Silverstein - Whiplash Lyrics

Late night, I try to focus on the blurred lights
Neon signs and my hands are freezing
Snow blind with my head down with the wind in my eyes
This icy road stares back
There's only so much hope when every place I go
Reminds me I'll never get back home
But there's no time, I look up into headlights
The screeching tires seem to call my name

I deserve this, it's all true
I'm burning up
Everything you said hit me like a car wreck

Face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as the past comes back
I'm face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as it fades to black

Whiplash, a thousand thoughts converge on impact
A cry for help
But there's no one left and the silence wins again
I'm barely breathing as they call my name

I deserve this, it's all true
I'm burning up
Everything you said hit me like a car wreck

Face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as the past comes back
I'm face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as it fades to black

But in the pouring rain
I never felt like that, you said you felt the same
Can't spend another day here
I keep looking back as you're looking away

Everything you said hit me like a car wreck
Everything-everything you said hit me like a car wreck
I'm no better than bad luck
Walk away while you can
Walk away while you can
Turn the page then nail the book shut
Just walk away while you can
Just walk away while you can
Just walk away

Face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as the past comes back
I'm face down on the cold ground
Slipping away as it fades to black

But in the pouring rain
I never felt like that, you said you felt the same
Can't spend another day here
I keep looking back as you're looking away

Just walk away while you can
Just walk away while you can

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Silverstein Whiplash Comments
  1. Pete Wild

    Still fucking epic :|

  2. joe Ozer

    See you on the ABR tour!

  3. Sonya Demaio

    I am obsessed with this album! Best yet, and i cant believe im saying this!

  4. Pete Wild

    Simply epic.
    ...but don't forget to turn it all the way up.

  5. Buell Solanka

    The screaming parts sounds a bit like RAISED FIST. Amazing song.

  6. Pete Wild


  7. Katlyn Alvarado

    Repost if - You always hear your name even when if it's not being called. -You hate hearing your voice in recordings. -You use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called. -You pretend you're writing in class so the teacher won't call on you. -You say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next. -You and your best friend can say one word and crack up. -You hate it when one of your hoodie strings is longer than the other. -You hate it when someone thinks you like someone when you clearly don't. -You hate it when your favorite song comes on as you pull in the driveway. -You feel like if you turn on the lights, you'll be safe from anything. -You push those little buttons on the lids of fast-food drinks. -You love it when you tell a guy to shut up and they copy you in a higher voice and you both start laughing. ~reposted~

  8. Alex K


  9. Pete Wild

    I so fucking love this album :) it's up there with...well all the others :D

  10. Jordan Survilo

    sounds amazing. wish Valeriote produced it though! Love his sound.

  11. thundercatshoooo

    this song makes my nipples hard. an absolute fuckin killer!!!! probably my favorite silverstein song. these dudes get better every day.

  12. Tyler

    its scary and a blessing how much i can relate to their music. thank you silverstein for saving me countless times. thank you shane, paul k, paul marc rousseau, neil, billy, josh

  13. Adrian Dimayacyac


  14. Fastkidzpunx

    Met these guys back in 2003 nice fellows

  15. Daryl Moreno

    My favorite song of the album 👌🏻 🔥

  16. Ray Q

    Best post-hardcore band of all time

  17. Ray Q

    Best post-hardcore band of all time

  18. TheRedHoody

    Want to love this song even more? Listen to Massachusetts then play this and treat it as a continuation. You will not be disappointed.

  19. Ian McIntosh

    I think you all are confused what band you've been listening to. How are there so many comments talking about how good this is? Can they ever write a bad song? Yep... try the majority of this album for starters.

  20. Bourbon Ernie

    Not a big fan of the yelling compared to the screaming of previous albums.

  21. Lopick 1991

    I am a German guy with Great english Knowledge i Love the Vocals. Its so intensive to me that I can see silverstein After 16 Years of Hearing them in Germany Leipzig big Love in past Today and tomorrow .

  22. Forget Number One

    This song and Demons are my favorites off this album.

  23. Lawrence Divina

    love the snow blind and head down part

  24. Derek M

    Wicked new release guys! love it.

  25. skids ftw

    any one here from adam lz like if you are and you now like silverstein

  26. Side Effects

    Definitely FAVORITE track on the record. The chorus, the chill riff on the heavy verse after.. the little riff they snuck in before that other chorus..but In the pouring RAINNNNNNNNN. Best song.

