Silk - Can We Get A Room Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Could we get a room
On the south side of the ghetto?
Could we make sweet love
In the forest or the meadow?

Can we get it to get it on
Til the sun gives light
Could we just kiss each other like
It was our very, very, very first time

Baby, please gimme some more, oor, oor, oor
Please just a little bit more oor oor
Ooh, whoa, ooh, more, yeah

I like the way you touch me
Gimme some more
More, oor, baby, I feigning and
I like it gotta have some more

More oor, I like the way you touch me
Gimme some more
More, orr, baby, I'm feigning and
I need some more, oor, oor, oor

Baby I'm feigning and
I need some more, oor, oor
Just a little bit more

Could we hold hands
And walk across the sandy beaches?
Could we stop and stare?
Just looking at each other
Looking at each other, speechless

Could we embrace each other
By the moonlit night?
Could we make a pact
To stay together forever, forever together?

Ooh please
Gimme some more, oor, oor
(Can you gimme some more?)
Please just a little bit more, oor, oor
Ooh, whoa, ooh, more, yeah

I like the way you touch me
Gimme some more, ooh, whoa, ooh, more
Baby, I'm feigning and
I like it gotta have some more oor
Ooh, whoa, ooh, more

Gimme some more
Ooh, whoa, ooh, more, oor, oor, oor
Baby, I'm feigning and I need some more
Some more, some more, some more

Baby I'm feigning
And I need some more, oor, oor, oor
Just a little bit more
Could we?

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Silk Can We Get A Room Comments
  1. skylarnmyheart

    In 2020 still listening to it!

  2. steven arcila

    Why cant i find it on spotify!?:(

  3. Brittenay Tucker

    It’s 2019 and people still making babies to this

  4. Rickey Washington

    This is a “memories”, song.

  5. Tajah Moore

    October 2019

  6. Kee Coe

    I love 90s rnb I prolly would have had about 20 kids if I was an adult when this music was made. 😂😂😂😂

  7. ciara jackson

    Yes love song

  8. Brandy Ellis, RN

    This song was on a flick called Dynamic 5. Lol!!! Idk why I remember that.

  9. Alexis Green-Hernandez

    What a beautiful song never heard it before.

  10. Dantram GB

    Can we just get a room, anywhere in the ghetto as long as we together, could we just get a room??😁😁😁. Silky smooth from Silk. Niiiice

  11. Ello Ello

    Needed some love music to start my day

  12. koneyshia pinder clark

    Neverrr gets old

  13. Tabatha Towns

    This is my 3rd favorite many memories.

  14. Ivet Santi

    Who still listening in 2019?!
    Y’all subscribe to Ivet’s Ting on YouTube

  15. Vickye Garnett

    This song never gets old. One day Is all I can say. One day

  16. Latoya Campbell

    One of my all time favorites yess we can make a pack and stay together forever and ever

  17. shantreill waldon

    We’re can I find this song it’s not on itunes

  18. LiFeWiThME tv


  19. Jhay Jackson

    Love this song SILK is the best Love me some Jon Jon ❤

  20. Kanesha kelley

    Put me right in my feelings 😍

  21. FREE dogs


  22. Fmoig Queen.aa__

    My sister used this song as a alarm for me in the fourth grade and I’ve been looking for it for 8 years 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ yes I’m young but this is a vibe

  23. Dwayne Collins

    Oh yeah.......

  24. Litasha Smith

    This is my favorite song when I was in high school I'm 26 years old now and I still love this song to this day and this is how I got pregnant off of...💖💖💖💋

  25. Denika Strickland

    I saw a woman dance to this song in a strip club and every beat she was on the pole twirking to was fantastic. Bad ass song and the woman made me love it because she drew you in with her body as she commanded the room. Love this song!!

  26. Dinna Smith

    I think about my crush every time I hear this

  27. Nette Davis

    I love this song! Heard it for the first time today and can’t stop listening!!❤️❤️

  28. Justin Yancey


  29. Peaceful Ambition

    I love this song!!! It will always hold a special part in my heart 💙

  30. Amanda Jones

    I love that song give me some more ammo that's for my husband Nick

  31. Amanda Jones

    I love you Nick it's my favorite song to you I love you baby going to be my husband is going to get married

  32. Marcus Garrett

    That was beautiful I liked it👍👍👍✊

  33. Dnice Sweetd

    I Fuck Love This Song .

  34. Nikki Foster

    Sad when you come to YouTube for good music not even iTunes have this

  35. Michele G

    Wish it was available on iTunes

  36. monique phillips

    I love this song wish I could marry to this song

  37. monique phillips

    I love this song wish I could marry to this song

  38. Rositta Mooney

    I love this song it is so romantic for couples. My boo and I always listen to this when making love

  39. Deaven Jones

    I love this song

  40. Tramayne Overton

    yes we can get a room

  41. TragicKristellaX

    ugh I love you Nick 😘

  42. Alexis Reed

    favorite song, got me thinking of my non-existent boyfriend.

