Silversun Pickups - Dots And Dashes (Enough Already) Lyrics

So you wanna mess with me?
Caught me in a silent scream
Heat filling up my cheeks
Not exactly what you think
See you in the room next door
Your feet float above the floor
Dress torn above your knees
Like you've owned it for centuries

Dots and dashes on the wall
You tell me about the falls
Of kingdoms and champions
You've seen a thousand times before
I'll show you my private things
Like my scrapbook of fantasies
You say I look a little too green
For saying

I'm already born
I'm already wise
I'm already worn
I'm already wonderin' what am I
I'm already rough
I'm already lean
I'm already wanting to be obscene
I'm already cursed
I'm already dry
I'm already wonderin' what am I
I've already learned a bit of sin
Enough already, let me in

We signal in a moonbeam
I beg you to follow me
You say that I'll be surprised
At the codes in the sunrise
But if I don't like what I see
And my grip starts loosening
The edge of the big reveal
Could be the end of the story

I just saw innocence
Spinning around, spinning around
Should I step in?
And burn it all down
Burn it all away

I'm already born
I'm already wise
I'm already worn
I'm already wonderin' what am I
I'm already rough
I'm already lean
I'm already wanting to be obscene
I'm already cursed
I'm already dry
I'm already wonderin' what am I
I've already learned a bit of sin
Enough already, let me in

We signal in a moonbeam
I beg you to follow me
You say that I'll be surprised
At the codes in the sunrise
But if I don't like what I see
And my grip starts loosening
The edge of the big reveal
Could be the end of the story

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Silversun Pickups Dots And Dashes (Enough Already) Comments
  1. Dianapaola Rodriguez

    Alguien sabe el nombre de las chicas del vídeo ? Jaja

  2. holtman2012

    Carpet munchers??🤔

  3. Tamuna Tati

    IT'S SANDY!!!!!! 😘😍🤩☺️😊😚💓💔💘🔥💯


    I've been looking for this one

  5. biofire

    I just want to say as an old hetero guy, that I was crushed at the end of the video. I just wanted to see that young girl happy. I was there when MTV started, and this video was so much better than anything I saw back then. I agree with others, can't we have a happy lesbian ending?

  6. mark borutski

    Is tjerr pus eatin

  7. Henry sarat

    This is y I don’t mess with bi / pan sexual ppl

  8. xYour Hero27x

    This video sucks. Non of the girls have huge tits.

  9. Wykydtronx4055x

    you dont do this to some one uless you are human. poor kid get right the frak back up there is more pain awaiting and its not going to stop help is just one sound away from being heard.

  10. bluehun

    This video is hauntingly beautiful.

  11. Letícia Celestina de Sousa

    eu sofrendo por mulhe


    Essa hr da noite, tamo junto miga

    Letícia Celestina de Sousa

    @Marina kkkkkkkkkkkk totaaaaaaal marina

  12. İpek Yeşilyurt

    i'm on the comments sections liking other people comments and send them a notification to come back and listen this song


    Hey come back

    İpek Yeşilyurt

    @Marina i never left

    cherry avocado

    türk varmış böyle şarkılarda

  13. Charles King

    Can i love it and hate it at the same time? It's well done but depressing, or at least anticlimactic, at the end.

  14. Mark Hall

    Absolutely Beautifully DONE !

  15. dead !!

    i remember realising i was gay and watching this everyday. idk why it just made me feel i wasnt the only one out there who liked girls and it made me feel less lonely

  16. Roger Jimenez

    Government and programed socialism mmmmmm

  17. Roger Jimenez

    Esa girls gay que!

  18. Lina Martinez


  19. Alice Machens

    Who else watched this video way to often?
    I come back at leeeeast 3 times a weak to watch it. It‘s just soooo freaking good oof

  20. Alice Machens

    The singing part, begining at 3:00, reminds me so much of Gerard Way

  21. Cam ila

    This song gives me so many sensations...

