Silkk The Shocker - I Ain't Takin No Shorts Lyrics

[Master P--Talking]
Told y'all
Y'all should of never let No Limit in this muthafucka
Cuz once we get in, we be takin over shit
An we gone off that chop-suy, marinatin
Blowin switches to da world (Bitch, fuck ya)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm bout the baddest nigga, no doubt
From West to the South, back to ya house
Nigga in an out quickly, stick ye for ya whole fifty (Whaaa???)
Nigga, I'm on bitches, qucikly
Niggas can't stick me they tries but they dies
They'll fuck around, I ain't lyin, fuck wit me, you out yo' mind
I'll slap you wit my right hand and I'm still writin wit it
Hands quicker than lightnin but fuck fightin
Bread, ice is why I'm slicin cake
You niggas need to bow down to the street king
from the 3rd Ward (Caliope, hoe)
[Master P:] (Where dat at?) Bitch that's it New Orleans
Face like an 8th Grader, ain't the bigga nigga, a wind might blow
But while I'm here, a deaf person won't fuck wit me if they don't know
Man, No Limit run this bitch like a marathon
Bitch, my click is thick, deeper than a whole Southern down baritone
How da fuck y'all gon' fade me?
How da fuck y'all gon' play me?
Thats how we made it, from knockin niggas out
Who try to fuckin play me
Y'all think y'all could but y'all can't
Thats money in the bank, how da fuck y'all gon' stop a Tank

I ain't takin no shorts
Whether it be in this rap game or the dope game
Bitch I'm still the man

[Silkk the Shocker]
I say hustler, fuck these busters
Who da fuck gon' stop me? None of y'all
Bitches be in my face, I gets the gun, run all of y'all
Cuz y'all some tricks
Stop trickin these hoes stop bitchin these hoes
Punk ass niggas be havin dicks
Y'all need to have clicks you punk ass hoes
I stay posted from sun-down to sun-up, you run up, you get done up
Best believe the spot get hot like summer
Cuz I be the man, look deep into my eyes
Bitch y'all get scared by the 6 foot 6 wise guy
Mr. like shoot it out wit the police
Mr. I gives a fuck, I gots this D seven-teen 5 a key
Birds, you haven't heard?
I'm from that 3rd, bitch when shit get bad
I put the dope up my stars on the curb
An start hittin fools, in the dice game
I might man, hit 'em all night man
Cuz I'm all night long gone off that fuckin night train
No doubts, I'm in the house, outs the back when the police hit
No doubt they can't catch me, I'm out this bitch


I'm the man
I'm the man
I'm the man (Who's the man?)
I'm the man!

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Silkk The Shocker I Ain't Takin No Shorts Comments
  1. Ricky Fontaine

    Long Live the King Saw fo keepin them classics spinnin !!!

    Mullah Omar

    Not only that long live ol the great !

    King David

    @Mullah Omar and not only that long live mr 32 no to avail !

    Leader Of The Free Apes

    @King David last but not lease cant forget the big 500 wouldnt be the first time !!

  2. Vernon Myers

    Was bumpin this 2 in the morning,MY neighbors called the police and the police arrested them..TRU 4LIFE💯

  3. marcusmack

    Niggas sleep

  4. Greg Olive

    Once we in we take over

  5. Jermaine Robinson

    Fuck what u say about his flow. Silkk represented on here flat out my second favorite besides charge it to the game

  6. Larry Green Jr.

    нandѕ qυιcĸer тнen lιgнтιng вυт ғυcĸ ғιgнтιng

  7. Larry Green Jr.

    нardeѕт oғ тнe вroтнerѕ..2019

  8. Donald Moore

    silk ....self made.

  9. Phil Clinton

    When silk and mia x was the hardest rappers

  10. A *Wal

    Bitch, I'm still the Man!!💪💯

  11. MrManCube

    Can’t tell if this song is nostalgic or a banger

  12. CHoPPitUP

    No Limit run this bitch like a marathon. Bitch my clique is thick, deeper than a whole southern damn baratone!

  13. C K

    Found my beat

  14. Rob Davenport

    Sweet ass beat

  15. Chris Gowers

    The Godfather of mumble rap

  16. Kevin Awuye

    2019 bumping this hard a.f in the whip from Accra, Ghana.

