Silk - Don't Go To Bed Mad Lyrics

I was wrong I admitted
You don't have to put up with this no-no-no baby
Can we talk to make it right
Cause I don't want you crying when we lay down tonight
So let me see that smile the one I like so much
Come on baby let's we don't have rush
Baby don't be mad I'm sorry
Can't you see I apologize the blame is on me

Don't go to bed mad baby
Let the pass be the pass sugar
Don't go to bed mad baby
Let the pass be the pass sugar

Ooooo come here and give me a kiss
Ain't no reason for us to be fighting like oooo
Girl I love you and I know you love me
It's look better when you smile so won't you go that for me
So let me see that smile the one I like so much
Come on baby let's
We don't have to rush baby
Don't mad I'm sorry
Can't you see I apologize
The blame is on me.

[Chorus x2]

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Silk Don't Go To Bed Mad Comments
  1. powderpink

    i hope you are hearing what the message of the soong is... listen to the words

  2. Rashonda Oliver

    Tear it up Lil G and John John 🗣🗣🗣

    Antonio Ewell

    Them boys be blowing

  3. thatgardnergirl 227

    I heard this for the 1st time today 12/11/2019. Long time fan ... don’t know how this slipped through... REPEAT REPEAT.... ❣️

  4. Arnetha Jackson

    Dang why no video for this song Awww come on silk?

  5. Sheila Palmer

    I feel for you g

  6. jamiya turns

    I still love this song in 2018

  7. Raymichael Araujo

    Girl i love you and i know you love looks better when you smile so won't you do that for me.

  8. Gale Crawford

    One of My favorite groups💖

  9. Loretta Solomon

    This is the real R&B music. No offense. But this mess they are making now needs to be put back on the shelf to collect dust....80s & 90s slow jams is where it's at.

  10. Mary Eguridu

    Rinsed this album out bad bad 90s music was the lick

  11. Laurean Johnson

    Can we talk and make it right I don't want you crying when we lay down tonight... Do men like that still exists?

    Raymichael Araujo

    Yes baby they sure do.

  12. bruno santiago

    Nossa essa música é muito linda 😍💓❤ maravilhosa

  13. eshia prelow

    The intro to this song is everything 🙌🙌

    Laurean Johnson

    eshia prelow the name of the song on the intro is call don't cry for me

  14. Tara Hodge

    This is my jam♥️♥️♥️💯💪🏾

  15. Tanisha Graham


  16. Connie Bonnie-Babi

    The Entire Album CAN GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jacqueline Robinson

    Silk y'all cut this song up. 1️⃣ of my favorite songs

  18. Stacey Nelson

    I don't want you crying when we lay down tonight

  19. Stacey Nelson

    The drop though

  20. Stacey Nelson

    Ain't nothing you can do about it

  21. Niyeen Williams

    This so applies to my one and only love when we lived in Okinawa Japan.

  22. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    Please call me!

  23. Tanisha Graham

    Love it😍💯

  24. Cotrina Dixon

    Listening in 2018

  25. Stacey Nelson

    Let by gones be by gones

  26. Stacey Nelson

    Let me see that smile the one I like so much

  27. Niki Williams

    love this🔥👏😍

  28. Stacey Nelson

    don't go to bed mad if you decide to it'll be the best session you ever had PERIOD WITH A EXCLAMATION POINT!!!HALLELUJAH

  29. Amy Brown

    I have always loved this song from day one when I first heard it.

  30. Jessica Mccann

    me n my husband Jerrell crain redid our vows. to this you

  31. Tammie Jolley Ms. Don't Quote Me

    For the GROWN N SEXY

    Stacey Nelson

    MS. DONT QUOTE ME yes ma'am this shit make you apologize even if you weren't wrong

    Renee Ellis

    I know that's right I. Love this song😘😘

  32. Merciless Korn

    Love this Group, this song ! Written by the Teddy Bear himself Gerald Levert!!

    Antonio Ewell

    Wow...i didn't know Gerald wrote this but now that u mentioned it it definitely sounds like his music....R.I.P to the GOAT the Teddy Bear Gerald Levert

  33. Chada Chamberlain

    Ain't nuttin u can do about it

  34. Alpha Phoenix

    One of my fav song. Takes me back to happy times in my life.

  35. Ready Ready

    I grew up in the 90s as a young girl listening to cuts.. This whole Album is fire🔥 if your were born in the 80s Talk To Me 😃

    Amani Tyler

    Grew up listening to this too, and still bumping nothing but 90's music!! Nothing like it.

