Silk - We're Callin' You Lyrics

Oh yeah
Calling all girls to the Silk party
Point to the dance floor
Dial this number
444-3210, yeah
She better be there
Got too many girls to call, uh
Hey, yo
Callin' all the sexy ladies from around the world
I wanna invite you to the Silk party
You commin'? Yeah (yeah, yeah)
Come on (come on, come on)

[1] - If you know how to work that body, baby
I'm callin' you
If you know how to pump and shake it, baby
I'm callin' you
If you know how to work that floor down, baby
I'm callin' you, I'm callin' you

You, come on, come on

[Repeat 1]

You, and you

We're callin' you
From the west to the east coast
We're callin' you
The whole world, international
We're callin' you
Wanna see your body in my video
We're callin' you
On the front row of my freaky show

We're callin' you
Callin' all my ladies wit' them toe rings on
We're callin' you
With them tiny platinum ankle bracelets on
We're callin' you
If you know how to twist and roll them mountain mold
We're callin' you
See who's calling you, say

[2] - Do you wanna get this party started right now
(Right now)
Do you wanna get this party jumpin' right now
(Right now)
Do you wanna get this party bumpin' right now
All the fellas help us get the ladies out to say

[3] - Hey oh, hey oh
We're calling all the sexy ladies round the world
Hey oh, hey oh
We're calling all the sexy ladies to the floor
Hey oh, hey oh
We're calling all the sexy ladies round the globe
Hey oh, hey oh
We're calling all the sexy ladies to the dance floor

We're callin' you
With that coco-cola body
We're callin' you
Cuz you look so sexy sexy shawty
We're callin' you
With the ghetto tattoo all up on your leg
We're callin' you
With the Brandy braids on, all of in you head

We're callin' you
If you know how to work that body, baby
We're callin' you
If you know how to work and shake and party
We're callin' you
You know how to work that, throw 'em at her lady
We're callin' you
See who's callin you, say

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 3]

[4] - Better check your tune before you leave your nine to five
Turn on your cell phone when you're rollin' in your ride
Make sure you take your cordless phone with you outside
We'll be callin' you, we're callin' you

[5] - Dial 1-800 f.r.e.a.k. me
When you need directions to the Silk s.p.o.t.
Make sure I see you at the p.l.a.c.e.
We'll be callin' you, we're callin' you

[6] - We're callin' you
If you know how to work that body, baby
We're callin' you
If you know how to pump and shake it, baby
We're callin' you
If you know how to work that floor down, baby
We're callin' you, we're callin' you

See who's calling you

[Repeat 3]
[Repeat 3]

[Repeat 4]

[Repeat 5]

[Repeat 6]

Come on

We're callin' you (We'll party on)
We're callin' you (Hey said party on)
We're callin' you (Hey oh hey oh)
We're callin' you (Wanna see everybody say)
We're callin' you (Wanna see everybody party)
We're callin' you
We're callin' you (Oh, work this thing my ladies)
We're callin' you (Come on come on, party
We're callin' you (hey)
We're callin' you
We're callin' you
We're callin' you
We're callin' you
We're callin' you
We're callin' you
We're callin' you

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Silk We're Callin' You Comments
  1. jeniefrumdabloc peach

    Chile this is still da shyt!

  2. Shawnic James

    2019 still jam!

  3. Jennifer


  4. Amon Ra

    July 2019 im still here with it

  5. K Norman

    who's still listening in #2019?? certified#pantydropper

  6. Alysskah

    Glad I got put on to this song by......Nevermind

  7. Dayvionna Brumfield


  8. 1 coco girl

    Still jammin in 2019! This song shoul've been #1 on the charts! For ish! 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  9. Dominique Dimery

    They still calling in 2019 😜

  10. Nefer Persona

    12/19/18 & counting.....

  11. Kristen Michelle

    I was a junior in HS when this came out!!! Its 🔥

  12. Rina Jenson

    i still love all Silk music dont nobdy know about this good rnb 90s music now i do who is hearing it like i am Lol

  13. j maldo

    Hey, Karen
    I'm Callin You! I miss you!

