Silverstein - Wake Up Lyrics

I crossed over, I lost myself
I saw the light, I went to hell
But the devil never looked my way
Closed my eyes and I tried to remember
All the things that had brought us together here, here

Wake up, wake up, wake up
There's somebody calling, there's somebody calling
Wake up, wake up, wake up
There's somebody calling, there's somebody calling

From high above I heard the screams
Of emotionless machines who just see flatlines
Now I've lost my tomorrow
I paid the debt of the time I've been borrowing
Nothing can save me

Wake up, wake up, wake up
There's somebody calling, there's somebody calling
Wake up, wake up, wake up
There's somebody calling, there's somebody calling

Images are fading
There's nothing in the mirror
End is now, end is here
If you let me back in
Nothing would be different
End is here
Now all I am is a dead reflection

Wake up, wake up, wake up
There's somebody calling, there's somebody calling
All I am is a dead reflection
Wake up, wake up, wake up
There's somebody calling, there's somebody calling
All I am is a dead reflection

(Wake up, wake up, wake up)
Images are fading
There's nothing in the mirror
(There's somebody calling)
The end is now
(There's somebody calling)
The end is here
(Wake up, wake up, wake up)
If you let me back in
I know nothing would be different
(There's somebody calling)
The end is here
(There's somebody calling)
All I am is a dead reflection

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Silverstein Wake Up Comments
  1. Jordan Chavez

    Best Song in years

  2. Sonya Demaio

    These lyrics fucking hit hard. Shane is a phenomenal vocalist. You hear the emotion in his voice. This is def one of their best albums to date.

  3. thetopherhaslanded

    This track is what sold the album for me. Havnt had Silverstein bring me to tears since the emo phase :')

  4. Will Parada

    Good stuff

  5. Tabbz8645

    This damn song gets me every time. It's so good.

  6. Justin Hall

    Alarm clock song.

  7. Mari S

    I can't put into words how much this song hits me right now. I am so grateful I discovered Silverstein within the last month. Their music helps me get through the day.

  8. Jay Burris Wayne


  9. Alix Lee

    Anyone remember Crib to Coffin from Emery? This hits me the exact same way that that did the first time I heard it. Ugly crying and all.

  10. Katlyn Alvarado

    Repost if - You always hear your name even when if it's not being called. -You hate hearing your voice in recordings. -You use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called. -You pretend you're writing in class so the teacher won't call on you. -You say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next. -You and your best friend can say one word and crack up. -You hate it when one of your hoodie strings is longer than the other. -You hate it when someone thinks you like someone when you clearly don't. -You hate it when your favorite song comes on as you pull in the driveway. -You feel like if you turn on the lights, you'll be safe from anything. -You push those little buttons on the lids of fast-food drinks. -You love it when you tell a guy to shut up and they copy you in a higher voice and you both start laughing. ~reposted~

  11. Beerguy89

    Hands down, one of their best albums to date. I've been following Silverstein since I was 15 years old (2004) I'm almost 30 now. This song is probably the most emotional/intense one on the whole record.

  12. Julian Gallegos

    Amazing band love them since the emo days in 04 LOL however this song makes me sad. Not like the other Emo songs this one has a different meaning. Kind of like he sold his soul in a way where he feels he can never go back to the light.

  13. Justin Hall

    Deep cut.

  14. Faekalo der Bondageclown

    Love and hate this song so much

  15. Mr. Gunman

    So coooooool

  16. Kyle Fogle

    fan from Oklahoma always my music of relaxation from listening to country!!

  17. Justin Hall

    Work of artist. What a team.

  18. James Pate

    Every song on this album 🔥

  19. Westin Squire

    You can hear the emotion in his voice....keep making real music guys


    Westin Squire Oh

  20. Ryan O'Neil

    Remember. Lil soul sampled this

  21. mateo cruz

    silverstein <3 !

  22. Andrew Mccullough

    Thank you silverstein for the amazing music to help me get through my tough times

  23. Baron Anon

    Suits the weather right atm

  24. Trevor Gallegos

    I have purchased this album 4 times now. I pre ordered it with an vinyl and a cassette and another cd just to get it signed at warped. This is probably my 2nd favorite song ever next to discovering the waterfront. This whole album is just amazing.

  25. Strogie - Tumblr

    After listening to this entire album over YouTube. I just gotta say Silverstein you cease to amaze me. I have a older 30 year old brother and a 27 year old sister (I'm 23) and all three agree that this album was great!

    There literally wasn't 1 song that didn't have a good transition. It sounded amazing with the instruments on point in every way. I mean this album really made me realize that I will never have a favorite album. I favorite them all the same way cause every album is kickass. Cheers to Dead Reflection

  26. BeaarClaw

    This song gives me a light that I can't find within my reality at times thank you forever in debt Silverstein

  27. Jacob Stutzman

    I swear thats Jon Mess from DGD at the end screaming but its not credited anywhere

  28. Meet Me At The Morgue

    This really reminds me a bit of alesana

    Juvin Gonsalves

    Alesana Rocks

  29. jeolmmum

    You know, new record, listening from the beginning, putting some songs on repeat, nice, from scratch after work, cool, new day, from scratch, oh this one is cool too, repeat, from scratch after work, clean flat, play further than before, ok sounds good as well, go back to favorite songs, play through again, WAIT A MOMENT! What's up with this last track?!
    Holy fucking shitballs....

