Silverstein - In A Place Of Solace Lyrics

A casket opened up
A family gathers here.

I may not have been
What you wanted me to have been, for your first born.
Do they mourn my life, or celebrate my death?
Do they celebrate my death?
This casket, close it up
This casket, close it up

No one speaks, no one says a word.
No one even stands
This is honesty through passivity.
Looking away.
This is ignorance through abstinence.
You stay away.

It ends with ashes.
To destroy the evidence and block the memory.
Close it up, black it out and remain in a place of solace.

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Silverstein In A Place Of Solace Comments
  1. pao Canieso

    Silverstein is a genre 😂

  2. Mackalrath027

    I love the people just chillin' drinking coffee in the background while Shane and the guys are blowing their eardrums out lol. such an intense song, of of the definers of TIHTWS' sound.



  4. Ray Q

    this song sounds sad and dark ad fuck

  5. i dont need you or this town

    Easily one of the most unappreciated bands in the scene. This was sick.

  6. Jasmine D

    If this song doesn't make you move then you're not alive.

  7. Calm Space ASMR

    Best song on the album. So much raw emotion in those lyrics!

  8. Victor Ali

    fuck. yeah.

  9. Ferrarist 99

    WHAAAAAAT??? two Paul-drummer???

  10. MmmChestnut

    I can almost guarantee this is truly live recorded because when I saw them live it was just like this. Not this song, but their skill.

  11. Shayko

    Both Pauls on drums xD Amazing video!

  12. Odin V

    This is ignorance through abstinence,You stay away

  13. UrMum Geh

    Judge me or whatever. But they defined a genre. Shit. I remember being in elementary school and jamming out to them. Now I'm out of high school and an adult. And they're still amazing. Amazing band.

    Jacob Harmer

    Silverstein are probably the best Emo/Screamo band that there ever will be, they really did define a genre. They really did lmao.

    Brandon Gauger

    I'd go as far as saying even though there were alot of great bands at the time they came out, they invented a damn genre lol

  14. jeremiah parlette

    Paul koehler is such a tank . This song is exhausting on the drums especially playing with just one kick pedal.

  15. animelelou

    Sounds like Bring me the horizon to me lol, but still epic :D

    Jose V

    @Anime Lelou They go way back before BMTH haha!

    Redexs Francisco

    @Anime Lelou your ears have problem bro...


    @Redexs Francisco yes my ear has a problem, but it doesn't mean that they not sound like Bring Me The Horizon. I does sound like BMTH to me, i don't know the others.

    Matty Kal Ramone

    @Anime Lelou OMG you guys see/hear Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens and Bring Me The Horizon fucking everywhere :O
    Silverstein have some different (and very good) influences but BMTH i don't think are on them.
    Please, just listen to them and shut up if you always try to find an influence in a band that is not right. At all. ;)


    @Mattia Casazza I'm referring to the one song of BMTH that's sound just like that

  16. Syclone0044

    Whoa, I was not expecting this. Pretty awesome video. The video and sound quality are flawless. Hell, the performance was flawless! Was this really live? I mean it was almost too perfect. But every part was in sync with the video.
    Weird how the girl in the back was acting like she didn't even notice. Not only would they sound loud without any electricity whatsoever, but I bet it was fucking blasting too!

  17. Wildman Wolf

    i wonder what guitar Josh is playing, looks like a gibson les paul had a kid with a gretsch jet whose mom was a tele

    Colton Frausell

    @Wildman Wolf its an FGN Fame series J-Standard. One hell of a guitar!

  18. D.J. Kelly

    So damn good. Kinda reminds me of underoath. Bomb

  19. ForeverAfter Gaming

    All day, everyday :)

  20. IgniteTheFlames

    I love how when a band does a raw performance people say it sounds bad. Strip any band down and they're gonna sound different but it takes true talent to still sound good like Silverstein do. :D

  21. Paul Hammond

    Always was always will be rad

  22. Terria Parrish

    Like damn, that was an amazing video.

  23. ForeverAfter Gaming

    That's AWESOME!!!

  24. Alison K


  25. ian macleod

    Yah, I don't think shanes voice is fading at all, I'd actually say his screaming as gotten better since the first album, 

  26. Ilaria B

    SO GREAT ! love their music !

  27. Aaron Sebastian

    Saw them at Warped Tour.  Amazing band.

  28. Daniel Bain

    It's so cool that they chose a song like this. It's my favourite on the album. 

    Calm Space ASMR

    Daniel Bain Mine too! It's on my top 15 Silverstein songs video on my channel! It's number 3 on my list of all of their music.

  29. David Sky Walker

    Damn, I need to start hanging out at random coffee houses. Latte respect.

  30. Samuel Odadjian

    that Rickenbacker! this is gold

  31. German Brito

    Shanes voice is starting to fade, it's unbelievable how much time he performed at a great level without this problems. It was matter of time. It happens to everyone. Alot of respect for silverstein, I will always admire them

    Matt Jennings

    he also tours CONSTANTLY. give him a break.

    German Brito

    It seems like yo just read the first line of everything that I wrote. You guys are always on the defensive.

    Tommy Archer

    He did drink that big ass cocoa with the marshmallows. haha 

    Daniel Bain

    His voice was completely normal for a live performance. 

  32. paulnsx1


  33. Marco A. Guerrero

    best band lml

  34. Hevex77

    Killer Song!

  35. gk0232307

    this is beautiful

  36. Jake Osborn

    His screams sound awful here

  37. MrCram4life

    Now I'm hungry for soup.

  38. dbeck751

    That MA clam chowdah

  39. Kyle Adams

    good performance. awkward video.

    Skull Kid

    why awkward? its amazing

  40. Eugenio Avila Ramos


  41. Anthony Wintrich

    Hands down one of the best bands I've seen live, and this doesn't fall short of incredible either

    Syco Fire

    I just saw them 2 nights ago, epic as fuck also saw them back in 2006

  42. Nizar kainpelikatwarrior

    They starting to sound like the new BMTH.

    Matt Jennings

    LOL. no.


    not even nearly

  43. Dávid Dziak

    PERFECT x 12! New album is *GREAT*

  44. Enhancer


  45. nwkier

    That stache is soooo epic! 

  46. El Chingon

    Silverstein, Forever And A Day.

  47. Krys Rose

    This was too amazing!! Best band ever, no one else compares❤️

  48. SuperMrwalrus11

    So good

  49. jarret banks

    That mustache tho. 😂

  50. DarkForcez2010

    Do customers usually act like that?

  51. Elizle

    Billy's mustache.

  52. Josh Sandler

    One of the best bands of all time. Going strong for ten years, and I hope many more.

  53. MargaretsLight

    did they get a new guitarist?


    Thanks for info, I'm not up-to-date with them these days but I'm still listening to them constantly.

  54. TheOrganicSquirrels

    its amazing how good they've gotten over time

  55. azhnazg riogrande

    Fucking pssionate and wonderful! :,) please come again to monterrey mexico!!

  56. shannonmdurham764

    You guys never cease to amaze me! I am left feeling every ounce of raw and stark emotion imaginable. Damn Shane! Amazing vocals love! But I must say that you could have gotten goosebumps from me a few other ways my dear...

  57. Jacob Mackinder

    That was awesome

  58. tyler way

    Silverstein > ¥øµ

  59. kevin williamson

    amazing song, so much passion in Shane's voice. well done video