of
The Dark?

Turning pages, turning corners,
turning into another
Turning into a song that's just like
every other
They say to get there
you already have to be there to start
How do you get there when you know it's what you need
in your heart?

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Simon Curtis The Dark Comments
  1. smile vs sonrie mas

    I fell in love with the song

  2. Anggi Dita

    Simon Curtis my favorite song 👍👌💝😍

  3. Shiningstar VA

    Why did i think part of this is from poker face fold'em raise'em hit'em

  4. Papyrus Font


  5. Dark Shadøws

    Sneezes as soon as the song starts

  6. hlt ozkc

    God is a loser

  7. Loreen Eckel

    Mega Video ^^

  8. HoneyPot

    My edgy teen phase-

  9. may green

    Did anyone hear the "the dark" reference at 2:11 or is that just me

  10. Big Ben

    "I wanna put two horns on my head"
    "All the thoughts that run to my head"

  11. Daku Kalieos

    LITERALLY IN THE FIRST VERSE ITS A LADY GAGA REFERENCE- “hold em let me hit me, raise it baby stay with me” ITS SO SIMILAR-

  12. Ravenwing the wolf

    "I'll put two horns on my head and dance till my eyes go black" this is a summary of one of my ocs

  13. Susan Kalua

    Btw ur songs LOVE IT

  14. Susan Kalua


  15. Susan Kalua


  16. Ashish Maheria

    Those who were unlike this song they are mad

  17. Zie Myers

    Lady Gaga - Poker Face
    Sorry... ^^,

  18. balraj maheria

    Simon Curtis s the dark 2 and superhero are the best songs in the world so please like the dark 2

  19. jenna wisker

    Hacked into brothers account lol

  20. Ace The Not So Great

    "What are you waiting for?"
    My mom to pick me up from school

  21. enter username

    I love the reference to poker face.

  22. Opposite Hearts

    ...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Black Shadow_ Wolf


  24. Gagafreak92

    "Fold 'em, let 'em, hit me, raise it, baby..." ? Is this the darker version of Gaga's "Poker Face" ? 😂

  25. fell antivirus! Sans

    I wanna kill someone

  26. O_oKochi Ouma

    *rapes the replay button*

  27. 疼痛ᴘᴀɪɴ

    Simon Curtis is my life ~ ❤

  28. xXTurkishPizzaXx

    fuck this is amazing

  29. leesbian42 gAYSHIPSAREYAYSHIPS

    lmao im supposed to read philosophy but here i am


    *Puts two horns in my head and starts to dance like an idiot* :P

    Ace The Not So Great

    I actually want to see that XD

  31. Samara black

    This music is really Awesome I like it 😅😃😈

  32. Samara black

    Yeah right it's not your life it's your favorite

  33. QueenCici04

    Shine your light and chase all dark away...your a king you must believe...... I thought of final fantasy xv

  34. Itsfunneh fan ;D

    Pick the best song!!!
    1.Super Pyscho Love
    3.Pit Of Vipers
    4.Get In Line
    6.Don't Dance
    7.Soul 4 Sale

    Twilight Moon

    Pit Of Vipers

    Paike budihardjo

    super psycho love and pit of vipers

    Ren Kiwi

    Flesh, but I like all of his songs that I've heard

    Fire Wolf555

    Superhero, demon, flesh, laser guns up, and diamonds on the dancefloor


    I choose #9: The Dark 2

  35. Dark Devil13

    I think of myself when I listen to this and my ex.. we're both dark 😎

  36. Nightmare Irma307

    I love this song😍😍😍😍😎is cool

  37. shadow the hedgehog

    Dark 😈😈😈😈🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

  38. RonBon

    why do i think this song *kinda* fits Tom(from Eddsworld)??


    Karinfu Chan Lol

  39. Derek Borillios

    I swear I heard some Pokerface for a second

  40. Dirty Trash

    I know it's a very cringy Fandom but...

    I can't stop thinking of Cross Sans

  41. SuicidalCats _125229

    This song keeps making me wanna dance! til my eyes go black!

  42. TheMythicalKnight

    can someone play the very end of the song backwards and see what it says I didn't do it but I can tell its saying something backwards

    this lil bitch

    Meghan Christley it says "what are you waiting for"

  43. Liz S

    sounds like something that'd be in a gay porno...still sounds great!


    Well he is gay xD

  44. MollysMiniStuff

    I love Simon's voice so much. He could literally say "Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?" and I'd fall to my knees.

    Yandere Eren Jaeger


    Connor Flippin

    @Yandere Eren Jaeger if only you could pay him to say that cuz i saw a website you can pay for celebs to say or do things u want them to do

  45. Lucia Soósová

    Chanting in the Woods. Reminds me about anything else that Chanting in the Woods.

  46. And TheNew.

    "fold em let em hit me raise it baby cant u c" he took that part off pokerface by lady gaga


    He likes referencing different songs in his. Like in Diablo " Oh baby baby does she take a piece of lime ,for that drink that ima buy her oh wait this song isn't mine"


    He referenced Bad Romance in one of his songs. (It was Beat Drop if you're wondering)

    Fandom Garbage

    And TheNew. He’s a hardcore fan of her 😂

  47. Autumn L.F

    So, he's singing about becoming a demon? Or the devil? Great!!! Just awesome!!! (sarcasm)

  48. geeo_2002

    holy shit this is amazing. i don't care if my friends judge me Simon Curtis got me addicted 😭

  49. NightNana Edits

    I kown all the songs about Simon Curtis he is my favorite I like him so much I mean love him. ❤

  50. Light Yagami

    KIRA is victorious

  51. Saphira Luxray

    This reminds me of "Lucifer". <3

  52. Julyssa Marroquin

    am I the only one who thinks of killing stalking when I listen to this?

