Silent Planet - Understanding Love As Loss Lyrics

Searching for solace in a toxic temple; fragments of lead climbing through your head;
stones load your coat as you wade through the winter current - dancing with the dead on the riverbed;
wanton hanging of the wise pale king.
And I see myself.

Here we dream in a bed of seamless sleep
The rain never wakes you from your descent
Sinking through subtle waves that disguise the current down below. You're pulled in the undertow.
Intricate: I watched the world dance inside your head
Ephemeral: everything created must expire
Misery: Losing hope for a dying world, or did we lose hope in ourselves, my ineffable?

Words lose sound with every fathom, further down

Torn between two worlds - floundering in a state of metaxis.
One is waning one is dead. In both we feel too much...
We feel too much

Intricate: I watched the world dance inside your head
Ephemeral: everything created must expire
Misery: Losing hope for a dying world, or did we lose hope in ourselves, my ineffable?

Most nights we merge into one dream; you mouth that four word sundering - soundless, but somehow deafening, "I can't go on."
I'll strain my voice to make you relent, but the tide holds me in my dissent
We're bound to each other in the undertow
You were my ineffable.

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Silent Planet Understanding Love As Loss Comments
  1. Etano Bhagratee

    Underoath, tdwp, architects, silent planet..The big 4 of emotionally rich powerful cathartic healing metalcore. If that makes sense

  2. Tomi Stenqvist

    This is one of the best looking music videos I've ever seen.

  3. Kratos_God_of_50_BMG

    I completely empathize with Silent Planets many themes and messages (especially the “controversial” ones) conveyed through Garrett and the bands lyrics. I was diagnosed with type 1 Bipolar over 20 years ago, and despite mood stabilizers/antipsychotics, I still cycle through moods more than Trump makes a giant asshat out of himself. 8yrs ago my baby girl was diagnosed as on the Autism Spectrum, and that brought with it a massive amount of changes to my OCD environment, and a change (no matter how big or small) to my levels of rage, anxiety, and before she was born, depression on a scale that to often bordered on suicidal thoughts. Garrett’s own story, and what other band members had suffered, is a big part of why S.P’s music has meant bitch slapped, my ego and pride, my inner fears and anxieties, and a message of faith and hope..... This song in particular forces me to look back at a life devoid of faith *or* hope, and when I look forward, to the present and beyond, I am no longer without joy or sense of self......because my selfish thoughts, centering on myself alone, are what died in that living nightmare that was my life. Now I live to keep the lives of my daughter and others I come across, enlightened with what life *CAN* and *SHOULD* offer to anyone living in darkness, but is praying for light....
    To Silent Planet: you all touch the minds (shattered and fragile), and hearts (broken and devoid of love) of your listeners, and not with edgy or trendy lyrics, but with the faith and hope you spread to us all..........thank you.

  4. Mike nolan

    god damn.

  5. ChubyDukSkruber

    Those drums during the chorus are so cool

  6. Musa Siddique

    Damnn such an incredibly moving music!

  7. Nick Rodriguez

    These guys are so underrated!!!

  8. Chance Meads

    Thank you

  9. Luna/ /TidesCT

    god this smacks

  10. Avery Nelson

    IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE IS EXPERIENCING SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, THERE IS HOPE! JESUS IS THE ONLY HOPE. THE TRUE HOPE. THE LIFE, WAY, TRUTH. HE IS OUR TRUE LOVE. I love you, reader. This world is Satan’s and he hates you. He hates me. This world is not our home. This is our testing grounds. There is true evil and there is true goodness. Satan is the evil. God is good. God loves you so much that he came to the earth to die for you. Our free will and Satan’s angels messed up his creation and intension for us. Only God can save all. Only God. God bless you my brothers and sisters.

  11. Tyralion

    yo what's her @?

  12. Uintabri

    The thrash part doesn't bring to mind anything Christian for me. But again I never liked the thrash music when I was into regular heavy metal music. So maybe im biased to begin with. I don't get this.

  13. Owen Graziano

    I love this band because you can tell how genuine and passionate Garrett is about the topics he writes about.

  14. American Dad

    This is awful ! Or as this ass hat 🎩 would say “ Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis issssssss awwwwefuuuuuulllllll !!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh !!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh .

    Scoobert Doobert

    That's just your opinion and that's fine. Not every song will satisfy everyone. ✌


    beautiful song

  16. Take off your jacket and stay awhile

    They'd be Platinum in Canada if they wrote a song about the invasive species, Smallmouth Bass, committing genocide on the Trout in our lakes and rivers. I'd buy that.

  17. trevor

    At least i can be cofident in the fact that this song will never fail to remind me to file my state taxes.