    A *Wal


  17. Brian Jobs

    Maaan..I had this whole cd on repeat back in the day..straight fire 🔥🔥🔥

  18. RL Greenleaf

    Man freshman year of college...this album used to have me on 10 at 8am!!

  19. los jones

    Best song he ever done

  20. J Luve

    My SHIT2019

  21. Brian Jobs

    This is the best album ever from a nigga with inferior rap skills

  22. Yasharala Qam yb

    Silk best song

  23. Demond Smith

    Plenty day fighting witta this baggin on demm 4 15


    This shit is hard

  25. Neddrick Goodrum

    2018 this shit hard as hell im about to listen to all no limit so many memories they just dnt know 💯

  26. 40 Acres & New Deal Comin Str8 Outta Lexington, KY

    "The Shocker" album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I used to bang diz album back in 7th Grade back in 96'

  27. Dumun Young


  28. Billie Henderson

    sharks machinez

  29. Mike Harris

    Am from Alabama listing to this how am feeling 1/15/18

  30. Marcus Carey

    Bumpin tis n 03 on da bus to our high school ball game Lol lil shorts not taking theses shorts Lol laugh ever

  31. Ronald Coney

    I can hear Mystikal writing dis

    Maine Rashid Isaac

    Ronald Coney This was before Mystikal came to No Limit.

    Jason Oldham

    You know what... you right! I bet mystical did write this for him cause that’s his type of flow... prolly why it’s so tight

    The Dawud Pages

    @Jason Oldham Mystikal wasn't at No limit this time.

  32. a bos

    this was the shit my brother had this in 95.

  33. Rico Austin

    Flow was crazy listen to this dude twenty years ago , way ahead of his time niggas rappin like this now ha


    Foreal bro

  34. cixx Tha Chiller

    #Legendary #Classic

  35. a bos

    this was the shit


    aaron boswell was......

  36. MoosieAna Scorza

    Mr like shoot it out wit da police! Mr i got dis B this 17.5 a key! Birds you haven't heard im from dat 3rd!

  37. Graciela Reitz

    el cumbiambero Silk El Shoeker

  38. thanugg

    I remember my junior year in high school...I used to ride TO and FROM school banging this album!!!!

    kevin wilson

    thanugg I was in the 10th grade knocking this in my friends mom's 95 BMW 745 when this came out this album went gold for the no limit machine.

  39. wrotedog

    Silk rap like he bipolar and mad as hell. But he with the beat tho, and he representing. Good cd.

    Rob Davenport

    Yeah he funny 😂

  40. Thomas Shirley

    1:14..... I stay hustlin, FUCK deez bustas, Who da fuck gon stop me...NONE of yall!!! Bitches be in my face...i'll get the gun on ALL-A-YALL!!!

  41. Forest Green

    Fuck all y'all this shit was the truth back in the day! This shit bring back so many memories!

  42. Peter Robledo

    I'm out this BITCH!

  43. DaevonTheSavage

    The song literally came out two days before I was born.

  44. David Beachem

    When i first heard this i thought it was mystikal rapping

  45. LaChele

    Po' Silk. Ok so he wasn't the best, but for the time he was ok and the beats on this album were everything to me. I was a slave to No Limit so I bought pretty much everything they came out with. Now I can see why this album was so hard to find when it came out. 

    battle Supreme

    LaChele 😂 u a foo

  46. BrooklYN

    what the fuck is this bullshit gosh i'm getting dumber listening to this crap please stop it


    Ur a fuck nigga for cosigning this crap

    Stephen Burke

    DARREN man your a fool for the first comment and not knowin what consigning actually meens and for that I'll consider your fuck boy disorder and move on, come back when you got some hair on your nuts little boy

    Mr. Nelson89

    don't blame it on the music, you were dumb from the jump.


    U trippin boi u don't even know what he saying

    MetroSavage Savagekid

    cause he gay

  47. fastblack positive


    fastblack positive


  48. Michael R. Smitherman

    I have to get this album again..

    Ja'Quan Boyd

    Michael R. Smitherman where do i get the album


    Feeling like that in 2018 🕺🏾


    Ja'Quan Boyd You might have it by now! But If you're still wondering, Amazon, EBay will have it.