Silverstein - The Wind Shifts Lyrics

The wind shifts by itself
Reminding us where we've been
We kick and scream and raise hell
Til we're too tired to stand
We tear down all our sense
And we'll force our opinion
We'll make sure we're ahead
We'll hate ourselves in the end

I wanted to be loved by someone
I didn't want to be so scared

This wind changed me
(I used to care)
This wind changed me

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Silverstein The Wind Shifts Comments
  1. Geoff Worsnop

    This is the Silverstein I'm talking to my friends 😊😍

  2. Daniel Brevetti

    im 33 and have been listening to Silverstein since I was in high school 2001, the tragic year with my cheap mp3 stick player.

  3. Phil Pacific

    this album was gold.

  4. Hi, I Think I'm Real

    _That fuckin’ riff, man._

  5. John Pesch

    that riff.

  6. dylan parrott

    best intro track of this album

  7. sman 16419


  8. mateo cruz

    this song excites me too much

  9. Ginger R

    Wow this song really speaks to me

  10. Clint Beasthood

    These lyrics are about as deep as it gets.

  11. B Fechko

    I always liked this song, but when i read the lyrics at the same its like.... god damn that's next level shit!

  12. Arctic Knight

    Honestly ive learned so many new words from this song rather than school. I wanna say they wrote this song with a dictionary at their side or maybe theyre just brilliant. But fucking amazing song

  13. Jenn Garcia

    This song title is my graduation cap motto. I just got my BA in Paralegal Studies and graduate in Decemeber <3 Also, this was the first song they ever performed the first time I saw them live. It's the most perfect thing I've chosen to do.

  14. James Hilton

    "Stop being yourself, if you want to be happy"

    Gave me shivers. What a powerful line. In an age where there is such an focus on not changing who you are, I think that line really drives home how much more important it is to become who you want to be. Silverstein are one hot piece of musical meat ❤

    Juvin Gonsalves

    Dat Line Blew My Mind

    Phil Pacific

    i took away a totally different interpretation.... because he alludes to suicide and talks about being destined to be different, it makes me think that 'being happy' is an illusion society has created, therefore if they stop being their true selves - stop being different and just be like everyone else - they wouldn't have so much resistance and life would be easier and they could just be content like everyone else. the problem is: you can't do this if you're being honest with yourself. so the choice is a false 'happiness' or an honest discontentment.... at best.

  15. Jaded

    Shane told is the only lyricist in the world who can use words like "massachusetts" "abhorence" And "elequence" and actually make it work and sound badass in a post hard-core song.

  16. Quantum Miend Fuk


  17. Rocky Socha

    48 people suck

  18. Maddie Argueta

    Omg my boyfriend told me what he listens to and I'm shocked I've never knew he likes screamo music

    Ferdi Karp

    isnt it beautiful?

  19. Love Valenzuela

    This is the best song of Silverstein!!!!! I miss them.

    Kyle Buyz

    to me every song off this album is just perfect, but this one just has that bit of awesomeness

    John Doe

    miss them? they didn't go anywhere.

    Love Valenzuela

    Maybe I was the one that went far away.

  20. chance ehrsam

    discovering the waterfront will always be the best.


    chance ehrsam It's definitely my favorite by them.

    In fact I have a countdown about my favorite Silverstein songs on my channel!

  21. Robert Lewis

    This is absolutely their best album. I very much enjoy I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, but I have thoroughly enjoyed every single song on this album and continue to be amazed at such a well written piece of work. Excellent!!!

    Neal Caffery

    I love a lot of their old stuff...but I'd have to agree. I FUCKING LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! EVERY SINGLE SONG!LOL I can not get enough I'd fucking looooove. to see them live oh lawd

    Robert Lewis

    They are fantastic live.


    Robert Lewis completely agree. It shows how talented they are man. The first day I got the CD in the mail I was on my lunch break.

    I was late as hell back and jammed out for like 2 hours amazed at each song that came next ❤️


    Cody Nett they are fucking awesome live

  22. Devianto Prasetyo


  23. Steven Phillips

    Holy crap the riffage

  24. holman giraldo

    Maybe we should walk away from this
    Take our proverbial walk into the sunset
    Maybe we are destined to be different
    We were designed for more resilience than this
    But we don't know how and we live in the now
    If we were smarter maybe we would try to fake it
    Maybe we should walk away from this
    And stop being ourselves, just stop being yourself
    If you want to be happy

    Diego Arturo


  25. holman giraldo

    my favorite song of this album

  26. Laura O'Brien

    In my opinion, best Silverstein album.....

