Silk - Meeting In My Bedroom Lyrics

2 G
2,000 watts
Yeah, yeah, yeah

There's a meeting in my bedroom
So girl please don't be late
There's a meeting in my bedroom
So please don't make me wait
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom

Lookin' at my rolley
Girl I see it's almost time
Oh yeah, oh yeah
I hope you're getting ready girl
And don't forget the wine
How long, don't thing that you
Tonight it's just for you and I
And it's gonna be so fly
So fly, so fly, what, what, what

I like having you around
So I gotta put you down
So be there or be square

There's a meeting in my bedroom
So girl please don't be late
There's a meeting in my bedroom
So please don't make me wait
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom

Step into me casa, lay you down, far far far
Got a little somethin' somethin' for my sexy mama, mama
Been checkin' for ya since day one
You're my moon and you're my sun

Girl you're cheeky and you know
That I'm feeling your steelo
Be there or be square

There's a meeting in my bedroom
So girl please don't be late
There's a meeting in my bedroom
So please don't make me wait
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom

You're everything that I've been searching for
And there's no need for me to search no more
Come into my room
Don't be late to my room

There's a meeting in my bedroom
So girl please don't be late
There's a meeting in my bedroom
So please don't make me wait
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom

There's a , there's a
There's a meeting in my
There's a meeting in my bedroom
There's a meeting in my bedroom

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Silk Meeting In My Bedroom Comments
  1. gimme larson

    Am i the only 1 still loving dis in 2020 sing bros

  2. Aliesha Johnson

    2020 anyone

  3. Julia Rodgers

    Here 2020...still hits hard!💜

  4. Lucky Obsiye

    Harvey Weinstein's ringtone

  5. saywifey Dede


  6. 1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!

    Dis me and ya mother theme song!!

  7. Tre Bateman

    Shot out to everyone still listening in 2020. # neverforget. Sing.... you know you cant help it 😁

  8. gigi love

    What idiot's don't like this song them mens can sing still listening 2020

  9. Gwen Thorp

    2020 still here baby!!

  10. Ernestine Lewter

    2020: Still the shit.. Someone needs to follow this blueprint. COINS AKBAR!

  11. bombflo1


  12. Annah Segooa

    Still does the things 😍😍😍

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  15. Music Video Live TV

    2020 Anyone??????

  16. Ace Dames

    This album was 🔥

  17. bebe 93

    Who here in 2020..

  18. xolani seme

    I so love old songs cos they'll even remind u the year the track was made. Ends arguments 😍😍😍

  19. Riane Pearson

    Lawd John John 🙌🏽

    2020 ❤️🔥

  20. Adorkable Me

    Who's still meeting in 2020 😏

  21. Tiffany Smith

    1/2020 still!!!!

  22. Juan Negro

    🔥 FLAMES....

  23. POWER & WILL

    Sweat found them. Sweet music since

  24. M Diamond

    Didn’t someone sample that bedroom harmonizing part it’s bugging me that I don’t remember the song

  25. Cheyanne Abston

    I’m 19 an this all I listen to they need to start back making music like this ❤️

  26. Jean BLANC

    2020 anyone?

  27. Kae LaRae

    2 G's/2000 Watts we will never enjoy the music at the beginning of another decade like we did when the 2000's were approaching 2020 sorry to this decade I don't know who you are let's start the last 20 years over

  28. Marlo Blaze

    When he said have my baby how many females felt tht lls I Had this song playing lastnight I might be a soon to be father myself this song is definitely baby making music

  29. Hansey Hardwell

    R&B will never be the same. Imma forever bumps this😩🔥🔥

  30. Kosmas Ntamotsidis

    Who 2020

  31. dnoflintstoner13dn Steeler

    So fly
    So fly

  32. Loreena Gaskin

    There in my bedroom

  33. Latonja Gwynn

    Mesmerized still by this song in 2020💙

  34. Gina Jean baptiste

    Still listening I hate today’s music it will never compare to these type of hits

  35. Street Shooter

    Music is music. Don’t matter how old. This song is still relevant.

