Simms, Juliet - Phoenix Lyrics

I’m not as perfect as I know I can be
I've been deserted and I’ve been cast out to sea
What can you do? When the world seems to be laughing at you
What can you do? when the world is looking down on you

It’s a long way down when your headed for the bottom
And I can see it now, I just had to hit the ground

From the ashes I rise
I’m coming back alive
Like a phoenix I’m just waiting to die, waiting to die
I’ll be a halo in the sky
I’m Learning how to fly
Like a phoenix I’m just waiting to die, waiting to die

I can’t lift my head up, it’s like I'm dying inside
I’m dying inside and I’m so scared
Maybe I’m such a loser
I’m pulling it out pulling it out my hair
What's a girl to do? When her reflection is the ugly truth
What's a girl to do? When her song is someone else’s tattoo

It’s a long way down when your headed for the bottom
And I can see it now, I just had to hit the ground

From the ashes I rise
I’m coming back alive
Like a phoenix I’m just waiting to die, waiting to die
I’ll be a halo in the sky
I’m Learning how to fly
Like a phoenix I’m just waiting to die, waiting to die

Standing on the edge
Looking towards the sun
If I let go, I know I can be beautiful
Standing on the edge
Looking towards the sun
If I let go, I know I can be beautiful

From the ashes I rise
I’m coming back alive
Like a phoenix I’m just waiting to die, waiting to die
I’ll be a halo in the sky
I’m Learning how to fly
Like a phoenix I’m just waiting to die, waiting to die

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Simms, Juliet Phoenix Comments
  1. Mrs. Infamous

    Stream EP featuring Phoenix on Spotify

  2. Mrs. Infamous

    Stream Phoenix on Spotify

  3. Adrienne

    She reminds me of Nelly Furtado w/the voice of Ashlee Simpson. (No offense)

  4. Alexocalypse

    I'm getting sick and tired of these damn Juliet haters on every single one of her videos. Just because she's with Andy, doesn't mean you gotta bash her. So the people that keep pointing that out, get your little delusional selves off the internet and actually find something you like, instead of going to something you don't like and hate on it. GEEZ -_-

  5. Kenneth H

    Calming, relaxing, comfortable and coincidentally exciting!

  6. †Pythorella Von Sixx†

    am I the only one who likes her more for her music than her relationship with andy

    C Walsh

    A bit and the I am so that is a few months of a few months of a lot of the new one one more than the new York NY to see if you are you

  7. Sam Reilly

    this woman writes some beautiful songs!

  8. Kaili and Gaia Vlogs

    how can people like her she's using Andy


    Kaili and Gaia Vlogs Annnnd, here we go -_-

    Celebration Toxin

    Wow. People are still pissed off because she married the love of her life? Damn! People really need to stop hating on women who are gorgeous and talented like Juliet Simms Biersack.

  9. Liva Francken

    amazing ♡❤🐍

  10. Mackenzie Edstrom

    I really love this song it is something that makes me be me.😮

  11. X S

    Then you rise! I was waiting to hear that as the last line in the song. Love you, Juliet, but the production on this song sucked. it was mushy, poorly mastered, and lost the most impactful component of the song—your voice—under the guitars. I beg you to co-write with Anne Previn and make the living you deserve with your untouchably unique voice. Eternal love and respect to you!

  12. bloodymary killed

    CO TO ZA GÓWNO!!!!????

  13. Claudie Caroline

    it sounds like good old rock music of the 90s <3 great lyrics ;)

  14. Mikaela DeWalt

    amazing omg😍💯🔥girl you're literally the prettiest girl in the world! I wish I was as goals as you

  15. Star Blue

    Very 90's Alanis. Love it

  16. Autumn Watson

    Thank you Juliet I really needed this. This is getting me through a lot. I love your music.

  17. Lu Lu

    i would like to see a music video for at least one song of "From The Grave". They're amazing💕

  18. yxmi rgg


  19. Literally Lia

    Am I the only one getting "In The End" By Black Veil Brides vibe? Oh, and Automatic Loveletter?

  20. ItsJustLia

    She shouldn't just be known as Andy biersacks wife but as the amazing beautiful talented artist she is. Her and Andy are an awesome power couple tho. Love all ur songs ❤️❤️❤️👑

  21. Lucy Daniel

    I feel like is the kind of song which you can only really appreciate live, but almost automatic loveletter vibes and deep lyrics and, of course, Juliets power vocals.

  22. Kaczusia zKaczogrodu

    I love her voice. Thank you for amazing song♡

  23. Linn Garcia

    Amazing! <3

  24. Kylie Koons

    I'm so proud of you Juliet, can't wait for the EP! TOMORROW!!

  25. Shelby Cea

    ,# she is so kawwaii

  26. Juju

    I didn't like it 😳

  27. Emma M.K

    I cant wait to buy your EP on the fifteenth!