  14. j maldo

    It's Silk!

  15. Kilora Davis

    John John

  16. Payton's Corner


  17. Majic Williams


  18. Lloyd Carr


  19. Christie Turner


  20. Se G

    Memories... damn good memories :/
    Miss those times which sadly never come back 😶

  21. Destiyon Sherrod

    Im hip!😘😂

  22. Gwendolyn Appleby

    These guys so damm sexy they can make you soaking wet just listening

  23. Andrea Banks

    Little G you can get it baby

  24. Makeveli 902

    When i was in my 20's i use to go to amateur night at the local strip joint, because my first night i was such a hit with the ladies that i was hooked lol.. I wish i would have used this here joint though lmbao

  25. Lunamaria

    Sexy song!!

  26. kywon walls

    Need more of this 💙 and less of 🔫

  27. Angelique Grant

    I love this song and I’m only 21 years old and my man n I love the hell out of silk

  28. MsBlack Berry

    love them my boo is Jon Jon

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    You picked a fine boo!!

  29. Joseph M

    Good song. Thank for the upload, but the quality is poor. There seems to be a strange vibration in the background and during the beat. I have to go to another channel for now.

  30. Cee Cee

    when you're fresh out the shower and zaddy see you and tells you to bring that ass over 😯😯😯😯

  31. Nicole Moore

    still my song 💪😍

  32. Akeem Long

    Summer 01!

  33. N R R

    This was the jam my senior year..c/o 02 ayeeeee

    Stacey Collins

    Renee Rhaney yes class of 02 baby!

    Toronto Spratt

    Renee Rhaney Mines to c/o 00

  34. LaChele

    This used to be my jam. It used to thump so hard when you had that extra lil' bass. I just love the way that lil' round head man sings. He's my favorite.

    Kash Money

    I used fall asleep with the song on

    Top Of It

    Lil round head man🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tiffany Perry

    Lol round head man

  35. Brian Wilson

    How many groups are fucking wit silk?

    Alisha Spence

    Brian Wilson none


    Just one- Jodeci

  36. La Dy

    Silk is the sexxxxiest and most seductive, freaky yet baddest sounding group EVER!!!! Ain't NO male group f*ckin' wit them but to my #SC #BigG... hi sexy?? #Muah


    jagged edge

  37. Cee Cee

    My jams still in the 2015!!!! In Texas!!

    Josh gREER

    Dallas here boo ;)

    Cee Cee

    +Josh gREER 😋

  38. Myeisha Brider

    I love this song

  39. Jahmori

    this the ish still today. the sorry-ass radio airwaves didn't rotate this enough...SMDH

    Adidas Love

    Jahmori It was considered risque

    Robert Brown

    You show ain’t lying about that 😂😂


    Jahmori True

  40. Eric Baker

    ........... if you know how to work that body baby....... im calling you ALL THE FELLAS HELP US GET THE LADIES OUT JUST SAY HEY OH, OH HEY OH WERE CALLING ALL THE SEXY LADIES AROUND THE WORLD ..HEY OH, OH HEY OH

  41. Yasmine Thompson-Durant

    This still is my jam

  42. XxMzDorieXx XxMzDorieXx

    I still love this song to this day!

  43. Troy Johnson

    This is it

  44. Janice Walker

    Love it

  45. Makhosazana Makhubu


  46. lakesha newman

    John john rasbo is fine in the group he is my favorite

    Lonnetta Coleman-Morris

    I agree...Definitely fine!!!

  47. Shakiyla Graham

    cnt nobody fuck with Silk tho

    Brian Caldwell

     This is Brian Caldwell baby I see u love music check out mid nite cutz  i put out all 96 tracks subscribe to it its first class just for u holla at me 815-280-9642

  48. 24CAIN

    Classic song.

