Silk - Love Session Lyrics

Plug me up to the love session baby
(Plug me up baby)
Yeah, c'mon
Yeah, 2000 watts
Yeah, say boom
Yeah, my beat goes
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Boom boom boom
My beat goes boom

If you're looking for some good love
Girl, some dirty southern good love
You need to let me know
I'll take it nice and slow
And baby that's fo' sure, oh

Girl, just beep me when you're ready
And when I get there girl, just tell me
Just tell me what you need
I'll follow, you lead
And if I have to girl, I'll be

If you're lookin' for affection
Some kissin' and caressin'
Girl just look in my direction
Don't be late for your lesson (lesson lesson)

Get that thing nice and wet and
Give that body a blessin'
Don't get down without protection
Don't be stressin'
I can't wait for the love session

Let me take you for a long ride
Girl, I can't wait 'till I get inside
We can do it in the park
Girl, as soon as it gets dark
Let me find somewhere to park

Got some Blackberry Molasses
Before we start, take off your glasses
Wanna look into your eyes
While I'm rubbin' on them thighs
Girl you make my nature rise

[Repeat 1]

I'm here to make your body scream
I'm here to make your body sing
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
If you're ready, I'll give you some good love
Let me hear you say ooh, ahh
L-O-V-E- S-E-Double S-I-O-N

See, I heard through the grapevine
That your man wasn't lovin' you right
If you're looking for affection
Baby, don't you know
That you can come home with me tonight
If you're looking' for
(If you're lookin' for affection)
If you're lookin' for
(Come look in my direction)
If you're lookin' for
(Oh yeah, yeah)

[Repeat 1]

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