Silverstein - On Brave Mountains We Conquer Lyrics

My name is anything that I want it to be
I'm striking chords in a way you've never seen
But I'm a longshot, we fought the fight at last
I can take it, I will make it now

I've given everything, I've let you take over me
I'm climbing mountains but drowning in the sea
And I admit it, I don't regret it
You've taken everything and left these broken wings
So here I lay

I never thought you would leave me here
A jaded mess full of hate and fear
I'd play the victim but I only have myself to blame
I'll rename, restart this game

My name is anything that you want it to be
Your games are endless but I can guarantee
You'll be the last one to ever give this up
I'll take it all away until I get my day
But here I lay

I never thought you would leave me here
A jaded mess full of hate and fear
I'd play the victim but I only have myself to blame
I'll rename, restart this game

I'm giving up this time
I can't take anymore of these confines
I've become something I'm not
A person who plays it safe, everything I hate

So here I'll lay, you finally got your way

I never thought you would leave me here
A jaded mess full of hate and fear
I'd play the victim I still only have myself to blame
And my rain, I'll fade away

My name I will not say, you have never heard of me
It keeps reminding me what I'll never be

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Silverstein On Brave Mountains We Conquer Comments
  1. Вазген Бурген

    Я клип нихуя не понял.

  2. Yesu_Desu

    i love this song

  3. Phil Pacific

    that's what happens when you let the girl drive

  4. Ryan J

    anyone in 2016?

    Noah Riot

    2017 here

  5. SackKickingFatMan

    I really like this song. One of my favorite silverstein tunes

  6. ManlyMan

    this is prolly their wierdest music video

  7. Diogo Lyra


  8. LifeHertz7

    no one had a cellphone or keys to the house besides the older man?

  9. Sxrillez

    Though these days I listen more to bands like Converge, Siverstein will always have a place in my heart.

  10. Christian D'Andrea

    What does the video mean?

  11. Nightshade Xxx

    Love this...

  12. Michael Sanchez

    Good song and video(:

  13. daveyboy9000

    What the fuk was on the vhs tape?

    MR Skates

    @David Krolak if you pause it at 2:28 you can tell it looks like an ultrasound but I do not know of who :P

  14. AzraelPercussionNEO

    Good song. Bad vid. It seems to be the trend with the new music out favorite bands are coming out with even Rise Against has been cutting back the Budget with their music videos :(

  15. Liam Fitzgerald

    From what I gathered from the video was a father who has dementia. Or something along those lines. 

  16. Dustin John

    I never liked this song, loved the album, but not this song. Honestly I'd rather them do a music video for something else

  17. paigeguitarplayer

    is this a new silverstein single?

  18. Judas Urquidez

    What happened to these guys they use to be so big

  19. Shadow Hirroku

    Seriously? This is the video?....fucking waste.

  20. Amber

    Wow. Great video

  21. Jose Lima

    10 years have passed since I first started listening to them. Time flies so fast... Kind of sad in a way.

  22. Чуть ни Ахуэль

    как всегда хуйня

    Nikita Ember

    нахуй иди 

    Чуть ни Ахуэль


  23. artificialisme

    I think it's just about a man who won't accept help from others and falls victim to his vices. the lyrics themselves are very self-defeating. first time hearing silverstein since discovering the waterfront, they aged well :) the verses sound Thrice-y

  24. Sean Lawlor

    By far, On Brave Mountains We Conquer and In Silent Seas We Drown are the best on this album

  25. Zanblankbruce

    Awesome song!

  26. Mariaa Daniel

    Amazing song once again :')

  27. ninjalemurdude

    The video didn't really seem to match the music. 

  28. Mick Benson

    amazing song 

  29. MrForthepunx

    Video sucks, the song is awesome

  30. Przemek Brachaniec


  31. snoopmyelf

    1:38 Most epic way to lock a door

  32. - zacky.