  22. Rudolphtherednosedbitch


  23. Léna KhéopsXPigeon

    how is this video from 2013 and i see it only in 2020

  24. Léna KhéopsXPigeon

    they look like they had such a good friendship....

  25. Chaotic Demons

    they are both so beautiful I actually can't breath

  26. я устал

    Объясните смысл

  27. я устал

    2013, вау

  28. honeybunch sugar plum humpyhumpyhumpkin

    I knew it, she's the woman from pack urself a toothbrush dear, pack urself ur favorite blouse

  29. dots and dashes

    My Song 🎤🎶💋 👑

  30. Mountain Climber

    The red head plays the character Sandy Milkovich on Shameless now


    My life story

  32. danny the street

    the isolated gay experience

  33. FellVoice

    Who is the brown haired girl...I've seen her in something else but I can't recall what.

    Zunko Dayoo

    FellVoice I think you’ve seen her in the music video of “Sleeping on the floor” by the Lumineers. (and I love is so so much :) )


    @Zunko Dayoo I'll have to check her out in that but I just figured it out, she's on Shameless playing Debbie's girlfriend.

  34. Vio 2.0

    is this SKAM culture

  35. Eushiee Dyeen

    Omg 2020 anyone?

  36. i'm boring but that's ok

    the song's energy is chloe and rachel, the video is chloe and max

  37. FabruT

    This is my favourite song in the world, my gf made me listen to this six years ago. It became so special that every time I listen to this I think about her like the first time that I saw her. She killed herself yesterday, she was in europe last four years, I never could see her again, listen to her voice, touch her hair or kiss her lips. I just hit rock bottom.

  38. Micaiah Ashor


  39. Wes Harding

    add me in the middle.... perfect sandwich

  40. Diego Armando

    Yo la verdad amo maz alas mujeres que en los hombres si porque a si es el amor puro y no en el amor impuro y para los ojos de Dios no es justo que hagan estos brutualidades

    Helena Karpluk

    Diego Armando kyc viejo lesbiano 😂😂🌛

    Diego Armando

    @Helena Karpluk digo amo a Dios por que es justo y el amor de Dios es mas grande que dar la media naranja a su prójimo jeje

  41. Lil alex

    okay I need my gf after this

  42. Mark Whitehead

    Dots and dashes=Morse code! Satan is playing her!

  43. Rao Aqib

    Very nice and decent with melodious song

  44. alisgravenil24

    Bless my little gay heart, I sure like this video.

  45. One Way

    Fact - real life lesbians are never this attractive. That’s why they use straight actresses.

    cherry avocado

    theyre not straight actually,,,

  46. George Ryan Ross the Third

    We had BETTER get a full length movie or I’ll riot

  47. Казентий Лауреонович

    is it a film?

  48. lily

    plot twist: the girl with pink hair was actually gay and that was just her brother

  49. Sheila Bird

    Nothing makes me think about life more than the fact that this video shows utter happiness through out the whole song then complete heart break at the end.

  50. Lina Martinez


  51. Lekya Murthy

    Isn't she the one from "Sleep on floor" By The Lumineers?

  52. ARMY's Second Life

    This somehow reminds me of Life Is Strange, I LOVE IT. 💓

  53. Sreelakshmi Nair

    Is it just me or the girl with long hair looks like the girl from sleep on the floor mv

  54. Pinkrevenge101

    Back again after years wonder wat I was feeling thinking when I first saw this

  55. Anarky nah

    So pure

  56. Luis Avila perez


  57. Major Tom

    a noir love story with the lights on, a romance song that arrives stoned to the park, a science fiction fiction film that can't remember what osmosis' means, a stunningly inventive, exceptionally dramatic, dangerously unsteady & (largely) coherent video about sex, space, time, adventure and the best way to deal with an impossible romance is to get lost & tangled in the fantasy ?

    Major Tom

    the heart beat base rhythm at the 2:55 mark, musical magic, then the big finish, the big reveal, Wow !! !!!! !!!!!!

