Silk - I'm Sorry Lyrics

I know sometimes it's hard
To put our pride aside
When all we should do is just say
I'm sorry
I'm sorry, baby

All alone in my room
I see visions of you
And I think to myself
What went wrong

As I sit here with my pain
Knowing I'm the one to blame
Had to play those silly games
Now there's no refrain, refrain

I should of listened when you cried
I should of opened up my eyes
Too busy holding on to pride
I didn't hear you say goodbye

So how do I say I'm sorry
When you're gone
How do I say that you were right
And baby I was wrong

I can feel that old black water
Commin' down on me strong
Cuz see, I had a real good something
And now I'm sitting here with nothing
I'm drowning, can somebody help me
Tell me how to say I'm sorry

So yesterday I sat and wrote these words
And tried not to cry
Guess it's true what they say
You never miss your water 'till your well runs dry

I miss your face, your faults, your laughter
Your tears, the way you smile (I miss your smile)
Can't nobody take your place
Damn girl, I really miss your sweet embrace

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 2]

[Ad lib]
If there's anyone you need to say I'm sorry to
(I'm sorry)
Say it out loud, ohh before they're no longer around
(I'm sorry, how do I say it)
Say sorry, I'm sorry
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
Yeah, y'all better listen
(I'm sorry, how do I say it)
You've gotta make something right now
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
This is what you need to do, now baby
This is what you need to do
Just say I'm sorry
(How do I say it, ooh)
I'm sorry
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
Oh, so sorry
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
Get on your knees if you have to
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
You gotta make 'em believe it
You gotta make 'em come see it, hey
Just say the word
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
Cuz that's what I'm doing right now
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
Oh, I hope you can here me up there hey
I hope you can hear me up there, ooh
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)
From the bottom of my heart
To the depths of my soul
My body and mind
I'm reaching out to you
(I'm sorry)
Reaching out to you
So you can know
That I'm sorry
(I'm sorry)
Think about you every day
Think about you every night, yeah, oh
(I'm sorry)
Everything gon' be alright
Everything is gonna be alright
(I'm sorry)
Cuz I say
And I believe
And I want you
I want you to feel it
(I'm sorry)
Say, ooh sorry
Sorry, hey
(I'm sorry)
Hey yeah, sorry
(I'm sorry)
I'm sorry
Yes I am
Thank you for helping me
Thank you for helping me
(I'm sorry, how do I say it, ooh)

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Silk I'm Sorry Comments
  1. Chocolate City Girl

    Wow!!! This right here yazzzzz waiting on a video❤️❤️❤️😘😍🥰🌹SILK JOHN JOHN VOCALS Sick

  2. A Subber

    You never miss water til ya well runs dry ...I felt that

  3. Jeffrey Green

    1 of my favorite groups

  4. Daniel Louring

    I may act like I'm slow, and I may not get hugs from you all the time, but we feel it still ❤

  5. Daniel Louring

    I love my rebel just for kicks😘

  6. Christian Banks


  7. shonda bickley

    My all time fav group lil g has the best male vocals ever

    Lil V

    They are my favorite group as well...I would give Luther best male vocals but Lil G has a helluva of a voice

    shonda bickley

    Yes i love luther voice

  8. No Name

    Baybee I'm sorry

  9. wr513


  10. Cheryl Bessent

    GOD BLESS YOU SILK,,,,the BEST R-B group of my era (90's)!!!!

  11. Carla Griffin

    I love this song, the perfect make up song. How could you let your love walk away! Hold on to them. I wont let you go, i love you !!! I need you !!!

    Kevin Mansell

    Make up song too listen to Angela Winbush Please Bring Your Love Back classic soul 1989