  28. Emma M.K

    What a beautiful song.
    Your voice is just stunning.
    You are absolutely gorgeous.
    Th photographs in this video are amazing.
    Lastly this lyric video AWESOME.

  29. Kori Dillender

    This is amazing omfg.

  30. Jessica Lynn Potter

    my nickname is the name of your song. kick-ass lyrics by the it👏💘🔥🕊

  31. Cynthia Navarrete

    I love it!! 💙💚💙💚 Great job Juju 👏

  32. Caitlin Berch

    Your voice is amazing! 😍

  33. Pancha rockchubbygirlonlygodcanjudgeme

    gotta bash

  34. Dahlia N

    I need to hear the Ep before I make any final decisions.

  35. Clara Mustapha


  36. Bel

    this is very different from anything out there at the moment. I like it. Your voice sounds so raw, its beautiful.

  37. veteranJMacfan

    Another EP already? Wow :D going by this song alone, it's going to be even better than "All or Nothing" was. Great song. Can't wait to hear more 8-)

  38. D K

    So so amazing babe !!! love you lots, all my faith in your new EP that I know its really great 🙌💘

  39. Ash.

    I love this. 💕💕💕💕

  40. laura moreno

    Just amazing!

  41. Katka Konecna

    I'm in love ♥. Love your voice, I can't wait for your EP. ♥♥♥

  42. Diana Teo

    it's just gorgeous! I love this song! <3

  43. chloe faith

    I wish I had a voice as beautiful as Jujus. Love you, girl.

  44. Ginni Piggi

    I swear, once it is available in Poland, there is an automatic buy-now from my side. Listening it to as a mad person. Loving it!

  45. Jessica McCormack

    i love this song, but the vocals sound a tiny bit off. not to be offensive or mean i love you though Juliet your songs inspire me to write xx

    Mickey Eades

    I thought that too..


    Yeh in the first line


    Still love it though


    yeah i think the vocals get better as the song progresses, but you can tell they haven't auto tuned her voice and it sounds very authentic:)

  46. RogueBotQueen 26

    love it :) can't wait to hear more

  47. Luna Mars

    She's married to the most gorgeous man in the World! All her songs should be about real love, happiness and Andy!! lol... Nah for real she seems genuine and sings from the heart. She is what young girls should look up too, not that crazy ass Miley Cyrus. lol

    Maxx Nichole

    You’re rude

  48. Luciana Barrera

    ALL Vibes!!! I love it sooooooo much!! <3 Can't wait for July 15th <3

  49. Rosie Greensides

    obsessed, ordering the ep this weekend 😝

  50. Amy Robson

    This song is honestly incredible just like your others your voice is amazing and your such an inspiration to me ❤😊

  51. Marti Snow

    absoluty adore this song

  52. Monique Silva

    Mrs. Biersack, you're really amazing

  53. Hannah The Human

    Everything from the video to just the song in general is trashy. Expected more from someone who's been in the music industry for more than a decade.

    The Emoduckling

    The music industry is very hard. She didn't start to get things under control till about 2011 which is only 5 years ago :)

  54. paige mcculloch

    I have no words. SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Cam Ryn

    LOVE IT!!!!

  56. Procrastination Moose

    I love this, cant wait for the rest of the album.

  57. Morgan Messer

    so many mixed emotions about this. i am so excited about new music and this makes me so happy but these lyrics are so spot on to life that i want to cry. so thank you Juliet so much!!!!

  58. Jessica Sánchez

    love it!

  59. Damn you all and leave me alone

    Juliet Simms is freaking gorgeous. But her voice sounds like the screeching noise a balloon makes when you stretch out the open end of it. Or if a dramatic teenager got dumped and was forced to sing while balling her eyes out. Live you Juliet😘😘 stay awesome

    Damn you all and leave me alone

    Or when you punch a baby in the face and wait for it to calm down a little bit, to the point where it's just whines and whimpers and record it. Then hire someone one to write down random lyrics that sound like the fetus cries. But she's my inspiration.

    Damn you all and leave me alone

    Or when you get a mic too close to the speaker and just move it back and forth for five minutes and go from a semi normal level of PTSD to such a high level that you change the video from this to a tutorial on how to tie a noose. But she is life goals 😍👌🏻😘

    The Emoduckling

    +Damn you all and leave me alone I'm dying 😹

  60. I have no name

    omg omg omg

  61. Joss Kaulitz Biersack

    I love you Song Juliett 😍

  62. Melanie Mitchell

    Smoking destroyed this woman's voice.  Ditto for Adele.