  30. Steve Dietrich

    Incredible closer track. This album took a couple listens for me to adjust to but I'm realizing this is a top tier Silverstein album. Bravo to the most consistent band in the game.

  31. Steve Dietrich

    Anyone else getting Brand New vibes from this? I've been listening to their new album Science Fiction on repeat and this def sounds like some good ol BN to me.

    Steve Dietrich

    At the verses *

  32. Desiree Gonzales

    This reminds me of looking out a gloomy window covered in fog with raindrops sliding down the other side.

  33. Thomas Roche

    reminds me of underoath. really cool

  34. Tem Tompel

    edit the discribtion - Band is not Silversun

  35. Zetneck

    This song is amazing, Silverstein never disappoint, my song fovorite of this album <3

  36. Josiah Lutcher

    Nailed it, the perfect somber anthem a broken generation needs. Late on 6th was too short and this is a perfect answer to it. This whole album is a perfect expression of your band. You guys have seized to amaze me.

  37. Side Effects

    I liked Diamond Eyes too y'all.

  38. Marc villa

    Needs a music video

  39. Abe Sydney Pink

    I'm 29 it's been 17 years, I've been feeling like someone or something is calling, I'm all new to this feeling, these words are strong and relative it's kinda tooo overwhelming, anyways good job guys on the sound, and thank you for the years you brought good music to my ears

  40. Ray Q

    This song is satanic

  41. Ray Q

    This song is satanic

  42. Martina Told

    Thanks Silverstein, for everything.

  43. Jacob Shury

    I don't see how many views this vid has, someone pls help. I see only number of how many times I played it (21 592).

  44. ninja fishdog

    I don't know why but this song reminds me of their lips sink ships

  45. maya Koehn

    I need their music

  46. Bel Vermillion

    first thing that I remembered: he fucking great "Late On Sixth"
    Then there's that damn good screaming

  47. Polished Shinari

    何度聴いてもヤバイ・・・ これまでのキャリアの集大成って感じ。
    All I am is a dead reflection

  48. Adam Burchett

    This song has a Thursday and As Cities Burn feel to it which is epic

  49. Luis G López de Lara

    Thank you Silverstein for your music. Every song from this album now is an elemental part of my life. 🤘🏻🇨🇦

  50. Mal F

    Damn. This hits me hard every time I listen.

  51. Adam Burchett

    This Album is so fucking good. # 2 for me behind Discovering The Waterfront.

  52. Ray Q

    This song is dark

    The Friendship League

    yes its dope

  53. Ray Q

    This song is dark

  54. Livin J. Hoen

    Going by the reactions on the vids so far, I seem to be one of the few not instantly sold on the new album. Those poppy influences just aren't clicking with me yet. I'm not feeling the raw sincerity in some songs either. Not a bad album by any stretch, but I'd currently rank it somewhere among the lower half of their discography.

    EDIT: After a great many b2b playthroughs over the past few days, most of the songs are starting to click. The Afterglow is still way too much though. Would probably rank the album 4th now, after TIHTWS, Shipwreck and DTW (in that order).

  55. Side Effects

    Getting some Underoath/Norma Jean vibes.

    Side Effects

    Also Deftones.

  56. Michael Cavaliere

    I am nearly 30 years old. I have listened to Silverstein for many years. From my high school days to now. This is an incredible song. The lyrics are hard hitting, and I actually started crying when the song ended. Very powerful. It's amazing to me how consistent these guys have been all these years. Bravo guys, this is amazing.

  57. Usni

    Morning song

  58. masterhand510

    Probably my fav song from this album.

  59. The Knight

    This song gave me chills

  60. Decadent Records

    I don't care how much views this has, it is just not enough! <3

  61. Higgs Live Steaming Gaming

    Very strong lyrics boys. Grats. One of your best albums.

  62. Michael Daleo

    I am in awe of this song. There is something about it that is so captivating. I cannot wait for the track by track explanations to see the intentions behind it.

  63. Toasty Toast

    This dark vibe is just asking for a trap remix.

  64. Jbad

    I get chills from this song.

  65. Bill Parker

    I've listened to this song like 30 times and it keeps getting better. I thought the cd was average but after listening to it in its entirety several times I think it's a solid record for sure.

  66. Bill Parker

    All I am is a dead reflection

  67. MIchael White

    Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario that formed in 2000. "Wake Up" HOT TRACK EVER!!!😉😎😎😆🤔

  68. IgniteTheFlames

    This song just brings the feels. It's so powerful. "All I am is a dead reflection" I love that so much. You can always feel the emotion in every word with Silverstein.

  69. Shuai Gong

    I wish they would never stop makin music, so good, pure joy even if this is an emotional song.

  70. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™

    As I heard this beautiful clean guitar line at the beginning,I instantly thought of the "making of dead reflection" or however it's called video where we got teased the first time. It's finally here. And it's great!

