Silk - I Didn't Mean To Lyrics

Oooh, yeah, yeah

I didn't mean to break your heart
I didn't mean to do you wrong
I didn't mean to lie to you
I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to

I didn't mean to sex off on you
I didn't mean to make you cry
I didn't mean to cheat on you
So forgive me for all that I've done

I didn't mean to take for granted
That you would always be right here
I know you heard me say I'm sorry
So many years

But I admit that I was wrong
For leaving you all alone
But now I finally realize
Cuz I see the pain in your eyes

[Repeat 1]

Girl I hope that you still love me
I'm trying to let you know I've changed
I can't imagine life without you
I'd go insane

I wanna make it up to you
By giving all my love to you
Cuz now I finally understand
That I've got to be a better man

[Repeat 1]

Girl, I swear to you I've changed
Things won't be the same no more
For as long as I live
I'll keep it real with you girl

Cross my heart and hope to die
My hurtin' eyes been crying for weeks
Put me in the corner
Put me in time-out
Mistakes I've made before
I wouldn't make no more, girl

So cus me out
Scream at the top of your lungs if you want to
Just don't leave me, forgive me

Baby, I know I made alot of mistakes in the past
But right now I'm trying to be the best that I can be
And I want us to be the best that we can be
So what I'm asking you to do for me right now is
To try to forgive me, I'm sorry
Forgive me, forgive me, oh

[Repeat 1]

I'm down on my knees, begging you please
I'm down on my knees, begging you please
I'm down on my knees, begging you please
So forgive me for all that I've done

I'm down on my knees, begging you please
I'm down on my knees, begging you please
I'm down on my knees, begging you please
So forgive me for all that I've done

What I'm saying is that
We've got too much to live for
We've got too much together, baby
Just don't let it all end
Oh baby, I wish I could let you know
Just how sorry I am
I know I hurt you
I don't ever want to hurt you again
Cuz when I hurt you, it hurts me too
I'm sorry

Think about it
What about the kids?
I don't give a damn about the house and
I don't give a damn about the car
But as long as you and my kids are in my life
That's all that matters
Please, find it in your heart to forgive me
I'll never do it again, I promise, baby
I love you too much
How I love what we have together
Cuz in my mind, one and one makes one, it don't make two
Don't you know I need you
Oh I love you

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Silk I Didn't Mean To Comments


  2. Lady T

    Love it love it love it!!!!!

  3. Cynthia Johnson


  4. Anthony Adkins

    I didn't mean to eat the last honey bun
    so forgive me for all that I've done....Lol

  5. Nicco Martel


  6. Ian Woodard

    Silk is The best singer and group in the world everyday.

  7. Havelene Q Abbott


  8. Mr Jones

    As a fan y'all came to Riverside CA and did a event called the orange blossom and pulled my mom on stage at least lil g did but John made me love the group as fans we need a video to this

  9. PEACE __


  10. Rule 303

    That intro will always be priceless

  11. Tekisha Payton

    2019 doing some spring cleaning hitting home right now . 😢🎶💔

  12. Tamiyah Luckie

    Dedicated 2 Leta

  13. Quan Jackson

    2019 😩❤️

  14. Autrio Nelson

    It's crazy cause I play this song just because I'm a big silk fan I am so past all the relationship stuff and never worked out for me

  15. Rodriguez Greene

    So clean so crisp

  16. #InBankWeTrust Shakur

    Here going thru a breakup😢

    The High Priestess

    😔I hope u feel better! 🙏

    MellyMel TwoU

    Hope you got through it

  17. King Of Bokey

    Danielle Rochelle Jackson I'm sorry I love u baby....I'm sorry with all my heart...

  18. MeezyMe Mafia

    Go subscribe to my YouTube channel MeezyMe Mafia

  19. Nickolas Hayward-Thomas

    One of my all time apology songs I have played this to my wife on a few occasions...

  20. Talisa YupThatsMe

    2018 This song will never be old to me !

  21. Dee Lala

    I will never forget this song 2018 still the best ✅💪🏾🙌🏾❤️

  22. alice hoskin


  23. bruno santiago

    Silk o grupo maravilhoso amo muito essa música linda 😍😍💓

  24. Russell Jackson

    vintage silk, good job fellas

  25. BaSheba Dowdell

    Music that men need to say to us women at times we want to be romanced be told that we mean something to you. It's the little things that count not the big things.