    Her voice is actually naturally raspy like this, and I think Adele's is too but not too sure


    Juliet has always been raspy if that's what you mean? Otherwise, there is a slight difference in her tone and range but that's just due to growing up! Vocals on Recover EP compared to this are noticeably different but Juliet was about 20/21 at that time :)

    Tessa styles

    her voice has always been raspy, not to mention she doesn't smoke. the closest she's come to smoking is second-hand smoking from Andy.( Not trying to bash Andy). Now im sorry if you dont like the music that she willingly puts out for her fans, but that doesn't mean that you have to comment rude and unnecessary remarks


    +Tessa styles well she does smoke 🙈 but I don't think it's affected her voice! :)

  63. Megan Kay

    I love when an artist releases the first song of an album/EP and you can tell automatically that the rest of the album/EP is going to be amazing!!! and this is no different, I love your style juliet and you are such a talented woman!! ❤

  64. Eve Mayorga

    I love it!! It's perfect 😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Arwen Evenstar


  66. Michelle Nie

    Slay Ju. Slay.

  67. Taylor Jeppson

    This is absolutely beautiful <3

  68. Jillian Mhoon

    this is a really good song

  69. tempest in a teacup

    getting mad automatic loveletter vibes from this song. loving it !!!

  70. JustJade

    I am in love with this!

  71. R. Is Sad And Hates Everything


  72. Sychronic

    I love this, Juliet! Definitely one of your best pieces of work! 🎶

  73. soraya

    This is amazing! I'm such a big fan of your voice!

  74. Daniela Alejandra Velasco Morales


  75. Naziratul Fadhillah

    i really want a Music Video for this Juli.. ☺

    Live and Hope

    With Andy biersack her husband

    Naziratul Fadhillah

    oh yes :)

  76. Kailyn McAninch

    The lyrics mean so much to me❤️❤️ you never fail to amaze me Juliet you will always be my favorite female artist❤️

  77. cakey

    Juliet ily you soooo much. This made me love you 100000000000000000000x more ❤️❤️❤️🐍🐍🐍

  78. Caitlyn Nicole

    "So rise from the ashes." "From the ashes I rise." awwww ❤️❤️❤️

    Madi Boggs

    Aaaahhhhh I just got that


    AHHH omg

  79. Karen Irwin

    ¡¡¡¡TE AMO!!!

  80. Xayira

    WTF? Es horrible, suena como si cantara country borracha!!!

  81. Scarlet TheVampire

    I absolutely love this and can't wait for the EP definitely saving, if I get a job, to preorder!

  82. Mouna Andy Bvb


  83. Heather Rhys

    why is everyone calling her juliet biersack? (I KNOW SHE IS MARRIED, but its not her name, her name is Juliet Simms Biersack)

    Aphroditeee Aye

    She can still go by Simms, but her legal last name is Biersack since she got married to Andy.

    Heather Rhys

    i was just confused why EVERYONE did it xD

    Madi Boggs

    +Heather Rhys (sorry if I'm wrong or if it's a common name) but are you juliet.biersack on IG? 😂😂 again sorry if I'm wrong

    Heather Rhys

    yes i am omg some one else noticed that too on a different comment XD

    Manda Panda

    +Heather Rhys Why were you wondering why people call her Juliet Biersack when your IG is Juliet Biersack?

  84. Heather Rhys

    4:09 O M G

    kaitlyn tigner

    hey do you have an Instagram called "Juliet.biersack" ?

    Heather Rhys

    yes i do! omg

    chloe faith

    OMG I follow you!

    Marvin Zeller

    omg i love your account

    Heather Rhys

    AH thank you guys!

  85. Ro Aguilera

    I LOVED IT! 💕

  86. Nimro 99933

    cant wait for the album 🎧😁❤

  87. Kaylee Diane Ava

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Such an amazing song. Can't wait for the ep! Which you should totally do physical copies of! I love you sm! 😈😈😈😈

  88. Tori Miglioratti

    omg Juliet I'm in aww right now you really. know how to let your emotions play in this song wow great job

  89. Ariana Lynn

    *-* omg ❤❤❤❤

  90. S I Y U R K A

    I need to learn from Mike Gvorgian <3

  91. Black veil brides1710 Batman

    I love this song so much!!! I can't wait till the rest of the EP is released July come sooner🙏🏻🙏🏻😩

  92. Яьмур Гончь

    you are perfect than everything Juliet Simms

  93. Jacqueline Muñoz

    ¿Se está muriendo?

  94. Olivia miw

    I love it <3

  95. Tamara Terron


  96. Vic Plaza

    LOVE IT ❤👏😙

  97. done with everyone

    love it . love it love it. Absolutely love it

  98. Chris Biersack

    Outstanding job, Mrs. Biersack! Love the first single off of your upcoming "From The Grave" EP. Can't wait to hear the rest of this record in it's entirety.

    To be émo


    brittny kell

    Agreed! Her voice sounds so amazing! I know the rest of the EP will be just as amazing as this song🙌🏽

    weBBB ink

    I think its cool that you like both Andy's music and Juliett's too