Silverstein - Hear Me Out Lyrics

When everyone has left me here,
I'll make it on my own,
Just wait and see.
Maybe if you came back down,
You'd see it happening to you,
Maybe you'd even care.

Hear me out,
I don't think you'll make it out.
Hear me out,
See the writing on the wall.

Burn your bridge and wear
Your heart out on your sleeve,
You know you won't fool me.
You made all these promises,
You broke these promises to me.
Follow your heart this time.

Hear me out,
I don't think you'll make it out.
Hear me out,
See the writing on the wall.

Did you mean all those things you said?
Even when you said you'd never change.
Writing you letters you never read.
Waste my breath on paper!
When you reflect do you
Get that feeling like you used to?
And every time you run away,
Know you still have memories.

Now that you've left,
Make me feel like I'm gone.
You did all these things I hated.

So hear me out,
I don't think you'll make it out.
Hear me out,
See the writing on the wall.

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Silverstein Hear Me Out Comments
  1. Phil Kowalski

    silverstein still one of the best bands ever

  2. MadmanPatty

    Silverstein needs to do a remaster of this album

  3. Phil Kowalski

    you made all these promises :'(

    David Cooper

    you broke these promises to me...

    Phil Kowalski

    @David Cooper maybe if you came back down

  4. Adio Boy

    so hard

  5. Cheyy G

    Been listening to Silverstein for like 9 years now. Weird.


    Cheyy G same. Even got my little bro into it and now hes a bigger fan than i ever was

  6. MaJoR sHaKe

    guitar break down is Nucking Futs!

  7. Robert Sweatt


  8. Sam xoxieem

    Ritgh in the feelings...

  9. Lanfusmcnuff

    It makes me happy seeing no dislikes

    Phil Kowalski

    but not now :D

  10. Lanfusmcnuff

    Thats an awesome beginning.

    Muhammad Asyraff

    Lanfusmcnuff i know right!

  11. Robert Galati

    Holy shit the solo/bridge at the end of this song

  12. Kevin Ridings

    this song is soo good !!!!

  13. Ricardo Matamoros

    That bridge harmony is perfect

  14. Tom Saint-Cyr

    this song is amazing!

  15. Edward F. Pignataro IV

    this is really the only silverstein song I ever liked much. Seems way catchier than a lot of their other songs to me.

  16. edrickz101

    "writing you letters you never read"---- After chatting her in facebook, I never got to see the "Seen" in her chat box.

  17. Electric Wolf

    He tried to cut off the Escape the Fate in the ending and it didn't work. Nice job talking someone else's video.

  18. james buttigieg

    yeah the robot got his heart broken by a washing machine
    still best fucking album

  19. punkfilipina88

    I'm learning no one really ever means the things they say...

  20. Zoe Eva

    Does anybody else find the little robot guy on the cover amazing, or is it just me?
    Anyways, I love Silverstein <3