  27. refused

    SO fucking good

  28. _ Znismo350Z



    ikr holy shit

  29. simonfreak5

    This song still kicks butt.

    The Ghost Of Youtube

    still kicking butt in 2019

  30. caroline stoffberg

    Love this song

  31. djmarx14

    Some parts of this song sound like spencer from underoath


    @djmarx14 Indeed.

  32. Brian Donovan

    reminds me of old mmf


    @Redexs Francisco The time a band is created has nothing to do with who has better music.

    Redexs Francisco

    @dethpunch1998 of course it matters.. duh


    @Redexs Francisco If I start a band that's absolute shit, and then you start one ten years later that's completely amazing, my band is still shit, despite being older.

    Redexs Francisco

    @Brian Donovan mutty mullins is listening to silverstein and underoath way back lol.. mutty mullins is a underoath fan..


    @Redexs Francisco Okay you dumb fuck I love Silverstein. I've never even heard mmf's music, I'm just pointing out a fallacy in your logic.

  33. Kris Owens

    Definitely Custom Inking some of these lyrics

  34. Liam Casey

    That fucking RIFF though.

    Alex Townley

    It's fucking groovy, but southern metal at the same time just amazing!


    Hit's so fucking hard doesn't it?

  35. YourIn Eight

    This song has just made me love this style of music again. 

  36. Santino Medina

    favorite song right here! :0

  37. Gabriel Flores

    GUYS!!! This amazing song and the rest of the album is on official sale at Amazon for just 10 bucks and free shipping, BUY!!! I want more of this!!!

  38. Romana

    If we were smarter maybe we would try to fake it.
    Just... Yes.

    i dont need you or this town

    aye nice profile pic my dude. twy is sweet.

  39. IgniteTheFlames

    This song and their entire set was awesome the other day. I can't believe I got to meet them and how nice they all were. Bring on more UK tours!

  40. Paula Grace Uy

    Si;verstein is the best! :D

  41. Paula Grace Uy

    just stop being yourself
    if you want to be happy..

  42. TheTeenageReject WithNoRespect

    Two words.... "HELL YES!" :3

  43. Christian D'Andrea

    By far the best song Silverstein has ever made.

    Garrett Abbey

    Every song on Discovering the waterfront is better than this.

    Salvo Chapman

    "Actually" That's every song they have ever done or will do or cover...

  44. Dickard The Wizard

    Gonna see these guys today with blessthefall, could not be more stoked.

    Haidan Durham

    Idk where you are but now in the future theyre on the 15th anniversary of when broken is easily fixed tour. Im going to see them along with Hawthorne heights capstan and as cities burn.

  45. ObscureBehavior

    *All these feels*

  46. Cookiecore

    i love it !<3

  47. Joe Willard

    This song is absolutely PHENOMENAL! Oh ya, so is this awesome lyric video, and the rest of This is How the Wind Shifts, Addendum included! You guys are so amazing and inspirational, I am so stoked that I'll finally get to catch you live in Pittsburgh in April! Bravo, keep doin' what yer doin'! I've been a huge fan since Discovering the Waterfront, and at the rate you're going, I'll be a fan for many, many years to come!

    jordan scott

    @Joe Willard fuck thats a sick gig im in australia would so go :(

    jordan scott

    @Joe Willard funny enough amitty have a new song  called pittsburgh lol!

    Joe Willard

    @jordan scott Yes, I found this out like 2 weeks prior to the show! My cousin is a huge fan of AA and mentioned it to me. Pretty good song, although the lyrics are pretty dark! That and they've been playing it on Octane on Sirius/XM satellite radio as well. Such a phenomenal show though, I caught a guitar pick from the new guitarist from Silverstein! But no worries, mate, I'm sure they will be coming to Australia soon enough... Just maybe not the same lineup!

    Joe Willard

    @Travis Ni Did you end up going to see them as well?!

    jordan scott

    nice mate sounds really good and yeh hope so

  48. truth654567

    This is genius.