  43. Naketa Thomas

    been listening to this 2 days straight. #more


    Gotta love the southside for that a1 pound game! Once you check in you will never check out 💪!

  45. Jerry Gardner

    l love it so very very beautiful and so very sweeite

  46. dre johnson

    2 12's & a good amp this song can do damage 😎 the lyrics too, instant classic

    Bob Evens

    dre johnson. TRU. Stop the car n get out n slow dance anywhere

    Jessica Keel

    dre johnson yesss

    LiveTrucker Antonio

    dre johnson facts

  47. #RandomIsh TV TM

    Real Music🎤🎵🎶🎼🎹

  48. Tracy Allen

    what yr did this come out?

  49. Lele Lele

    this song get my and my feelings 😘😍💍💦✨

  50. Shawnquisha Oshae

    Yes I miss 🎵that had meaning to it this that song Yes❤️💕🙌🏾

  51. Donald Wilson

    Dam I this song right here

  52. sky blue

    where has r&b gone damn😞...just listen to the lyrics😑

  53. sky blue

    where has r&b gone damn😞...just listen to the lyrics😑

  54. Gladys Bracey

    I just fell in love again

    Kim Smith

    Gladys Bracey awwwwwww

  55. Baby K

    my favorite song by them 😍😍😍😍

  56. Abrielle Banks

    the editing to this was on point timing n pics very impressive

  57. isha forrester

    this is one of my favorite song

  58. isha forrester

    for all those that put thumbs down for this music you don't knw the meaning of true love who the hell dislike a emotional song like this smh

  59. Mz Amii

    One of my all time fav's❤❤❤❤❤....can't wait until hmmmmmmm u know the rest

  60. Antionette Neely

    This My Shit!!!

    Lashera Blackmon

    Antionette Neely

  61. Meli Baker

    I love this song I miss n********n😍😘❤️👫

  62. Charly Kate

    yes ...

  63. shajuan gordon

    S💏O 2016

  64. Aisha Lewis

    Damn memories

  65. Prettygurrll Squad

    It feels like magic when we're makin luv

  66. Shanta Gaines

    I give anything to kiss Kerry again and block everything and everybody out...Kiss him like it was our first time.

  67. Etion Deans

    i proposed to this song and she said yes my wedding is march 26 2o16

    Jayner Wahida

    Wow... all the best y'all

    Jamareah Leonard

    How's the married life?


    how’s your marriage

    Ladashaya Chantell

    How’s it going

  68. LaWanda Wynn

    😞😢what happened?

  69. Nita Robinson

    Yes. ..n. YES. !!!!!

  70. Nita Robinson

    Yes. ..n. YES.

  71. La'Rose Johnson

    Beautiful for two people to be young and to grow old together! 💑👫💏

  72. Connie Tyson

    mook vs hollow all day get it crackn

  73. LaShonda M

    aaaaw yes

  74. Stephanie Benson

    The lyrics of this song just put you a place of tranquility.

  75. Chelsea Pittman

    lord this is such a beautiful song💜💜💜💞💞😍😍👌👌

  76. yezette mc farland

    I love this song it maind of my baby because that way she make me feel i love her so much

    Toni's World

    +yezette mc farland would you belive its no on itunes....smh

  77. steven hadebe

    can we just kiss each other like it was the VERY VERY VERY first time

  78. Basha Parker

    This is my baby song :-) :-) :-)

  79. Gab Fernandez

    OMG this is mah fave song y'all.. thanks for sharing this

    Phersie Cabingao

    video unavailable

  80. Jesse Campbell

    I get them with this song all the time

  81. roland e daniel sr

    I just love this song so much it speaks to me in such a lovely way

  82. Conrad Sutton

    "Can we get a room on the South Side of the Ghetto." That line is what did it for me when I first heard this song. Classic!

  83. Tiara Jackson

    Oh i just love this!!! It's so beautiful and special. Aww i want a hug now lol

    Marva Williams

    Hugo taco bug if cu go fyi ft cu ct hi

    Amanda Jones

    get a room give me Nick get a room can we get a room in Africa

  84. Exotic Candy

    Why my baby always mad at me...I just wanna loveeeeee my chocolate.

  85. Black Rose

    I love this song, give me more more more.

  86. Jonquel Hines

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SONG! they don't make music like this no more :-(

  87. Mark Axson

    47 people must not need any more...

  88. Dametric Rhone

    That's my jam real talk..

  89. Malissa Clayton

    Baby making song right here

    Lil Willie

    Malissa Clayton yes yes yes babby

  90. Dana Jones

    He know what it is!!

  91. Marlon Hanna


  92. Dacandy princess

    December 1, 2013 <3

  93. Nisha Denise

    Im inlove with this song