Silverstein - To Live And To Lose Lyrics

Follow painted lines along the way back to see you
Fighting sleep and drifting in the rain, I couldn't get through
I was thrown from my mind with no one there to catch me
To lead me back to life
Had to leave it behind and send my other on her way

Will you break when you realize I'm gone
Counting days until the season you move on
I'm having doubts if you can still feel me at all
Out here looking on while you're falling in love

I was thrown from my mind and you're not here to catch me
To make it all feel right
I've been trying to find a way to get back to you
And say I'm sorry

When I found a way to calm down, a disguise of yourself without me
Your heart was so strong, I thought you'd moved on
But you can't carry on without me

I was thrown from my mind and now I'm here to beg you
To move on with your life
You can leave me behind
I am the voice in your head that tells you it's alright

I was thrown from my mind with no one there to catch me
To lead me back to life
Had to leave it behind and I have to accept it
The way it all has to be, has to be, has to be now
The way it all has to be, has to be, has to be
The way it all has to be

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  1. C minor

    lit. they need more c minors

  2. Vfor Vital

    wow I don't comment on lyric videos but this is outstanding. such an epic timeless band and you captured that in the ending. good word!!!

    Vfor Vital

    haha work

  3. James Clifford Frederick Welch

    This video needs way more credit.

    This song honestly kinda brings tears to my eyes, and the way you align the lyrics with the clips is heartbreakingly amazing. :/

  4. Paula Grace Uy

    I love this video :D

  5. Hever carrillo

    Best Video of to live and to lose :)

  6. Miguel Cabrera

    An amazing video for an amazing song.

  7. Gladys Pangga

    Wow! You make great videos! 

  8. paleva

    This one is so sincerely, warm and perfect.
    have no words to describe
    no words even from native language to imagine and to express
    no words - emotions only!

    Thank you so MUCH!!

    Brianna Lauren

    Awe thanks so much!! That's so sweet of you!

  9. Daniel Worthless

    This should be the OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO. It's so beautiful!

    Brianna Lauren

    Thanks so much!!!

    Daniel Worthless

    You're so welcome! Nice job

    Starloves Kindomhearts

    @Daniel Worthless I thought it was tbh

  10. hellfire08

    looooove the video and the song. Great job :]

  11. Bryan Rodgers

    This is fabulous. Wish I knew how to do this. My band has been looking to make one of these videos for one of our songs.

  12. Mud Lungs

    I like the images in the background :)

    Kjirsten Nord

    IHateSOAD you triggered my boyfriend haha

  13. Skull Kid

    you earn one subscriber miss

  14. Skull Kid

    more silverstein lyric video i love it!!! i super love it!!! ^^

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    awesome!!! i like the video.. thanks..

  17. GuzzyBear

    digging the video very much

  18. Brianna Lauren

    Hahah you're too sweet! Thank youu!

  19. Brianna Lauren

    Thank you very much!! :)

  20. Brianna Lauren

    iMovie for this one!

  21. Brianna Lauren

    Thank you!!!

  22. Marco A. Guerrero

    que buen video y las lyrics excelentes c: y la canción lo mejor lmL Silverstein..!!

  23. Ricardo Teles

    this is the best video I ever seen

  24. Tom Jeffrey

    this is so well done!

  25. Geminhya Music

    Good job! What softwae did you use?

  26. 69kutulu

    Wow! I love this! Good job!

  27. Brianna Lauren

    Thank you soo much! It took forever haha!

  28. Brianna Lauren

    Thank you so much!

  29. EnglshRedWolf

    This was great. I loved the ending.

  30. elavult

    Seeing them at Warped Tour tomorrow! <3

  31. Brianna Lauren

    Thank you! And I'm working on one for With Second Chances right now! So check back soon! :)

  32. Dristan Yap

    this is SUPERB! :D please Do A lyric Video For: With Second Chances

  33. james buttigieg

    this is so good thought it was official

  34. Yuki Sohma


  35. SilversteinRescue

    Same they've been my favorite band EVER since 2007 and I'm still going strong with them. Its really amazing they can still make music this great after all these years!

  36. Brianna Lauren

    That is soo nice of you to say, thank you! Haha just glad people can appreciate how great of a song it is. I love Silverstein.

  37. SilversteinRescue

    Incredibly well done, they should pay you for this!! Haha love this song

  38. Arrow370

    This is very good

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    Thanks for the vid! Their new album is sweet as!

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    iMovie believe it or not haha and thank you!!!

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    amazing... btw which program did u use

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    la mia tambien!

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    thanks so much :)!

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    well done missy :) thank you for your work on the video

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    mi nueva cancion favorita!!!! =')