  53. Beth Richard

    why isn't this song on the radio

  54. shadow the hedgehog


  55. shadow the hedgehog


  56. shadow the hedgehog

    i love it

  57. Alexandre

    any times this song remember for me Poker face

  58. Mad Hatter Girl

    I'm gonna cover this song... once I get a laptop... and stop having issues... OY VAY

  59. EnderEclipsed

    Put the speed on 1.25 or 1.5...


  60. Melody Among Machines

    Soo sexy, thank you for making this, amazing background, too.

  61. ei kannata kysyy

    i love this song. i love simon curtis. simon curtis is my life😍

    Fiona THE FOX

    supernova revolution he my life too i love him

    Malika Mommy Augustin

    supernova revolution ikr


    supernova revolution yeah I like every song in my life ☺☺

    Nathália Tesser

    supernova revolution yup me too

    HamiltonFan 00000

    Same, bruh! Simon Curtis is amazing!

  62. Rıce Wølf

    666 likes and 6 dislikesXD

  63. LPS JayBIRD

    Omggg I Remember When I First Heard This Song, It's Soo GOODDD <333

  64. pнanтaѕмagorιcal

    I'm judged extensively for enjoying this song so much


    pнanтaѕмagorιcal me too

  65. Jenn B

    Theme of Asgore from Undertale. Anyone else? :D Or Frisk at some point.

  66. Who Cares?

    Thanks for the lyrics!! ^^ And the video is awesome.

  67. Lemon Cosplay

    Why Dafuq do I think of eyeless jack while listening to this song????😈😂🔪

    Malika Mommy Augustin

    creepypastacrew 1999 same

    SuicidalCats _125229

    creepypastacrew 1999 Eyeless Jack is my favorite creepypasta!!

    Matthew French

    Oh yikes

    ZaDeN BaDeN

    General Lucifer Because his eyes are black! 😆

    Ayin Smith

    General Lucifer me

  68. angela Grayward

    bara demon and guy, from tumblr, anyone??

  69. Victoria Rowell

    I love this song!!!!!💋💋💋💋💋


    *facepalm* Why can I only think of Destiel.........? I don't even ship it and it just.... it... AH!

    Jenn B



    omg yes

    Ren Kiwi

    Oh jeevus

  71. J. Mclean

    This sounds like a fandom

  72. Voodoo King

    love this " i whanna put two horns on my head and dance till my eyes go black "

  73. kimora zato

    i wonder if u is a actual singer or if he uses a beats app either way i love this guy


    Yes, Simon Curtis is a real singer hun, and fruiter than a fruitcake

  74. Milena B.

    0:16-0:19 I think I heard that in another song before... Somebody help me

    Midnite Slayer

    I think it's poker face by lady gaga

    Milena B.

    @Midnite Slayer oh you're right, thank you

    Lady Caden

    +Midnite Slayer I thought it was! I heard and I was like "W-wait..Wasn't that Lady Gaga?"

    Lady Caden

    +Midnite Slayer I thought it was! I heard and I was like "W-wait..Wasn't that Lady Gaga?"

  75. juu ju

    Go to the dark side... They have cookies

    Ebony Kayla

    +MayaAshley “Maya” Schreiber I joined the dark side ages ago and there where /are definitely no cookies 😂😂😂😤

    Shock steele

    _.hybrids._ I don't either

    Shock steele

    Yandere Eren Jaeger :/ smh

    Amy Lee

    juu ju ok

    Link Joker

    I went there a long time ago 😂

  76. Maine Coronel

    Everybody got a DaRK side

    shadow the hedgehog

    Maine Coronel yeah

    shadow the hedgehog

    Maine Coronel thats right

    may green

    Yes we do

  77. Maine Coronel

    Songs For the Bad side.. i need to unleash my Bad side


    ur 2 spooki 4 me

  78. Rubiejen coronel

    is he illuminati?


    +Channel 666 lmao that name

  79. Rubiejen coronel

    I love the song but it's like this song is for devil


    nah bro

  80. Anameme

    at the very end it says "What are you waiting for?"


    @***** most people do

  81. Bizarre Emblem

    love this song

  82. Gabriel A

    This song kinda reminds me of Demon!Dean x Cas, not sure why.

    Bruxinha Estelar


    Gabriel A

    +Little Sayaka Wolfie (Tia Say :3) I think I'm allowed to comment whatever the hell I want as long as it's not offending anyone so you don't have to tell me to shut up when I haven't said anything wrong. Thanks, have a great day :)


    +Emppu Aho Same :vvv


    @Tia Sara Wolfie :v .-.

  83. Halloween Streets

    Ah yes... "The Return to the Drak."
    Love this song

  84. Ref Velmond

    thanks you for the lyrics 7u7

    WolfStyle Lyrics

    @Ref Velmond No Problem ^-^

  85. Alexito Garcia

    Amazing :O, thanks you very much for the lyrics ^ u ^
    you could do the song Demon by he? * ^ *

    WolfStyle Lyrics

    @Alexito Garcia Thx ^^ I'm goingt to work at the song demon i hope you enjoy my other videos

    Alexito Garcia

    @All Lyrics Thanks you very much * ^ *

    WolfStyle Lyrics

    @Alexito Garcia The Lyrics may take some time because im not so good in Englisch (I'm from Germany)

    Its very hard for me to heard the text.

    Alexito Garcia

    @All Lyrics oh, ok :0, don't worry xD, this happen to me xD (i'm mexican xD), no problem dude ^-^