Silverstein - Cut And Run Lyrics

Lay down on my back
Knock me over like a heart attack
Lay down all my bets
Can't change it

I've been dying to tell you to cut and run
I've been dying to tell you to cut and run

I know mistakes are made
Took me over like a tidal wave
I know I won't be saved
And I can't change it

I don't feel anything anymore
One by one, things I've done come crashing down
But hell has an open door
And I can't change it

I've been dying to tell you to cut and run
I've been dying to tell you to cut and run

You said it's just what I needed
All the same places, all the same demons
You said it's just what I needed
All the same places, all the same demons

You said it's just what I needed
I never said that I listened to reasons
All the same places, all the same demons
All the same mistakes til my heart stops beating

I've been dying to tell you to cut and run
I've been dying to tell you to cut and run
I've been dying to tell you to cut and run
I've been dying to tell you to cut and run

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Silverstein Cut And Run Comments
  1. Gabriele Chimento

    this album demostrates that silverstein still knows what fans want

  2. Don Ramon

    Hostias...!! Buen tema

    Snaider kor

    bien dicho hawking..!!

  3. Jake Yarbrough

    This album is filled with bangers!

  4. Poland

    Best song on this album

    Anderson Cenoura

    It for me to

  5. Charismatic Wolf

    The main riff reminds me of Miley Cyrus's "Fly on the Wall"

    dark star

    Then listen to megalomaniac by incubus...

  6. Katlyn Alvarado

    i love their songs but manly "Cut And Run"
    I can not stop listening to it!!!!!!

  7. Katlyn Alvarado

    I love the beginning soooooooooo much that my dad plays it all day he also knows ur band and ur my favorite band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. NotIbis

    I’ve met them!

  9. E. F.

    I swear to god if that intro wasn’t inspired by My Disaster

  10. Jeff Motionless Ledger

    Great song!!!!!

  11. Ryan Powell

    sooooo dope, haven't stopped listening to it.

  12. Side Effects

    Who's the other vocalist on this track?

  13. Ryan Roose

    No hate here. This is refreshing in 2017. Fuck me that song is good! Whiplash too! Sorry to microagress? I don't know anymore.

  14. Steve A. Santamaria

    This song was so underrated on the album, it was one of my favorites! Guys need to play it live!

  15. redsoxfan6794

    Best song on the album. Just kept this on repeat. So fucking catchy

  16. Arianna P

    Not sure if I like this or mirror box better!!

  17. Matthew

    Yoooo Silverstein is back!

  18. Christopher Bownes

    I don't know if it's just me, but so far I've listened to about half the album, and it seems it's missing the energy the previous albums have had. Let me know if I'm wrong please.


    volcomfiji 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏you the real mvp, i felt the exact same as the op but just like you said, give it a few listens and it suddenly turns to like the best mix of every god damn silverstein ice cream flavor you want in one bowl. I bought this album the day it came out and the cd hasnt come out of my car stereo since. So damn good!


    Agreed I had to listen to it front to back like 10 times or so. It's amazing.

    jonathan lamothe

    Sick album


    Christopher Bownes ive got it on repeat and I keep liking it better and better, so different from the last album where I was instantly blown away except for desert nights lol

    Brandon Gauger

    I feel the exact same way as above. Ever since DTW came out I had been super skeptical every time they put out a record. Because they are my FAVORITE band of all time and selfishly I don't want them to put out a record I dont like. At first I thought this might be the one that I didn't like. But I sae them live last week and went back and relistened to the album and my God, is it good. Probably my favorite of theirs since Shipwreck. And its HARD to beat how good Shipwreck was.

  19. IamMortui

    Sorry, this isn't the Silverstein I know.

  20. LEVRAN

    thank u silverstein

  21. Side Effects

    Does this have a throwback sound to anyone else? Idk why. Like 80s or something..


    The intro is similar to My Disaster. I noticed a lot of elements similar to previous Silverstein songs in this album, which I love because they stay true to their name while changing things up. Examples: Ghost -> Midwestern State, Aquamarine -> Hide Your Secrets, Secret's Safe -> Good Luck With Your Lives, Whiplash -> Dancing On My Grave, Wake Up -> Departures/Late on 6th


    Side Effects maybe "zero" by the Smashing Pumpkins, I've had the biggest deja vu ever

  22. Skimevo longboarding longboarding

    always will be my favorite

  23. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™

    There's not a single bad song on the album and I don't know which one's my favourite... Maybe this because I really like the chorus


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  25. PWTR Dalton

    The opening riff reminds me a bit of a faster version of the opening of "Rough Hands" from Alexisonfire.

    Andrew Slone

    PWTR Dalton man love me some aof especially that song.

  26. Kasumi SSJ

    Fuck dude this is so good. A lot like "My Disaster".

  27. Maria Nikopoulou

    The first 20 seconds remind me of My Disaster so much it's like déjà vu..

    Bret Woods

    Yes I sat here like that's not the song I clicked on

  28. Emiliano Hernandez

    I was ready to sing the lyrics to "My Disaster" when the song started...

    Ryan Roose

    Emiliano Hernandez yea bra

    Ryan Roose

    Same cords

    Ryan Roose

    Better song here

    Joseph Halawani

    Ryan Roose Debatable both kick ass, but I love when Silverstein can prove they could write heavy songs without having to scream. I hope they start playing this one live

  29. Rainbow Moustaché

    That intro, oh my

  30. eagle 4582

    no dislikes so far

    Jardon Smith

    Jesse Torres love the i prevail profile pic.

  31. MIchael White

    Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario that formed in 2000. "Cut And Run" NICE SONG!!!😉😃😎😆🤔


    MIchael White dude fuck off

    Jarrito's Burrito

    I'm from Burlington and I've cut and run

  32. Maria Cecelia

    whatttt 😍😍

  33. Melissa Geddes

    ohhh new album seemd promising


    Melissa Geddes Didn't like it much?