  49. lakesha newman

    What they doing now they music is the jam

  50. Prince Hardaway

    Real music###

  51. Scooby Lucas

    My mother freakn jam

  52. Paul Thomas

    Yes lawd

  53. reese beats

    man i use to jam this like crazy

  54. Mrsbreezybaby

    My ishhhhhhh!

  55. DIANA Adams


  56. DIANA Adams


  57. Dee Hill

    from the west to the east coast!!!

  58. GrandmasbabyNas

    My shhhhh...

  59. Randy Kelly

    My shit

    Randy Kelly

    Surface mmmmm

    Randy Kelly

    Good ish

  60. Lil' Stiggz

    who compared JB to Tupac?

  61. 3dscouts

    i say ... fuck .... you are right... the good old times... i m missing that...i m stoned... and .... i dont gi´ve a fuck for the new world order... their money and their hate..... pece and freedom for all my sistaz and bro

  62. MSP10julia

    my cousin likes this song!! Summer 2001. While we are going shopping in Edenton, NC.
    Summer 2003, on 101.9 KISS FM during the quiet storm.

  63. Shaquella Lee

    loving it my man just called me lol

  64. Mr. 2000


  65. Janya Lewis

    love love love it!

  66. Tamikia Wiley

    This song is super sexy, especially when you're dance n 2 it!!!

  67. Jahmori

    damn man im glad u uploaded this shit tho. been lookin for this joint 4real

  68. AsianMiho

    at last i have found this song lol thanks to google xD they got some sexy voices tho

  69. bralyn hawth

    fina have sex to dis

  70. Kevin Worthy-Jackson

    So damn sexy!!!!!!!

  71. Kevin Worthy-Jackson

    Good lookin silk my auntie luv yall song since she was 10 when is yall going to do a tour watz up in 414

  72. Tobias Nelson

    DIS DAT SHIT!!!!!

  73. GARRY k

    i would strip 2 this. if i had the chance 2!!!!!

  74. brent weeden

    thank u for finally puttin this up

  75. TheUenvime

    mannnn male stripper anthem!! they calln me

  76. Jane Doe Rich Hipster

    This was the JAM!!!

  77. Pavle Smith

    they say "we're calling you" at least 100 times

    B Newton

    Its sound hella nice a 1000 times to

  78. Tipsie4u2

    We need music like this to make a huge comebackk!

  79. Felecia Studimire

    I finaly got this song on my phone becasue all of thoses shitty apps didnt know what i was talking about but one app did

  80. Paul Kopanski

    I guess one person didnt get that call!!! Hahahahahhaa

  81. Mazin Saeed

    come on! its a song :P

  82. MzGrownNSexy42

    @lilross2k6 i was like wow i always would look it up and nothing but this song one of my favs from silk i love it just love it cause i know they are calling me LOL

  83. alicecarline

    Omg thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

  84. J Whitney

    played this song while i was presentin my criminal justice project... had nun 2do with criminal justice but everything 2do with that project..... hehe #golddiggers

  85. DeJuan Rashada

    @lilross2k6 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh k!!!!! I been waitin forever damn!!! Thank you so much whoever the fuck did it! praise em' child!

  86. pineapple_coconut3768

    hell yes!!!! thank you for putting up this song

  87. Tecarra Daniels

    You say Justin Bieber-I say Tupac

    You say Lil Wayne-I say Biggie Smalls

    You say Drake-I say Ice Cube

    You say Soulja Boy-I say Big Pun

    You say Gucci Mane-I say Rakim

    You say New school-i say shut the fuck up

    You say Pop-I scream Hip Hop!

    You say Hannah Montana-i fucking punch you in the face

    92% of teenagers have turned to New school and Pop.If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music,copy and paste this message to another 5 videos.

    Shelley Broadnax

    Where is the lie? You betta talk sis!

  88. Michelle M


  89. paulypavillion

    One of the best cds I've ever owned!!

  90. UptownGirl27

    Thanks for posting the original up!

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