Silverchair - Hide Under Your Tongue Lyrics

If you've never felt
An aching in your heart
You've never been in love and
You've never been apart

There's one golden rule
That I was never told
It takes more than a romance
To stop you feeling old

You go, thinking about you
You're on my mind
For you...
It's true
Am I too late?

Say there's no such thing
A civil civil war
And everytime I fight it
I never feel sure

'Cause I'll break your heart
And I only know what was
So hide under your tongue
Are you better off
Oh no...

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Silverchair Hide Under Your Tongue Comments
  1. Miss Tery

    My tongue lashes with unbridled TRUTH

  2. John Borowski

    this song could easily takes part in the Young Modern successor album.

  3. Arturo Jara

    Recomendenme bandas como silverchair porfavor

  4. allykatz0505

    10 years since this song came out... So amazing still

  5. james Braddy

    glad silverchair broke up cause they fucking suck now. frogstomp and freak show were the best eras of the chair wtf happened to em

    Silver Acid

    They grew and evolved you might want to try it sometime..


    They got better..... Yet sadly, many of their fans seem to be perpetually 15 years old. Sucks for you....

  6. jm72504ify

    Pure genius! Thanks guys for the music!


    never will be any band like Silverchair all together....Daniel Johns....We love you!

    Liveta Lukoševičienė

    I agree with you!

  8. jm72504ify

    Best band ever to me.

  9. UniQueLyEviL

    Me fuckin' too. =(

  10. David Von Schrottky

    I posted a comment earlier on this song under a different username saying that it was shit. After saying that, I regretted it.

    power blush

    David Von Schrottky LMAO

  11. imapineapple15

    Where did you score this song? Did Daniel give it to you?

  12. Adam Parker

    This belonged on Young Modern for sure.

  13. thenewpollution2

    What kind of fans are you? That is so Daniel.

  14. TheDllrHAULr

    BShit, you were told...~

  15. lrock1991

    Freaking LOVE this song

  16. Emerson Cardozo

    Hide under your tongue = ACID
    hell yeah babe!

  17. Jeferson Oliveira

    @swalling1 this song was released only in iTunes single version of "If You Keep Losing Sleep"

  18. avedic

    man, i love this song. the YM demo album and b sides were WAY better than the finished album

  19. avedic

    @rootsm3 lol...this argument. >__< Yes, he smoke. Cigarettes on occasion and pot like it's going out of style. Wouldn't be the first musician to do so.

  20. Jeremy S

    diorama b-sides were the shit. but i love these b-sides too!! SHIT, I'M IN A PICKLE

  21. pleuvonics

    @chrislgrooms And what the fuck are you talking about? My comment about him smoking? Because everyone has seen him either smoking in pictures or like me, in person.

    power blush

    Oo this is incredible

  22. IronRevolution

    I can't stop listening to this song, but now it almost makes me cry. I can't believe the band is over, this is not happening.

  23. Chris G

    @rootsm3 You're an idiot. Unless you know Daniel, you have no right to claim that you know what does in his spare time. Saying that he does something because others do it is ignorant.

  24. IronRevolution

    What a fantastic pic!

  25. lackofspeed

    @sgtsarge84 There is video on here on youtube where Daniel John is smoking in the music studio. He just doesn't give a fuck anymore haha

  26. crazysillystupid

    i dont think his voice has gotten any worse he's still extremely amazing its just a different style of singing now, i personally like the older sound better but i will love whatever they put out no matter what haha

  27. Chadstravels

    Every time I think I've worn out all there music, I hear something like this. What a spectacular group... Does anyone know where you can buy these b-sides?

  28. marionkentucky

    Wow! How did this song fall short of the Young Modern CD?

    Kevin Smith

    marionkentucky Daniel wrote hundreds of songs. The damn record company probably had some influence over the decision.

  29. UniQueLyEviL

    @sgtsarge84 HAH! HAHAAH! Yeah. OKAY!
    Dude. I am 100% sure without a doubt that he smokes.

  30. mariejane0

    oooh got addicted to that song!!!!! looove it, its ways tooo awesome to be on a b-side!

  31. Adam Walsh Work

    where was this released?

  32. Petter Olsson

    i absolutely agree with you. those songs are probably their best in my opinion. well, they are up there with the hole diorama album.

    i can however see daniels point about how all the songs have to fit together.

  33. LightingUrMind

    Look likes a song from 80 decade :D Great!

  34. moman007

    19000+ VIEWS?!
    wow i remember watching this vid when it was at 150 views

  35. Matheus Dória

    Sorry my English, hope the new album will get the spirit of these b-side records or even better cause a lot things in young modern are just EGO crazy experimental shit!

  36. mischiefmayhemsoap36

    I wish they'd release an album of b-sides from Diorama and Young Modern!!!

  37. Vitor Sales Ferraz

    lol, wtf, go watch jonas brothers vids

  38. Vitor Sales Ferraz

    omfg, shut up dude!

