Silverstein - Arrivals Lyrics

You're killing me kid,
But I know you're not trying to
It's just that I've crossed out
More than I wrote down for you

And now I'm trying to play it off
Like, "Oh, I wasn't trying that hard."
But what I'm trying to say
Is I was trying to say that you should come home

I know it seems crazy,
But the weather changed as soon as you left
I'm even wearing a coat now,
I think it's too cold to sit in front of Holy Oak

But I guess you'll be here soon so you can see for yourself
I just thought that you should know,
If this is what happens when you go,
Maybe next time don't...

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Silverstein Arrivals Comments
  1. Paget Gates

    I love you Shane.. XD

  2. Jesse Wilson

    Mate that was fucking amazing

  3. F Fri

    good god his voice slays my life !

    Joel Franzon

    asså jag vet inte

  4. Daniel Bell

    I think this guy is an awesome addition to Silverstein!!!

  5. Matt Sheppard

    That was intense

  6. peopleneedtostop

    I like how you filmed on the steps of a fire escape:)

  7. KC L!

    Ugh he's so attractive and I love his humour! Love PMR!!!

  8. ShogoKawada123

    This is an awesome Burst And Bloom song

  9. JaeRodd Comedian


  10. Mico De Leon

    shane, control your kid.

    Nate Wolf

    up you go!

  11. Karla Ramirez

    Beautiful <3

  12. Chris Thompson

    It is only right that the author of the song sings his own creation. How anyone can say he is weak is beyond comprehension. He has a beautiful voice and brings so much to an already brilliant band. They never disappoint, never bring out a weak song and go from strength to strength.

  13. Andrew Gutierrez

    That was GOLD!!!

  14. Terria Parrish

    He has such a beautiful voice

  15. DonHamster


  16. Seja E

    I'm glad they chose to add him to the band! He brings a lot to the table

  17. Alex Zver

    Arrivals and Departures. <3

  18. GhostedHeart

    I like Shane's voice better tbh

  19. T T

    He sounds good when he goes high but yeah he needs improvement on his vocals.

  20. Capipi

    I want to see the full session please

  21. tyler way

    I want to wake up one day and see that outside my window.

  22. Josh Sandler

    He has such a great Voice!!!

  23. Dan Dickson

    such a good addition to the band

  24. usernep


  25. Nu_ttY

    Good! But why not Shane?


    because Paul Marc sang it on the record


    @jadedfeelings21 WOW! Really didn't know this O_o =)


    @Freest1992 Paul Marc also wrote the song