  18. Andy Arexx-Siharath

    Hate to break it to you guys, but she looks like the "cash me outside" girl

  19. Derek Wiedenheft

    It's a goddamn shame how underrated they are

  20. Dallas Summers

    I love these guys.they remind me of a better version of 12 tribes

  21. LEO C

    That Omar on drums (Fightstar drummer?)


    I, li
    ll, l_

    Scoobert Doobert


  23. peelawig

    How have I just discovered these guys!!! Awesome band!

  24. Riley Noland

    Who's the girl In this silent planet video she's cute

  25. hamiDBandz

    oh sleeper is this you?

  26. heavenly_dreamer

    Невероятное музло!

  27. Dr3wtube

    Holy shit. I think I just found a new favorite band. Powerful.

  28. Syncopadence

    Those last two sentences still give me chills. I've been through depression, and my faith is what kept me going. Now that I'm married to my best friend and love of my life, it crushes me to even think about what this would be like. It's something I never seriously thought about during my darkest times - what would this mean to the people I love who love me? It's a devastating thought.
    If there's anyone out there going through it, understand that you're loved. Think of who you love, and put yourself in their shoes. You might come to understand how important you really are. My rise from depression happened so unexpectedly, so don't ever think this is it for you. Things can definitely get better. You just have take one small step at a time to gain momentum.

  29. Dmitry Krino

    So cool!

  30. john nedeau

    kinda sounds like dance Gavin dance mixed with knocked loose or someshit

  31. Alfonso Quintanilla

    Understanding love as | ||
    || |_

  32. Lucas Yates

    Whoever disliked this video must have never been loved as a child

  33. John Doe

    "Misery, losing hope for a dying world... or did we lose hope in ourselves, my ineffable?"


    so glad this band is a thing!

  35. Fiatlux Mequi

    This is what i admire of Silent Planet. All of their songs are intricately written and very poetic.

  36. Anubis 666

    Anyone getting, 'Sleepwalking' vibes from this ?

  37. Jeffrey Lapointe

    Didn't know that James Franco let his hair grow and started a band.
    Jokes aside, that is lit as fuck!

  38. Lindsay Groeneveld

    How does this not have more views??

  39. Jonathan Garcés

    This band is fucking great! I found it accidentally and I can't stop hearing this once and once again.. Greetings from Colombia guys!

  40. Taylor Redwing

    3:06 you're welcome

  41. Jawhar Abd Elmawlah

    How come this doesn't have 10 million views!

  42. Dan DeBerry

    I'm getting the ink blot of this song on my body!

    Much love to Silent Planet for making this masterpiece

  43. vanity nms

    Say them in Wiesbaden and have to say i really like their music

  44. Lane Prestwich

    the lead singer looks like that Parker Schnabel kid from that gold rush show

  45. Popcorn Sutton

    This band is a throwback to the mid 2000s early 2010s

  46. joshua fernandes

    Thank you silent planet I saw you guys for the first time at warp tour in MA an you guys played panic room an when you gave a shout out to the military I screamed thank you Serously thanks for that song as a vet with ptsd who almost took his life thank you. Even tho I sought help my minds still a mess my marriage is suffering but your music does help. Love you guys

  47. joshua fernandes


  48. LouciousDark

    It has been an incredibly long time since I've seen and heard such potent lyrical prowess. I'm completely blown away by this group.

  49. tristananvilcaster

    I love Silent Planet. Met Garrett, he is the nicest guy!!!

  50. Matt Price

    It's funny, I LOVE this band, but as similar as all of their songs are, they are all great.

  51. Rana Abdellatif

    They are even better live. A band that sounds better live is actually rare 😂

  52. Patrick Everett

    September is Suicide Prevention Month #BeThe1To

  53. danwemet

    Truly fantastic. Also, this guy's drumming reminds me of Ricky from mewithoutyou ✌️

  54. TheCrimsonWeasel

    TimTheTatMan brought me here <3

  55. JenovaSynthesis

    God, I love their music videos.

  56. Nicolas Alibert

    I just can't get enough of this song, it's so perfect! I resonnate so much with both guitar work and lyrics, everything! Can't wait for the next album, greetings from France

  57. Captain Jack Sparrow

    She looks like Danielle Bregoli

  58. Gooman130

    2:30 Webkinz! You can even see the W on the paw!

  59. Jeff Dixon

    Fumbling with all of MY TAXES!!

  60. Ezekiel Short

    This songs is so beautiful; it has a way of turning some poignant and difficult past-times into a complex form of beauty that is quite empowering. God bless this whole band and thank you for writing songs that are very-well thought out and are on another echelon filled w/dense meaning. That lady's wandering expression fits perfectly and there's something very powerful about seeing that Egret fly and land in frame at that very moment.