  26. Ebony Ames

    Legends forever !!!💯💯

  27. Queen Bee23

    Sexy song

  28. Stephanie Howell

    I love this song.

    Desmond Browneriyl

    Stephanie Howell

  29. Holly Haines

    I love it!!

  30. bombflo1

    sounds like a keith sweat

    Sharvette Williams

    Keith sweat discovered silk

  31. PH Ugly Duckling

    Keith Sweat has NOTHING on this type of begging. Silk put their foot into this SONG.

    PH Ugly Duckling

    Pleasure De Yes, Silk was signed to Sweat's imprint (Keia?). He may have a dash of influence...but, this,right here? All Silk 's doing....

    Pleasure De

    PH Ugly Duckling he created there sound per say he wrote their whole 1st album and like their 3rd or 4th

    Eric Bailey

    They learned from the Master of begging. Sometime the student shines for moment. But remember the Master will always glow.

  32. Niki Williams


  33. ZaNobii

    Lil G and John John's voice is OUTTA WORLD!!

    Zed Thomaa

    Ayeee RS


    Meant "Outta This World"

    Gwendolyn Appleby

    ZaNobii yes

    Ian Woodard

    ZaNobii you right

    Ian Woodard

    They are brother and this group remain #1

  34. ZaNobii

    ANOTHER BANGER! Damn we use 2 be able to enjoy music🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Zed Thomaa

    ZaNobii real talk I grew about the music like this silk since day one 90 music

  35. Roquisha Goode

    😘 good ass song

  36. quintaurus conway

    My favorite every album they dropped fr

  37. dental allsmiles

    By m Zipl

  38. Marquis Moss

    thats my shit fareal. im a thug but thug need luv to

    Unknown Unknown

    Marquis Moss internet thug

    Marquis Moss

    Terrence Clardy say my gee i dnt even knw u thugg so ur best option is 2 fall back fucc boyyy....On gang

  39. Jeremy Pittman

    i just lost my ex was trying to get her back with this song but didn't work

    Laquandra Coleman

    She probably don't know real music

    Sarason Salas


    Chris Harris

    😂😂😂 dead

    Derese King

    She was probably tired of ur shid😂😂😂

    Latoya Chanel


  40. Jamichael Jenkins

    i played this song to my lady and being going hard every since real men don't hide the way he feel about his queen

    Gwendolyn Appleby

    Jamichael Jenkins Amen


    Hot like fire

  41. Quan Jackson

    2017 ❤

  42. Eboney Wainwright

    love this song

  43. Xavier Jackson

    on my knees begging you please

  44. Shatara Williams

    i love this song

  45. Khadijah Renee

    I hope Trey feel hear this song one day........ Bruh why tf is it hard to move on??? Damn!

    Pleasure De

    Khadijah Rene you beautiful

  46. Jeanetta Thompson

    awwwwww shit.... this is my song🎤🎤🎤🎶🎵

  47. Supremeasturbate R6

    Is it bad that I heard this song from a porno

    Chris Harris

    What's the name of the video?

    MellyMel TwoU

    Chris Harris 😂😂

  48. Paula Minor

    i love this song

  49. Nikitra Cofield

    😘😍💯🙌 Yesss

  50. Nikitra Cofield

    😍😘💯🙌 Yess

  51. Kita Hardy

    Man this song just hit home, Iove me some silk.

  52. Bre'Yonna Parks

    This so full of shit to me 😞yet the shit to me😘

  53. Kara Ayer

    yes i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Priscilla Russ

    This song is on fire. This is real rnb.

  55. Kylee Bolds

    mane i. love. this song i am using my little. couins. youtube account. to. say something about. this song this me n my baby song. trying to tell you baby i have changed n i love. you so much n you and our son. thats all this is my part dont curise me and dont leave me forgive me. mane this My. song i can listen. to this all night Lionel swims. ebony swims love u. with all my heart baby. i promise. u!!!😥💞

  56. Silas Logan

    cold blooed!!!!

  57. Meagan Tate

    luv this old joint

  58. Jmail Wilson

    that's my shit

  59. Z Will

    havent heard this since middle school brown man status

    actors Williams

    Love this song especially john john asf still to this day

  60. Audrey’s Cornerstone

    Now I know what to play when it's time for me and my man to make up😉❤️💋

    Cora Mayo


  61. T Luck

    Tru $tory 4 me LINKchecking in u feel me//

  62. tete86100

    Repeat i'm loving this real R&B music going up

  63. tete86100

    This song is so fire to the four people who dislike this song why?