  58. hakeem grills

    Superb! Even now are unable to realize I just made 6253 dollars with this brilliant web-site here

  59. Zachary Rizzo

    Neck of the Woods is a timeless album and maybe the best album of the 2010s

  60. Mallory

    ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME 3rd lesbian storyline in a row no they’re not indoctrinating people with this gay bullshit

  61. Horses, Animals and Everything

    I fell in love with my best friend a few years ago, and the feelings still hurt me every day. Never got the courage to tell her, never will.

  62. Janet Kaine


  63. Krisztina Sárkány



    Is the same girl of sleep on the floor videoclip by the luminers 😱 (sorry for my bad english)


    Es la misma chica del vídeo de sleep on the floor - the luminers

  66. virusko69

    Woww what a great job, music and video... so goood...

  67. Janie Reyna

    I want to hope that was her dad picking her up.🤞😬😊😳

  68. Janie Reyna

    When you fall in love with someone you cant have. 🥺

  69. rocel ann


  70. izmir 35

    Lesbian songs are really good.

  71. izmir 35

    This song breaks my heart 💔

  72. Chubby Girl

    Fantastic 💋

  73. Alicja xo

    The dude in the car at the end looks like Scott Disick lol

  74. Heather Griffin

    Wow! GREAT song and video. Eek when she pushes her stitches on the fence at the end...felt that.

  75. Brewnoe

    Sew ... messing with my machine?

  76. Jdhsjjjsj Jjjndjsh

    Dame gay

  77. Sammy Who?

    Is she the girl from the lumineers video? If she, this is a wonderful spinoff

  78. Queen of Andriaglatus

    tells the sad story of my nonexistent lesbian love life

  79. Alexander Arnold

    Does anyone have the time to tell me the full story for this cover photo/video?

  80. Blue gbunny7

    I used to listen to this song all the time a few years back and I recently re-listened to it last night, and I’ve had it stuck in my head for hours on end, I don’t mind, it has calmed me down a lot.

  81. Scott Gibson

    My ex wife was like the pink haired, a player and model beautiful. Every lesbian she ever hooked up with fell madly in love with her. I used to warn them but of course they never listened, they always thought they could convert her to the other side. I eventually got tired and moved on. She married into money and now is a boring housewife.

  82. ChucksAreForShmucks

    Unfortunately I think I've been the straight girl like this before. I really didn't intend to at all, but I've been called a "manic pixie dream girl" (which is NOT something I'm proud of) by people before. I inadvertently led a girl one once, if not twice (one is iffy, but one definitely happened). I tend to be intense and spontaneous like that, and I can be affectionate which might make people get the wrong ideas.

    That look at the end made it seem like peach head knew what she was doing though.

  83. Gleam Visuals

    I beg you to follow me

  84. John toetag

    Beautiful love story, shame it wasn't as it seemed to be. Still wonderfully bittersweet. I'd massacre a thousand worlds for a love like that.

  85. Cande Dio

    Wich is the movie?


    Sempre tem que ter uma vadia pra partir nosso coração e é sempre o primeiro amor!

  87. g graves

    This hits A LITTLE too close to home.

    Also, 3:57 , that is THE face of gay yearning.

  88. A. Bell

    This video pretty much brought my gay ass together with my girlfriend. GOOD TIMES.

  89. Square Root 13


  90. Mishell Esquivel

    Am I the only one who thinks that Elise Eberle looks like Halsey ?

  91. Luis Ferr

    A timeless song and video❤️👏🏻

  92. Sofia Monteiro

    domingo à noite eu as vzs paro aqui

  93. Isadora Bitencourt

    This is so Life Is Strange

  94. Rabia Khatoon rabia

    Rabia Khatoon Rabia

  95. Daniela Olazarán


  96. Color Sounds

    This video has so many My Summer of Love parallells...

  97. Single Girl

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh 🔥😘