  71. wintersoul

    love it 😍

  72. king of shamans

    fucking amazing album!!
    you guys know how I feel..

  73. Adam Artz

    All I am is a dead reflection

  74. Phoenix Leigh

    mmm yes. thank you God.

  75. josh fehr

    Thank you guys for helping me get through the times

  76. Alan Minch

    this album is seriously some of their best work. been following them the last 16 years of my life and I just turned 30. you can only imagine how much these guys mean to me

    Timothy Helm

    same love this band

    Trent DeLisle

    Will be 30 in a week. They have done an amazing job being relatable.

    jocelyn cox

    found em b4 the rest of the universe. i win.

    Buried YoUx

    Im 29 now. Bought when broken is easily fixed at Wal-Mart long ago... My first scream CD. I still love them. Absolutely incredible. I own every cd.

  77. The X Nyles

    So F'ing impressed with this album. These 5 guys returned guns blazing, bravo fellas, bravo

    The X Nyles

    Not too many people mentioning this gem of a song. Wake Up is easily my favorite track on D.R. That build-up, starting slow and eerie and ending with this monstrous fiery melody.
    End of an album perfection.

  78. metalmessy135

    idk if these guys will ever see this. but thank you. this came at the perfect time. I'm homeless with a torn up shred of my marriage certificate in my wallet. at least she's still here through everything. Been fighting depression pretty much solo for months now. so thank you all. this album helped and no doubt will continue to help when it needs to:)

    Saint Michael

    Moha Hassan wow dude. The hardcore bands suck. But this town needs guns puts Silverstein to shame

    Shane McCurry

    metalmessy135 music is powerful isnt it? My partner just left. She was my best friend, and the love of my life. I was getting ready to propose to her, when out of the blue she texted me one evening and told me she was leaving. No explanation. I came home to all her stuff gone. People say its gonna be ok. People say you'll get better. We can hope all that is true. Keep fighting as long as you can, and so will I. Good luck my friend.

    Andrew Mccullough

    Wow that's deep dude


    You almost made me cry man... world is so unfair for the most caring and humble people... hope you get your life fixed all up , god bless you.

    Toowoomba Valleys Roosters

    Say no to drugs

  79. Alejandro Salomon Gonzalez


  80. Kyle Buyz

    People are gonna disagree with me but this song is so far the best out of this entire album, right next to Mirror Box and Last Looks, it might change i mean my opinion might change i only had this album for 4hrs now anyway 😅 my fav from the previous album was Late On 6th so this will probably stay top for me too


    My top three exactly, also!

    Matt Orcullo

    Secrets Safe and Lost Positives are on my top. Overall, a very good album. Probably on par with This Is How The Wind Shifts or maybe better.


    Aquamarine is my favorite hidden gem on the album. ^_^

  81. Johnny Carau

    All I am is a dead reflection.

  82. Mika San

    Listening this on my way home from work in the highway😍❤ what a Night

  83. ah00362

    These guys are on a Third Eye Blind late career beast mode crisis. This album is so good..

  84. GumDropButtonzz

    intro riffs made me instantly think of late on 6th

    Krysta Lenzi

    Yes! I thought the same thing too. Same vibes

  85. Maria Axavidou

    Late on 6th vibes!

    Desiree Gonzales

    Maria Smith I had this same thought!

    Matthew Bailey

    Deffinately mimics that songs place on this albun

  86. Naefin Shmeegus

    Phenomenal album yesyesyes

  87. Dariø GR

    I'll say it again. My emo phase is back for sure. (without the hair though)

    Alan Minch

    Dariø GR I feel you my dude haha

    May Nitivong

    Dariø GR lmao the hair is where the heartbreak lives


    same, but with hair tho

    Wolf Rage

    Dariø GR im 31 and still going. I remember smashing into pieces song on a sample cd back in 2003 . 🤘

  88. gladiisTV

    Best album of 2017 so far. Absolutely PHENOMENAL and flawless album backwards and forwards.

  89. Cael Viktora

    All I am is a dead reflection... Fucking powerful

    josh fehr

    Cael Viktora right I'm sitting her stoned out of my mind and listening to this album sounds fucking great I'm like having huge flashbacks


    josh fehr You should listen to this song while tripping LSD, music literally takes you to different parts of life and even the memories.

    Cael Viktora

    SwitchBladeCrisis420 I did that with surround sound speakers and just got lost in it. I love Silverstein so much

  90. yair13G

    me encanta

  91. Lucas Mendes

    Essa musica q eu mal conheço mas ja considero pakas

  92. Johan Andrés Sabino Castro

    i love u guys, my favorite band of all my life, i have been following u since i was 12 years old, Indeed, the best, a big hug from Colombia.

  93. Notsomysteriousgirl

    My new favourite song <3

  94. Aaron Ramirez

    fucking amazing

  95. CapnKrispy

    loving the sound of this whole record.


    Yes, totally agree!


    CapnKrispy Same ✌✌✌

  96. Crona

    Love this <3

  97. Elias RamCrom

    first... To say that this album is amazing! my vinyl came earlier today, and holy guacamole, this is awesome