  61. Nathan Vincent

    Samwell Tarley on the drums? dayum!

  62. Ruben Gutiérrez

    Fuck, that was intense, cool band!

  63. flippenphil

    Amazing how similar this song sounds like UnderOath if the tempo is selected at 75%

  64. Smile You're On Camera

    For a learner, what style guitar is this considered?

  65. MarryJewana

    Severely underrated

  66. accidently On Purpose

    Thanks for the amazing music

  67. WackDaniells

    I saw these dudes in a small coffee shop in New Mexico. They rocked it! I just remember thinking how in the world do those drums take abuse like that cause the drummer was hitting hard!

  68. Felipe 8A

    in my opinion silent planet it's going to be one of the greatest bands of the metalcore history

  69. Anon

    When's this hitting spotify?

  70. Ioel Burcus

    above music

  71. Kyle Morgan

    Best. Band. Ever.

  72. Benjamin Kelley

    I would give him lemonade.

  73. Marco Camargo

    Chris Cornel
    Chester Bennington

  74. Unarldo Garcia

    Amazing band

  75. DjentleThief

    Silent planet, Dayseeker and Novelists. Imagine that tour.

  76. Malcolm Abubakar

    Aha wooooow this shit is so fucking gay


    Lol your comment speaks so much about your personal life because this song is meant to observe the reasons for people committing suicide and to try to empathize with what was going on in their head. If that's gay to you, then everything is.

  77. DeadTongue

    SINCE WHEN WAS THERE A MUSIC VIDEO HOW WAS I NOT NOTIFIED? This was my favorite on album when it first released.

  78. Birdseed

    This band can do no wrong. Incredible lyrics, gripping and powerful instruments, emotional and amazing vocals, and they are fantastic human beings. Some of the nicest guys ive ever met. This song is one of my favorites off of a flawless album.
    "Trade your certainty for awe."

  79. Michael Elijah

    1:54 to 2:20 gives me chills 🤘🏼

  80. six6sick 714

    What this band has taught me is if you eat too many tacos you will get fat as the drummer....This Bsnd Sucks Balls


    There is no other band with this level of intelligence put into the lyrics and music. If these guys are crap, then every band is.

  81. George Mills

    that chorus tho

  82. Nick Kringle

    I have to say I recently met garret Russel and he is one of the most amazing and intelligent people I've ever met. What a beautiful human being. His spirit was so radiant and his aura literally brightened my day. I hope silent planet continues to do what they do for a long time. This is so much more than great music... they are touching people's lives and shining a light in our world. Amazing band

  83. Cj Couroupacis

    The sound is to generic.


    Check out the rest of Everything Was Sound, this is (in my opinion) one of the weaker songs musically. Check out songs like Inherit the Earth, Dying In Circles, Nervosa and First Father. All really solid.

    Victarion Belaerys

    Jacob this is probably the best song is the album. I mean the album is overrated and disappointing.


    Everyone has an opinion but I'd hardly call this album overrated or disappointing. It was one of the most intelligently-written albums ever, and I love that they returned the elements of Come Wind, Come Weather with the newer sound they had on TNGS

  84. Carmine Daidone

    I don't quite understand the footnotes in the description. Can someone help me out


    The song is generally about observing the reasons for people committing suicide and it's an attempt to empathize with what they've gone through that led them to such drastic measures. Was there any particular spot that confused you? I'm not Garrett so I can't speak for exactly what he was trying to say but I do enjoy looking into the deeper meanings of their songs.


    Who's the young lady in the video?

  86. Kathi Reed

    I'm on my moms account.. but yo that drummer has such nice groove!

  87. Light.The.Empire

    RIP earphone users

  88. jvstndrvms

    That transition.
    That lyrical cadence.
    Can feel that shit in my bones

    Aaron Smith

    agreed, shit is massive.

  89. Geekz

    I love how passionate the drummer is in this video haha

  90. Rafa Cosano Melchor

    What does it means the numbers in the lyrics?

    Aaron Smith

    I think they're meant to be stanza numbers. the vocalist said something about it when he talked about this song in an interview.

  91. swamp ghost

    Silent Planet please never stop making music.God bless you guys.

  92. SpizzSpazz

    Samwell Tarly on DRUMS

  93. Nathan Everett

    so glad they made a video for this one, its my favorite track off the album!

  94. DramaticGoat

    Mannn I love their drummers style, I love their guitarist, I love their bassist, I love their vocalist, I just straight up LOVE this band!

  95. Charlie Estrada

    Great musicians!

    This sound is fucking original!
    Awesome song!!


    This drummer is fire!

  97. Adam Stevens

    Drum riff at 2:20 is such fireeeeeeee