Silversun Pickups - The Pit Lyrics

I’m marching through the branches in a fit of wanderlust
To see you in a black hole reaching out for something just
Silhouettes of neighbors dancing in disgust

I’m sure you recognize my noise and you heard about the Pit
Been told to be afraid of everything that lives within
But it’s much worse where you are
So will you go for it?

I have a feeling you might
Feeling you might

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
With dirty fingers
We’ll bury the lie

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
We’ll bury the lie
Bury the lie

Now we tumble down a hill to a fire with a crowd
The flicker becomes thicker as we bottom out
The residents don’t even notice the sudden shouts

When your eyes can adjust and you see what’s in view
Discolored and distempered smiles that seen you
Do you realize we were all once like you?

I have a feeling you might
Feeling you might

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
With dirty fingers
We’ll bury the lie

Somebody somewhere
Will clean out your wounds
We’ll bury the lie
Bury the lie

No, no
No one comes
No one goes
No, no
No one comes
No one goes

Recognize my noise and you heard about the Pit
Been told to be afraid of everything that comes within

We can talk about it later
But I think you’ve given in
We can talk about it later
But I think you’ve given in

I had a feeling you might
Bury the lie
Oh, oh

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Silversun Pickups The Pit Comments
  1. Christopher Wisniewski

    I heard this on radio 104.5 Philadelphia tonight and was like ahh man I need to pay this song a visit on YouTube.

  2. Richard Bruder

    Great song by an underrated, great group

  3. Guy Harel

    one of their best !!!

  4. Rabia Khatoon rabia

    Rabia Khatoon Rabia

  5. Joseph Jankowicz

    still hasent blown up

  6. Megan W

    This song always makes me think about the vicious cycle of addiction and falling in with the wrong people. Love it though bc it’s so powerful

  7. Javier A

    Wtf this my shit n I kill in the chi

  8. Kavin Wicker

    ahhh, here it is. :=)

  9. Bart Sad Punheta

    Excelente música!
    Goso dessa banda e desse vogal.

  10. EBroxas72

    This sounds like a hotline miami song beat wise. I dig this!

  11. Kim Johnson

    first time i heard this song was like WTF is this hated it I was wrong after a second listen NOW IM A HUGE FAN OF Brian Aubert's akward Voice

  12. Heidi Leeshire

    Reminds me of Joy Division. (In a soul grabbing way...) It also describes a recurring nightmare I have. Nice. 💞💓

  13. Charder 016

    Only the real OG knows the band ‘nothing rhymes with blorange’ or ‘everything rhymes with orange’ or ‘nothing rhymes with orange’

  14. Amber Fashing

    A bad ass song with an amazing mid 90s alterna sound, it's like garbage and smashing pumpkins had a child together and that child went on to write a kick ass song about how to get MRSA

  15. Loralyn F.

    I love them

  16. John Wahan

    I think about this song when I got to get into a pit to test backflow preventers. If the pit puller trying to get cover off doesn't kick my ass. Climbing down inside does. I'm 46. Pulling pit cover kicks my ass . Lol.😁

  17. Aubren Watson

    Been searching for this song for months. Only found it by searching "somebody somewhere will clean out your room."

  18. John Wahan

    Listen to the music. Don't over think it. Just enjoy it. Imagine it. Like Us old school people. Who grew up with Peter And The Wolf Lp,s. Or Vynal Records. Use your imagination and go away if only for a while. Damn. Sounds like I'm getting old. But it works.

  19. JD Mitchell

    This is their best track!

  20. John Wahan

    I love bands like this. Mainstream for a little bit. They play the best music. I've been a fan of so called ONE HIT WONDER for 30 plus years. I'm so happy I can listen on you tube anytime.

  21. John Smith

    Great song...really good jam....too bad its a New Order robbery at its finest!!...still rocks!!

    Loralyn F.

    Nope not a robbery

  22. Zachary Rizzo

    Great workout song

  23. JinniScience

    There's alot to say,, for some.

  24. Sparta Rage Kick

    Dang white ppls song....lmfao....

  25. Andrew Jonathan

    I honestly don't know what this song means about, but I enjoy it much

    Jeff Killey

    its inspired by a graphic novel series by Charles Burns called "Black Hole". its about a group of high schoolers from Seattle in the late 70s who all contract a wierd STD called "the bug". it physically mutates them and turns them into social outcasts, forcing them to live in solitude in the woods outside the city.

  26. Irene Sinaheris

    This is great music. More like this please...

  27. Jordan Romesburg

    "Silversun Pickups"? That's a weird way to spell Mouserat

    Bradley Coutts


    Charder 016

    Scarecrow boat

  28. Martin Dobson

    shhhhh I heard joy division/New order in the 1st few seconds

  29. Esme Mckinney

    I thought it was “somebody somewhere... clean out your woOOOOoooombbb with dirty fingers. Bury the lighhhhhtttt” I could never figure out why my mom liked a song with such weird lyrics but now I know.


    I had a feeling you might.

  30. jakob

    this song plays out such a weird narrative in my head when i listen. truly radical man

  31. observing citizen

    How can anyone listen to this and hit the "dislike" button

  32. Irfan Fauzan

    a very-well composed song

  33. Matthew Merkley

    This is one of the best bands ever. If you don't agree then go fuck yourself.

  34. Vince Simon


  35. Daniela Granzoti

    Silver Sun Pickups. Adooooroo!

    Azure Neko

    Daniela Granoti awrooooo?

  36. Jace Chamberlain

    11 people fell into the pit

  37. Traci Hamp

    Yeah. THIS is the song that made me remember Silversun pickups

    Azure Neko

    Traci Hamp I had a feeling you might.

  38. Alexander Nicholi

    _somebody somewhere, will clean out your room~_

    where do I find these people?

    Nic H


    Dustin Lee

    Alexander Nicholi... Jordan Peterson... Clean your room and stand up straight. 12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Lol

    Dustin Lee

    Tony2x818, Alexander may have been actually inquiring about people that could clean out his room?

    Anthony Sforza

    Yea, it's wounds... with dirty fingers. The implication that in the process of healing them, they make things worse. It makes a lot of sense if one knows somebody who epitomizes this. Where they were in a bad place and then someone comes along where they think things are better... only to end up even worse due to said person. However, the telling mark of this is not that they'd know it.

    Then again, I could be totally wrong and just utterly projecting the meaning due to my own experience and interpretation of the context provided in the song.

    Richard Bruder

    Pp will clean out your womb

  39. Ana Velez

    10 people who doesn't have a good taste

  40. Freddy Flips

    Such an underrated song

  41. taylor wolfgang

    just saw this live

  42. Gpsa

    really nice

  43. Patrick McD

    One of their best. No radio play, such a shame.

    JoMa OtOr

    still playin it on radio Doble Nueve, Perú, sometimes from Millenial frequency, some weekends even in the main program.


    Central Valley- California

    Frank Lars

    I heard it on 98.7 Los Angeles radio station but then again they are from Los Angeles California silversun pickups

    Ashley Arrasmith

    I heard it on the radio a couple times

    Dustin Noaks

    It plays a lot on the radio here too in Dayton OH that’s where I first heard this MANY years back and it’s still my number 1 fav from them!

  44. Oliver Neet

    the pit. some go quite often

  45. naturalJae

    that guitar at the beginning

    Oliver Neet

    naturalJae slavery

    Lori Johnson

    the bass at the beginning u mean

  46. xXalessteinXx

    I've never been disappointed by a song of theirs. so good.

    Dustin Lee

    xXalessteinXx The bass and guitar on Three Seed. Have all albums on vinyl. Pikul is a great album; especially "Creation Lake".