    Side Effects

    OH and I didn't even mention that desperate prechorus. Solid track.

  27. Justin Carrier

    I love this album, and I've been a big fan of Silverstein for the past 13 years or so. They're definitely in the top 3 of my favorite bands ever. But my one question, what's up with the artwork? I love how they've stuck with the same artist to create their album art all throughout the years. It's kind of their trademark. But this? What happened? Did they not want to have the same artist make this one?

  28. Princess Deidra

    just amazing

  29. Chucky Allen

    Indescribable band. So f'n awesome:) Cant' believe it's been 17 years of fantastic music. They absolutely owned Warped Vegas.

  30. WhiteWolfLIT

    Wow, I was listening to this song in the background and i thought it was BMTH

  31. Mike Lord

    bought the first album on a whim....they haven't let me down since.

  32. MatrixMan 3000

    any fellow black people


    hey the fart lord im black too

  33. Paul Haney

    badass song this is my favorite song that has been released from dead reflection so far

  34. Chester Copperpot

    who else thought this was gonna be a Metallica cover

  35. night stalker

    senses fail wannabe....and senses fail are past their prime

    karton realista

    Please tell me you're trolling.
    Senses Fail - 2002
    Silverstein - 2000

  36. marc butterman

    My brother spoke with them at warped a few days ago as he bought the unreleased album and noticed this song was spelt "whipash" lol. The guys in the band had no idea and the vinyls also had this song misspelled. They were pissed to say the least lol


    That's hilarious..

  37. Chris Magoon

    Great song formation

  38. Robert Lewis

    this song is dope, this band is the best out there right now. They are still making hits, every album has a hit. Good shit guys, one of the few bands that continue to get better and better. fucking amazing.

  39. Joe Mayerski

    I deserve this; it's all true. I'm burning up. Everything you said hit me like a car wreck.

    FAAACCCCCEEEEEEEE down on the cold ground.

  40. TheRedHoody

    My nervousness for the quality of this album is slowly going away thanks to this, Retrograde, and Ghost.


    edit: And now Mirror Box? Nevermind. This album is gonna be great!

  41. Jefim Altrov

    havent listened to this band for quite a while, and was very surprised to hear this melodic hardcore sound in the beginingб reminded me of Redeemer and Defeater

  42. Tactical Scout

    This is good shit.

  43. Arturo Vargas

    14 years listening to them and they still blow my mind.

  44. Brandon Drennen

    send silverstein on tour with the devil wears prada (;

  45. Spencer Clizer

    Only 5 more days!!

  46. joe Ozer


  47. Shawn Smith

    Can't wait to see them in Dec :)

  48. John Wick

    Its a shame Silverstein is getting the Rise Records treatment.

    I'll hold this is how the wind shifts and everything before that in my heart though.

  49. Sakon

    Shane Told is a monster <3 (and the other members of the band are monsters too)

  50. Tom W

    One of the only good post-hardcore bands left.

  51. TheJoeyAffliction

    This is so good along with the last two singles I feel like this is gonna be Silverstein's best release of an album to date. LESS THAN A WEEK LEFT <3

  52. Swiggity Swootie

    This song reminds me of my buddy who died Thursday in a car crash. Rest In Peace, Tristen. ❤️🌹

  53. Alberto Barbano

    Aguante inri

  54. Gapeh0rn

    Can't get over this track , so good ! The screaming reminds me of old school Ollie from Bmth back when they were good

  55. Brandon

    I keep hearing "The sexy rooster's back" instead of "This icy road stares back" lol

  56. kaleb hassel

    the only band I can follow for over 10 years and have it only get better

  57. Chiko -chan

    The very first band I listened to and will always be my favourite. ♡

  58. Glas Jaw

    The screaming vocals sound like Oli Sykes :O

    Glas Jaw

    xTreyray just listen to the part after 2:00 it sounds very much like Olis screams and yeah you're hating a bit too much sure he fucked up his voice and now can barely scream but he was fucking good back then and nobody can say that sempiternal wasn't a good album


    It was an ok album (Im more of a deathcore fan) but he still didn't play well live. I base a whole lot of my view of a band off live performance. I'm seen dozens of bands who have way more demanding "screaming vocals" and they're doing fine 10 years later because they scream properly, so I don't really feel for him in that department.


    and he's always been good 1/10 shows because it takes a whole fucking week to recover from using your lungs and belching out screams thst you can hear are mostly located in the dudes throat. I'm surprised he's never spit blood from it, maybe he has. Who knows?