  36. thomas matthews

    what 28 fools gave this a thumbs down?

    Lil V

    thomas matthews 28 fools who don't know what real r&b music is

    Ready Ready

    Lil V
    Right ! Exactly

    Mrs. Ester

    Those 28 want to fight and listen to rap and not have a decent relationship

  37. Psalms27 Sneadspd

    Lord Have Mercy🎤

  38. Sheed Cat

    old school never get old

  39. MrBlactye

    These guys is always on point with the harmony and the lyrics. Silk isn't playing on this joint. I really miss real music.

  40. Nikevia McNeil

    I'm in love with this beginning of this song.

    Joe Mesa

    Nikevia McNeil Yea me too especially now!

    Xtraxtra Lovely

    Cube & Nikki. Me to. My mood all day.

    Bree Peredo

    Listen to don’t cry for me by silk , the intro is the ending to that song

  41. D Money

    I play this for the Wifey when we fonking. clear everything up

  42. Tanya Harper

    This is my shit..

  43. Maddygurl12304996

    The beginning sets the mood me in my feelings and shit ahaha

  44. La Dy

    They are currently still together and their new album entitled 'QuietStorm' is set to be released March 4, 2016 God willing. Don't forget to listen to their NEWEST track from that album: *Love 4 U 2 Like Me.* It is extremely BEAUTIFUL!!!! #Repeat

  45. Tyriece Jackson

    1:10 to 1:17...that transition with the synth!!

    eshia prelow

    Tyriece Jackson It's Everything💜🙌🙌



  47. Rose Hart

    I love this songs

  48. Niki C

    love silk

  49. Tara Andrews

    I love this song that is true we should never go to bed mad

  50. Evangeline Emerson

    I love this song

  51. kccrownedking8

    I love stepping to this

  52. onewayonly

    most dramatic beginning I've heard haha but I love it!

  53. Rasheda Coburn

    No reason to go to bed mad if you listen to this on the way

  54. basoniify

    beautiful staff for real.

  55. TrangPak2

    The most humble group of guys ever! They came here a couple yrs back and they were so sweet and gracious to everyone, chatting and taking pics, etc. I was very impressed. Love them:-)

  56. Lynnetta Christie

    Dont believe all that u read, cause its a very good cd. they bump there head!!

  57. Lynnetta Christie

    john john, the only light one in the group.

  58. Lynnetta Christie

    I love this cd I played it when it 1st came out to death.

  59. tammyette campbell

    aint nothing you can do about it....u heard the man

  60. tammyette campbell

    so dont you cry for me.....

    Terence Lamont

    why not

    Melvin Carson

    100 Grahams

  61. Antoine TheRealRoss


  62. Ashley W.

    who sings first??


    Ashley F. It’s Jon Jon

    Joe L

    Ashley F. Lil jon

  63. Tangala Baity

    This was my favorite Silk Album but it didn't get much play I have have bought it like three times because no one knew about it and when they hear it mine get stolen

    J Bush

    Tangala Baity I feel your pain most of my haven't heard ofs ended up the same way

    Niyeen Williams

    Tangala Baity, put this one under lock and key.

    Shay King

    I understand my cd has been stolen 3 different times

  64. edmond alston

    A classic ...timeless...

  65. ladietee1000

    Their voices are so beautiful. They dont make r n b male groups like this. Silk, please come back.

    J Bush

    ladietee1000 i love the little one his voice is powerful

  66. donttalktome0206

    Love ittt....I still cry to this song!!!

  67. lolatmarshall

    Baby making song whooo :),or just enjoy the song .

  68. FRESH

    Good song. Folks could SANG back then. not now. Just have a bunch of folks who are not tone deaf. There are a few folks we listen to now a days who can SANG. Few....very few. If you don't sound good live, and you make albums with pieces of you singing at your best put in one song??? Take all that away and what do you have.. nothing. We just have entertainers :-(. Please pass the mike!!!

  69. Antoine TheRealRoss

    Burner!!!!! I listened to the first 1:40 over and over back in gap before I listened to song

  70. Shaneice Jackson

    I Love This Song & I Miss The 90's!!! They Don't Make Music Like This Anymore...

  71. Njei Nyamsick Adrian

    I love that intro its my favourite part of the song

  72. Dee Fashaw

    it used to take bout 2 min to get to the song...I love the 90's r&b


    120-140 is AMAZING...