Silverstein - Dawn Of The Fall Lyrics

It was yesterday you told me you loved me,
But today I learned you found someone else
and everything was fake, was fake.

When I get back home I know that you'll be gone.
And all the things I've given you are left behind;
I'll put them in a box.

And today I found out you moved in with him.
A one-bedroom apartment down the road
from the place we first met, first met.

When I get back home I know that you'll be gone.
With all the memories of me you had
locked here in this box.

And I'll start to think of everything we had.
I was always there for you
I asked for nothing in return I swear, I swear.

I'll believe,
you'll make me see.
You were there with someone else.

See my pain, I'll believe
you were there with him, there with him.
I don't want to see your face again, not like this.
I don't have to see you in this place, in this place.
I don't want to see your face again, face again.

I will not be ashamed not now.
This time I won't be ashamed of it.
This time I won't make it change myself.
This time I will make myself believe.
My heart, it won't break this time,
won't be left behind,
I won't be so shy;
I won't let you win this time.

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Silverstein Dawn Of The Fall Comments
  1. Jacob Harmer

    Probably one of their top 5 songs lol, it's unfortunate they haven't came back to it.

  2. Gustavo OL

    silverstein <3
    ojala algun dia vuelvan a peru u.u

  3. Teresa Berto

    Does ANYONE, please, ANYONE, know where on this earth I can get this shirt???? I used to have it in high school... I loved it!!! Some one, pleasssse!!! S.O.S

    Chester Copperpot

    victory records . they have this shirt and other old shirts .

  4. Josh Sandler

    What a classic band, 15 years ago they formed, time does fly.

  5. IgniteTheFlames

    Silverstein have never released a bad song.

  6. SilversteinRescue

    he really doesnt edit his voice that much these days either, his singing has just improved a shit ton

  7. chad irons

    I wish i was in a band like this.

  8. Alejandro Dominguez

    Why the fuck is Nicki bitch in the suggested videos?

  9. Blood Crest

    @phewlykewly i know right

  10. tghooker

    finally found this song

  11. taco4prince

    @phewlykewly he has improved though on live

  12. Erdrick_

    This reminds me of my EX so much....

  13. LloydKrank

    Where can I buy this Album? This is the only that is left.. o.0 :D

  14. Hans Wurst

    @phewlykewly hell yeahr! real music is playing guitar, drums and bass and so on.

  15. AeaRiga

    I agree, the older albums sounded better but I like the lyrics to the new album, Shipwreck. Either way very good band!

  16. hecate sakazawa

    they copy it from chemical romance....
    ..i think its the same but they chage the chords and tunes..^_~

  17. Joey Hoffman

    @airahzel20 dude i think when brokn is easily fixed is definently way better. it has realy good music. i love a ship wreck in the sand and there other albums but when broken is easily fixed deffinently duznt suk it was actually one of the first cds ive ever purchased

  18. Kelii Wedemeyer

    @airahzel20 umad of the classics?

  19. zoedeadvl

    thi song is really meaningful to me as well.

  20. nikolastynan

    no...I think what happenned is that his balls finally dropped, that plus he's now taking vocal lessons from some super famous lady that I've never heard of lol

  21. Al Vas

    Makes sense.

    I mean, A LOT of bands start off, normally trying to be punk. For example, All Time Low wanted to be punk, but they turned Pop.

    but yeah

  22. Max Ryot

    its called old song. this song was on their EP:When The Shadows Beam

  23. Max Ryot

    well silverstein's point was to be more punk than emo. i mean their influences are like NOFX and those kind bands. but i guess with time they gave up on the punk and went for emo

  24. Al Vas

    Dang! I love silverstein but....dang! This sounds more punk than emo/screamo!

    Aha, whatever, it's still good.

  25. Albin

    the black and silver one

  26. Albin

    the second picture, i have excactly that shirt on right now :D

  27. QcRaphRoseQc