  36. J Jonz

    When I met my husband in 99 this stayed on repeat!! 😛

  37. Kailene Cherry

    2019 and still listening to this song 😍😍 going into 2020 feeling good

  38. La, Vena Miles

    Meeting in my bedroom song and video is so awesome, my favorite! John John swagger is just so fly and Kool! the female waiting in the bedroom was the right match for John John, she has the sexy bedroom eyes! Little G and the rest , Timzo, Jimmy, Tyga, Big G. I think that's Jimmy with that white outfit looks good !The group have a swagger that from each of them, that just come together and works! 2 thumbs up for all! I still love that song and vibe and get butterflies in my tummy😍

  39. Mr. Columbia SC

    My shit......can whip some pussy to this

  40. Annette Reed

    i love to see our people together exquisite

  41. Ebony Greene

    This CD is the reason why I have a 25 yr old son now. Lol #lovethe90's

  42. Leandra Benjamin


  43. Lillian Fleming

    Love Me Some Silk. That 5 Part Harmony Can't Be Touched.

  44. Syauqi Yt

    This song is for king bach haters

  45. Aya B

    The way he hit the falsetto😍😍

  46. Flyy Girl

    If one of them was my man, I'd be quite scared & squirming in my seat 🤣🙈w/ all the freaky things that awaits !

  47. Flyy Girl

    They really let us know what goes on in a nigga’s mind when it comes to us women lolll

  48. Allana Araujo

    músicas boas nunca envelhecem ♡

  49. King Santi Tv

    2019 ??? Wya cause I’m here

  50. Mikethegreat1

    Thank you Keith sweat bringing a great group into our ears and soul I want our music back please how is everyone in the damn group get solos and can sing unbelievable

  51. Nore

    Damn this brings back memories! I use to watch midnight love just for this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  52. cee set

    Who thought Dru Hill were the ones that put this song out?! #Idid

  53. Chanaenae

    Who is listening 2019

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    Ask your woman if she wants to get high with you. **Start singing second verse**

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    2019 and this still slaps

  57. exodus diva

    Damn this video and vocals are still sultry 💞

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    Thanksgiving Weekend Flow 2019

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    Still listening in 2019. Awesome

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    Baby making 🎶...

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    Dam I thought I knew every Silk song this song is Dope !!!!!!

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    End of 2019 still on repeat🥂🛌

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    Here because of Aliya Janell 😁😍

  66. Crag James

    Blessed to grow up in the 90s

  67. Crag James

    Greatest slow song of the 90s love all these 90s shit miss it so much if this generation only new 90s early 2000s best period

  68. Ijeoma Nwankwo

    ugh i can’t get enough of this song

  69. Sheika LoveBear ツ

    Love how dramatic John-John walks thru the video in his bedazzled jacket...🥰

  70. NiggaWithAttitude


  71. w3sTy wEsT

    Great artists who made good music are gone we are left with these skrr skrr artists 😒🚶

  72. Sina

    John John's face expressions. Maaaaan I want him bad. Lol

  73. Ijeoma Nwankwo

    Who’s the singer in black?😍 right in the front / middle

  74. Ijeoma Nwankwo

    Oh my gosh I’m in love with this song

  75. Dijonee' Chester

    Just watched Aliya Janell’s choreo for this song and I HAD to slide through IMMEDIATELY 😍😍🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  76. Kevin Dickerson

    If i had a time machine I'm going back to the 80s and early 90s

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    So who where from Aliya Janell😭🥰??

  78. Woah It’s Rez

    Who’s here after watching AliyaJanell video?

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    November 2, 2019 I am still here for this song. ❤️

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    Miss this music!!!

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    31/10/2019 from South Africa.♥️🎵🙌

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  87. My husband is a chaebol heir.

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    John took.over at 3:33


    Hot song



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