SikTh - Scent Of The Obscene Lyrics

Yeah, I've seen your second face
What is your moral for today, is it still lies and trickery?
I don't understand why
This man has a thousand faces.
How can I put my trust in this presentation?
What is your little scheme today?
It was so cool before you came.


Lie to my face again.

All that you ever wanted
Was to see (to see)
How much you could take
From me.

One day you may see
The half man, which you aspire to be.
With your selfish lies and your selfish greed
You fuckin' lied to me

The scent of the obscene...

Draw trust from whoever fell
For this display of deceit.

Makes you
Smile again.
Look into your soul again.
Look at,
Look within your soul.

All I see in you is
How you need (you need)
To think about the ones
You deceived.
Why can't you see
The hurt you cause?
Or can you now see
The untruth, which makes no sense to me?

Now, see no morals, untrue
Now that I've seen through you
Something of no morals, untrue
Now that I've seen through you
Something of no morals.

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SikTh Scent Of The Obscene Comments
  1. Raiden

    This song never gets old still. Those bass lines too 🙌🏽 I’m hoping at some point they decide to come back to the states in the next ten years lol

  2. Korosu Yourself

    one of singer reminds me of the singer from at the gates

  3. Marco Longo


  4. G modollas

    At 0:55 I always think I have a Steam message.

  5. X Lightcameradeath

    I read in Wikipedias article about djent, that this band is responsible for the djent sound alongside with Meshuggah. That is fucking ridiculous. Whoever put that there should have their ass kicked for knowing nothing about music. It's progressive, but not even fucking close to djent.

    Ivanyi Attila

    You are very nice!

    X Lightcameradeath

    Why, thank you! I like to think so too, but people never say it to my face. Finally someone says what I've always known.

    James Hatfield

    it's both

  6. Rev

    The choruses are not identical. The second chorus goes: All I see in you is how you need (you need) to think about the ones you deceived

  7. Runa Klem

    Anyone else reminded of King Crimson in the softer guitar section?


    I can hear Discipline era KC!

  8. Joel Oxley

    So far ahead of their time. Definitely weren't afraid to fuck with convention.

  9. 7BitTrip

    Anyone come here from Doctor Randomercam? weird connection.


    The Nekomancer I know him, but I heard of this first, weird coincidence.

  10. Hadid Nahkill Mussef

    1:52 most ear-gasmic interlude in all of prog metal!!

    James Hatfield

    Djack Kelly Agreed, sounds AWESOME


    Blew me away when I've heard it. Everything else I've heard I didn't care for. I fucking wish there was more of this stuff.

  11. LLave Oceans

    gloria pura xd

  12. Deku Scrub

    God this song is fucking cool, where was I this entire time?

    Deku Scrub

    +Deku Scrub Okay this is the only song I've listened to and I am scared that no song will top this...Maybe I'll continue when I get this amazing chorus out of my head.


    So how have you done? Did you get as far as 'Summer Rain' on the next album? My favourite track ever.


    Peep show, phillistine philosophies to name a few.

  13. Francisco Carreño

    genial :3

  14. gwyn griffiths

    i picked up their album called- The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild by
    Sikth on friday,and i picked it up on cd from my local cash generator store,and i have heared about them a while back,but i was unsure of what they sounded like,but after listerning 2 them on youtube today,i quite like them.

  15. Callum Hughes

    Hey I need help finding a song, all I know is vocals sounds like Sikths and the video was something like a boy going insane. I think he was called Jimmy? He video looks to be done in a clay style

    Ross Callander

    I think your looking for 'How May I Help You?' by Sikth. Apologies for the 5 month delay in answering!

  16. ㅤㅤㅤ

    The chorus sounds very 80s-ish. I like it.

  17. Larva Sapiens

    It actually does, if you listen to the same song in 320kbps MP3, you will note the difference ;)
    Still, as the uploader said, "It's pretty good for 240p".

  18. Jesse B

    In the meantime you could always listen to Aliases and enjoy Pin's crazy guitar work.

  19. Larva Sapiens

    In fact it is, but still,,,

  20. MetalYouWannaHear

    It's pretty good for 240p I would say.

  21. Larva Sapiens

    Why 240p? :(

  22. jin6000

    That chorus does it for me every time.

  23. BlindPassenger23

    the mars volta meets meshuggah, haha i love these guys, best band to come out of the uk in the last 30 years alongside oceansize

  24. Kris Knapp

    almost what I'm looking 4 in avante-garde metal. Maybe a li heavier guitar


    check out their 2nd album, Death of a Dead Day for some heavier stuff

  25. Mike Abernethy

    Oddly, there's almost a groove to the faster parts of this song.


    Er yeah man of course it's just 4/4 - nothing complex - the guitar riffs make it sound chaotic because of the syncopation... it's a pretty basic groove - listen to the hihat/snare. Epic tune tho!

  26. sgtraytango

    used to love these, hell, one of my good friends used to email the band members all the time and drink with them before and after they became "famous"


    My balls grew so fast,that they exploded,when I finally covered this song!

  28. Newworldfortomorrow

    yeah this is back before 'Djent' was a genre of metal, I think its fucking ridiculous tbh, its heavy metal lol simple as

  29. Ricehugs

    @br00talKidHxC This song and band were around way before the bloom and the term "djent"

  30. jburd999

    @br00talKidHxC ????

  31. Ricehugs

    @jburd999 pre-djent

  32. PunKarmus

    Ok. The fact that Sikth was a major influence on Bulb does not automatically make them Djent.

  33. HeavyMetalVagabond

    @MetalYouWannaHear its fine for me, buy some new speakers :p

  34. JaMEFMEB

    @MetalYouWannaHear Now there is an advert for "Korean Air" (by the way Sikth kick ass! ;)

  35. MetalYouWannaHear

    @JaMEFMEB Oh shit really?

  36. JaMEFMEB

    @MetalYouWannaHear There is an advert on your video. The one I just saw now was selling "YES LOANS"

  37. MetalYouWannaHear

    @JaMEFMEB No there isn't. It's called an annotation.

  38. MetalYouWannaHear

    @nobodyfresh13 They do.

  39. Kenotik

    These guys need to get back together.

  40. c0d3n4m3

    Ok quality. Compared to the rest it's amazing, but this is still low quality. :)

    Thankyou though! :D

  41. MetalYouWannaHear

    @rrippp thanks

  42. Nasty McNastypants

    finally one in decent audio quality! all the others are compressed and EQed to f#ck.