    Classic Silverstein! \m/

  33. Krys Rose

    Forever Silverstein, I'm late but Happy Birthday Shane!!♡

  34. Sean

    Plot twist: Butterfly effect 4

  35. Griffith Johnson

    Great job, Silverstein.

  36. ForeverAfter Gaming

    Uhhhhhhhh, what? Hahahaa

  37. snoopmyelf

    2:28 its a ultrasound video?

  38. Josh Sandler

    Silverstein is the best band of there genre, only band that didn't compromise their sound.

  39. Ceruliver

    The awkward moment when your dad/step father/whtever has more hair than you.


    That awkward moment when your dad (with a heart attack) runs faster than you.

  40. Micael Caetano

    Silverstein rocks!!!

  41. agoncz1997


  42. Samuel AR

    So 2005...

  43. Scott Malcolm

    Wow, that chick has a deep voice.

  44. Luiz Felipe Rahn

    i guess this video is showing something like the alzheimer syndrom. freaking weird. And BTW the music is awesome.

  45. Killamixtape

    When this video stars, i think "hmmmm, seems like a somes good stuff", but wat da f*cking was in the end? Is da tape killing grandpa? But for why? 

  46. james buttigieg

    There music videos are getting sloppy

  47. Amanda b

    they're awesome in concert

  48. Sam Hackenson

    Still excited that Silverstein follows me on both of my twitter accounts.
    My friend is super jealous.

  49. Noelia Iglesias

    fuck yeah :)

  50. ShyCupcakeX3

    YAY!!! 💚

  51. Gabriela Retana

    I didn't get the video but the song is freaking awesome!

    drey matula

    I think the older man may of had a heart attack or stroke. the two people where trying to take him to the hospital but they freaked out to much. He ran back home and i think on the video tape was something of the mans deceased wife. The old man wanted to die but also wanted to see his wife one more time before he did.

    MR Skates

    @drey matula if you pause it at 2:28 it looks like an ultasound so it's probably not video footage of his wife :P

    MR Skates

    That is also a very good theory :D

  52. Zack Murphy

    Thank god, you guys still sound amazing!

  53. Unknown Unknown

    Wow 0.0

  54. Peace Zdes'


  55. Артём Забашта

    i'm from Ukraine and I love sirverstein. The new music video is awesome)))
    but i can't understand fool moral of this music video(

    Nikita Ember

    я сам не понял ничё
    и тут надо что-то а-ля "can't seem to understand the whole concept/idea" вместо фул морал :D

  56. JTPxMETAL & Hardcore Promotion

    The best thing about Silverstein is the fact that they haven't sold out or gone soft.


    @redsoxmtexas I didn't like Save Rock and Roll, but considering PAX AM Days I wouldn't say they sold out, just changed things up a bit. 

    Mike Dunne

    I thought infinity on high was their best album.


    I agree. Silverstein is one of the very few bands that gets better as time goes on.


    @Matt Struzinski I agree, their sound just gets more and more refined and Shane voice only seems to get more and more amazing. I guess that has to do with better quality recording as well. Compared to their most recent stuff their oldest albums sound like they were recorded in a basement (those albums are still really good though)


    wat bmth?

  57. Cammy D.

    i'll love u foreveeeeeeeeeeer silverstein ♥

    Cammy D.

    comeback to colombia plssssssssss ♥

    Cammy D.

    yep fue la puta ley!
    ojala vuelvan pronto

  58. Devon Larrabee

    Really cool, I dig the concept a lot. 

  59. Connor Hellwig

    This song is awesome, could have had a way better music video. First disappointing Silverstein music video, on the bright side.

  60. Ray Slavenburg

    boy, that escalated fast,

    Bálint Kanter

    =what she said

  61. Hope Liston

    Amazing video! I love it! 

  62. Edgar Gonzalez

    I love you Silverstein <3

  63. Psychovelics

    That was amazing. <3

  64. John