Silkk The Shocker - I Represent Lyrics

Its time, bitch
Where you from?
I represent
Casket ridin bitch
Fuck off

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm from that land of the gun slangers
So I get up early in the morning
an exercise nothin but my gun finger, my one finger
I ain't no big ol' nigga but I still get paid
That's all I need is my trigger finger to squeeze the mack (Bloom!)
I'm layin niggas dead in the bushes
These niggas be comin up short I gives a fuck
(What are they?) A bunch of rookies
Nigga, it's time to go, it's time to flow (It's time to ride)
Nigga I hit yo' block, it's time to go!
Nigga I'm from the land where niggas they shoot (Uptown!)
Niggas ain't all bout that talkin, we down to do shit
When it's time to ride best believe I'm gon' ride
An if you on the wrong side, it's on, down to die

I represent
I represent
I represent (Where you from nigga?)
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent (Bout gettin mine)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm up early on the dope spot
3rd Ward nigga, I stay hard, nigga, I do shit (Watch yo' back)
Best believe nigga I stay hard
If I'm in that Bay, nigga its Rich-Town
If down South, nigga, the 3rd Ward
I'm best at bein a hustler, I'm all about my mail
Be on the block wit the crack rock, tryin to get most mail
Whole sale if I gots to, chopper close
cuz niggas be tryin to show stop us
But nigga I be some real niggas thats down to ride (TRU!)
A project full of niggas who down to die!
What the fucks next? What the fucks up?
I roll thru yo' block nigga, an post up
An stand up on yo' set, bitch
You step outta line, thats when the Teck's gon' hit ya (Bloom!)
Split yo' ass in half, like a tree
Chop you, an box you down, an smoke you like some bitch

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Silkk The Shocker I Represent Comments
  1. Ricky Fontaine

    Bruh that shit so cold it dont even make no dam sense.. Why silkk go tf off like that.. Me my cusin and my uncle would always say its P.. If you listen P be in the background gettin lil bro all geeked up.. Lol oml.. Its this one track where P askin him whos da man and you can hear silkk gettin louder and louder lol that shit cold oml..

  2. dkg keep it so 1000

    Slikk was in his prime in this album in charge it 2 da game 2 of my favorite albums 🔥

  3. Phil Clinton

    2019 I still represent!!

    Marlon Varnell

    Same here. Tuesday Sep. 10 2019 to be exact 💯

  4. Phil Clinton

    Silk best shit?

    Anything before mystikal join nolimit!

  5. Shannon Austin

    If you on the wrong side it’s on time

    Cliff Bailey


  6. C K

    They don't make 'em as good as this anymore.

  7. BeastMaster210


  8. Oliver Hernandez

    In the cover of this album is like he coming out of a tv but that he work for a cable company or something

    Robet Black

    Oliver Hernandez Na he coming out the tv coming to Jack that's a 9mm behind the parental sign

    Cliff Bailey

    It's time to duck bloooooowe

  9. ogsabertooth1

    wholesale if I gots ta...... Classic, and they say he can't spit. They haven"t heard this album.

  10. Boyd Daniels

    I represent were real Niggas down to do shit!!!

  11. Razor B

    I roll on yo block and post up

  12. Boyd Daniels

    Reminds me of my nephew in Kentucky rest in peace

  13. Adam Lacy

    FUCK this beat used to get me hype!!!

  14. Lamar Floyd

    This beat iz one of No Limit's finest 🌋💥🔥🌋

    Tonya wilder


  15. BeastMaster210


  16. BeastMaster210


  17. Kernel Sanders

    👊👊Used to slap this shit heavy in my black Blazer. Memories

  18. David Scott

    Love you T. Brown!

  19. BeastMaster210


  20. The BrotherHood

    " I'm from the laaaand of the gun slangers.... so i get up in the morning and i exercise nothing but my gun finger my one finger!!! "

    Cliff Bailey

    Hell yea Silk had twin glocks like Tamara & Tia

  21. Random Person on the Internet

    "Casket riding bitch."

  22. BeastMaster210


  23. Tony Veggies

    Slikk snapped on this one this whole album is bomb on mommas

  24. Trent Payne

    Casket ridin bitch!

    Marvin Williams

    Trent Payne yep

    Adam Lacy

    Maybe my favorite part, bro!

  25. Brian Stone


  26. Hamm H

    Yung mane ate dis up

  27. J.J Roti

    4 people must be mentally retarded

  28. Nemesi Your

    you best believe homie i stay hard! cuz i dont give a dam! you come to block homie your ass is gone! i represent i represent!

  29. Tanika Watters

    I Represent Bout Gettin Mine💵💵💵💨💨💨✌

  30. kelvin gray

    fuck it get it off ya chest if u cant stand me bitch!

  31. kelvin gray

    for all those that said silkk cant rap better listen to this album


    real shit that nigga got a classic right here

  32. SuperNintendo Chalmers

    If you got something to get off your chest, let it be known. Cuz when I come through you block yo ass is gone!

  33. Teldoerie Aldafaai

    my shit

  34. Cliff Bailey


  35. Demarcus Henderson

    represent cog 111

  36. MyJahmal

    this still get me hype as hell!!

    Robet Black

    MyJahmal hell yeah this beat is da truth!!! always gets me hype as hell