    Glas Jaw

    I personnaly love his screams they are just unique and you can distinguish them from another vocalists screams but he just had'nt a properly technique and thats why he can barely scream since 5 years but if you watch Bmths older gigs you can hear that he had badass growls back then

    Glas Jaw

    But one point where I can agree with you are his annoying teen groupies who never listened to metal before and scream like they are getting raped when they see him on gigs

  59. Sailor1010

    How do they do it? Remain relevant after all these years? I am impressed with the range of their sound over the years and yet they still maintain what makes them "Silverstein". It's impressive. This new iteration is fucking sick.

  60. Adrian Lara

    how many supersans does it take take to change a lightbulb 1 but it will take 10 episode's

  61. Bel Vermillion

    Silverstein. Still fucking GREAT.

  62. XJman

    This is a new song but when he sings i feel all nostalgic!

  63. Kill TheFlaws

    How the drummer has managed to stray away from double bass beats, unlike every other drummer out there baffles me, but at the same time sets Silverstein apart from any other musical category.

    Haasssuhdude Gaming

    Kill TheFlaws dude i know! Paul is so good and i love that he doesn't have to overload the song with double bass for it to be "heavy"


    I told Paul that when I met him, huge influence to my playing, especially his single pedal beats. Such an inspiration. His spacing of his kicks are in a league of their own, ONCE you figure out his basic formula to writing it's like Christmas..

  64. Darth Synistur

    been here since discovering the water front. these dudes don't know how to make a bad song. hope the album is just as good.

  65. Hunter Davis

    this is better then lost positives but its not as good as retrograde

  66. MmmChestnut

    I'm going to buy this cd and possibly a shirt.

  67. Michael Condon

    sounds terrible, I want old silverstein back. sounds like they struggled to make a song and threw words together just to get them by

  68. Williehimmi

    Sounds really good for being around for a while

  69. Steve Taylor

    Parts of this song remind me of Defeater. I dig it.

  70. jonathan

    god dammit Silverstein, you've outdone yourself again. love these guys to death for sticking to their sound since day 1.

  71. r namikaze

    Always and forever my favorite band. Love it!

  72. king of shamans

    it's fucking lit!!!!

  73. Hawken Valhalla

    Another banger. Silverstein constantly evolve their sound while still staying true to their sound & style.

  74. Matt Lane

    the good old days

  75. CJV Pokémon

    You just keep getting better and's astonishing. Been following you guys ever since for your album.

  76. Randy Butternubs

    This record is gonna be godly

  77. inlovekay kimjiwon

    when you favorite band doesn't change :)

  78. aizat afnan


  79. DDK Guitars

    silverstein is back and better than ever. looking forward to hearing whatever you have next coming out.

  80. LivinOnEdge

    BTW this album is only $7 if purchased from the merch store. Digital download.


    Seriously think this song is amazing.
    Besides Everything I Touch, this band has really been killing it on these albums.

  82. Hector Y Rodriguez Echevarria

    I think I'm listening to my favorite song from the Album <3

  83. Jackson Lentini

    First time listening to this band and wow 😳👍🏻

  84. TheGameChanger

    were you rushing or were you dragging?

  85. Pitra Agung

    Well, amazing and beautiful..
    'Nuff said :v

  86. Slow Life

    Amazing! its my favorite band of all time!!!! Respect from Brasil!

  87. Asong writtenforyou

    I keep looking back as you're looking away🤘

  88. ShyguytheGamer1

    The 14 people who disliked this have no taste in music, you pop fucks.

  89. Daniel Leonov

    Wow. Never heard of them before. Pre-ordered the album immediately after hearing that tune.

    Ian Stone

    Daniel Leonov never heard of Silverstein?! B O I

  90. Dam Sifuentes

    Great movie

  91. Monnie Riot

    Wow 😳 this band is so good I grew up listening to them

  92. Kasumi SSJ

    Love the song. Not sure if I like the yells tho. Would way rather hear his scream.

  93. Josue Oviedo

    La vieja confiable Silverstein :')

  94. BackToMetal

    I thought was a metallica cover jejeje

  95. Joshua Varughese

    i love this!!!

  96. Charming Cthulhu

    it's not as heavy as their other new stuff but, it's not bad for being silverstein

  97. Dan freeride parts

    BEEN A FAN SINCE DAY ONE never a disappointing song from these. Awesome can't wait for The album