  39. niaj4

    IMHO, "hide under your tongue", "barbarella", "sleep all day" and "we're not lonely but we missed you" are almost silverchair's best songs ! I'm really surprised they didn't keep them for the album. They're very pop in a charming way yet complex and tricky ; nothing to take away. To be honest, I don't like the orchestra on most of their songs ; makes the whole thing a bit hard to digest !

  40. Yasmin Magalhães

    daniel is like chester (linkin park) kkk

  41. ZeCountDrunkula

    Wow, this is probably my favorite bside from Young Modern. I used to believe it was "We're Not Lonely, But We Miss You," but this is heaps better. Thank you for posting it! =) I love the almost haunting tone underneath.

  42. silverlite74

    It may be for the best! Good for all us ladies who adore him!

  43. gothsteeze

    dont forget Sleep All Day and Punk Song #2 on that list :) I love the fact that Silverchair make so many b sides. It makes things more interesting and gives fans shit to search for. I find alot of bands just coming out nowadays never have b sides anymore and that shit sucks

  44. Mauro Mazzarelli

    Malisimo!!! Silverchair Sucks!!!

  45. druhyzmysel

    it is from young modern demo recording

  46. Melissa Wilson

    Hey when was this?
    Is this a new Silverchair song?

  47. Jennifer Wobser

    omg this is so great. How can I get these?

  48. nateballs1

    I get ya. That is probably where the Chair is the luckiest. Some people find one era of theirs charming and special, whilst others see another era and think the same thing. I just feel lucky to be a fan of a band that is already considered rock veterans at such a young age. It is pretty exciting to think about their collective future.

  49. nateballs1

    dirrx, I believe that is one of the least hostile responses i have seen against Young Modern yet! lol. I can totally see where you are coming from in regards to lacking a personal aspect that used to exist. For me, I am just glad to see silverchair keep evolving.

  50. evitarox

    I looove it :) As for the previous comments, he hasn't forgotten how to sing, he just experiments with different sounds. He's got an amazing voice, let him play with it :-P He should quit smoking but hey.. maybe he likes a raspy sound.

    Ah I still love'm.

  51. chairfan0607

    yeah i have agree i think all the b-sides to young modern are great...they should of just put them on the cd

  52. Davide Sforza

    Anybody knows how to play this song? I can't figure it out :S

    By the way, I love this song. It's better than a lot of Young Modern stuff.

  53. charlie wyatt

    daniel was drinking jd outta the bottle and smoking cigs right next to me and my friends on december 7th 2007 in columbus ohio behind a place called "Newport Music Hall"

  54. pleuvonics

    This a Young modern single. All the B-sides are great from that album.

  55. Annie Tame

    Sounds very Russell MORRIS in its concept.The Real thing was sung by Russell Morris. I always wanted The Chair to cover The Real Thing.The Chairs B sides should have their own albumn.

  56. Sullengirl12/Ashley Poteet Landers

    I personally love the hell outta this song! It's probably my fav B-side off Young Modern.

  57. pleuvonics

    are u crazy? of course he smokes. every chair fan knows dan smokes herb and cigarretes. how did his voice change so much?

  58. Dante Seville

    Daniel doesn't smoke you noob!

    John Tecce

    Absolutely love this band! So tight. Daniel is a geinus, something magical about this band. You want to feel good... Play some Silver Chair.

  59. pleuvonics

    thats exactly what happens over time. vocal chords aren't so tight like they used to be so the voice strains and this isnt helped if u smoke as much as dan does.

  60. pleuvonics

    yep that it is

  61. FredSilmo

    is this a b-side of young modern??

  62. Tesla Death Ray

    itunes dumbass

  63. Tesla Death Ray

    so you're a real fan only if you like everything they do no matter what? right, unless you're actually a fan of the music not just the guys

  64. pleuvonics

    silverchair has every right to change their sound. they dont make music for you.

  65. lordkurtt

    You're right. This new sounds sucks. If they wanted to change is music style, they should change the band also, and dont stain silverchair's name.

  66. pleuvonics

    guys, there's tons of online video conversion websites. just google online file conversion video conversion or anything like this. its free

  67. pleuvonics

    if u dont like the new stuff....u dont have to listen to it ;)

  68. chairlover721

    another Chair song for me to be addicted to for awhile ;)
    what's on his cheek in that pic? looks like highlighter or something

  69. Eisley12

    I don't see it on iTunes... did they remove it?

  70. pleuvonics

    cant really say. i actually found this by accident when i was looking for "we're not lonely..." and then I saw this so i had to download it. sorry :(

  71. UniQueLyEviL

    Aaaaah I'm in love with this song, I've listened to it everyday on Youtube since I've bumped into it. I feel so lame. =D

  72. moman007

    such a damn good song

  73. pleuvonics

    i found it on a message board...

  74. silverladie

    hey where I can download that B-side? I really want that song, so If you can tell me where I can find it I would be very happy!