    There's a band called Death that began in the 80s. That's genius. This is just good.

  49. Laurin Maestas

    I think I have a good idea of the meaning behind but will someone please explain to me the ending? I just can't lol

  50. Chris Walle

    His screams remind me of Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire! Ghost In Te Mirror!

  51. Tonyó

    'Did i forget who i was, did i forget just where i came from' 
    silverstein, love it. ♥ 

  52. Jon J

    Probably, no. For sure the best lyric video I have ever seen. Good job!


    lol then watch bullet by hollywood undead. 

  53. RAanime

    26 times isn't enough.

  54. MsAnimelady714YT

    Omg Im miss you Guy's :) I Love you guy's forever <3 great song So Beautiful to my Ear's <3

  55. falloutboyBillyTalent

    seeing these guys live and meeting them in November, omg I cant wait

  56. Elizabeth Gutierrez


  57. Carlisha Justice

    Loveeee silverstein !!! <3

  58. karton realista

    I disagree with you, then. "Discovering ..." was epic, but they've made better albums then. But it's only my opinion.

  59. karton realista

    No. Not yet. Listen more, more, MORE!!!

  60. An. D.

    Does hearing this for 26 times in a row means that I have an addiction?

  61. KM SGV

    sounds like Underøath.

  62. Yohann Tang

    Damn this band is so awesome, can't wait for the next tour!! Hope they ll come back to Sydney :)

  63. Anklebreakerize

    Yeah it's a breakdown.

  64. Daniel Bell

    Is it just me, or is the chorus extremely reminiscent of under oath?

  65. Franco Fettuccia

    No that would be a riff seeing how it's used throughout the song! It is fucking sweet though

  66. Abel Gomez

    At :30 that's not a riff it's a breakdown isn't it?

  67. bejott

    that riff, 0:30, so fucking epic... O.o

  68. shonedrummer

    Hey guys check out my drum cover of this song on my channel!

  69. Jake St Clair

    Damn silverstein i havent been following them much lately so this is new but wow very agressive and in your face i like it!

  70. Lauren Rogers

    They played this song so good at warped 2013 Houston Texas

  71. Emery Grace

    This song is amazing ;-;

  72. Andrei Videira

    that riff.. gdamn!

  73. Kinderblut

    This band are distinctly better than I remember.

    Alas, they still have the whiney bitch singing though.

  74. dropdeadhrtz

    kinda dark, thats why i left em three years ago, butvhey, ill listen to this, then we came as romans to get my spirits up xD keep em strong

  75. i have a million cookies

    Love this band :3

  76. banks4343

    Don't ever disrespect silverstein. They have been around the scene too long and have their own unique sound, unlike alot of other hardcore/metal bands. Reevaluate what good music sounds like.

  77. Kabz

    Sounds to me like you don't like good songs. Silverstein are great and this album in particular is freakin' amazing

  78. fob593

    i really love the lyrics

  79. Fires Reign

    two words.... HOLY FUCK!!!!!

  80. Orisis Lartiet

    That was an epic vid

  81. Derppi

    I'm pretty good at English but this song showed a few new words hah,

  82. JimmyR657

    amazing song amd album

  83. superbad675

    you dont know good music then

  84. mudthirsty

    Very nicely done. One of the best lyric videos I've seen by far.

  85. Diego Alejandro

    Could someone please tell me in wich program i can make those effects for the lyrics?

  86. Joey Mecca

    frickin perfect

  87. Corey

    I've done this with Bullet For My Valentine. :3

  88. Jordan Skinner

    This song is so good,,, no lie i mean all their songs actually have meaning and i love it

  89. Bjorn .Andersson

    check out my cover of this song ;P

  90. MB Savage


  91. spignamerda

    How is it possible this song has only one hundred thousand views and one direction has millions?

  92. JayFerGaming

    A google searched definition proves nothing!

  93. MB Savage

    According to the medical-dictionary "sexual intercourse is the sexual union between humans involving genital contact other than vaginal penetration by the penis". ....

  94. JayFerGaming

    You don't even know what sex is.

  95. MB Savage

    This is sex.

  96. audioish

    I live for the bridge in all silverstein songs.

  97. Malik Arrum

    Mmmm... Dat guitar!