Sickick - No Games Lyrics

Put down the keys baby why do you have to leave?
You know just what you're doing the words you say get to me,
All this fussin' and fightin' it just don't make sense to me,
Let's go back to where we were, you and me against the world, yeah

I fell in love with the things that you said to me,
Now the silence you show I don't know if it's meant to be,
Oh one moment you want me, the next you go set me free...
Push me through our darkest days or we can go our separate ways...

My love is not a game,
You come with pleasure and pain
But who am I to blame, blame...
Maybe I treat you the same

My love is not a game...
Not a game...
Not a game...
Maybe I treat you the same

I don't know why it's the way that it has to be,
All those times that you left it just doesn't seem right to me,
And the games that you play they've been taken a toll on me,
We just need to find a way, this won't last another day...

My love is not a game,
You come with pleasure and pain
But who am I to blame, blame...
Maybe I treat you the same

Why won't you try to change,
No one can take your place
Or maybe I'm to blame, blame...
'Cause girl I treat you the same...

My love is not a game...
Not a game...
Not a game...
Maybe I treat you the same

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Sickick No Games Comments
  1. Mohab Kun


  2. The Elite Bum

    It feels good to be finally awake...can't believe I was sleeping so long on this man.😄

  3. Tom Fa

    Nice song

  4. Siradj Zineb

    can't forget the effect this song had on me ...

  5. Sonic Tiger TV

    sickick blessed

  6. Steve

    Why this version not on Apple Music

  7. Wagner quiere una skin ;-;

    Me encanta esta rola😍❤

  8. Vijay Srikanth

    Sickick said the team

  9. Snares and Sticks

    1.25x speed...thank me later

  10. TheMadRooster09

    "Maybe I treat you the same", I'm having a hard time understanding this lyric. So "Who am I to blame, maybe I treat you the same" is a negative connotation right? But treat her the same as what???

    Shutupand Sitdown

    TheMadRooster09 who am I to blame as in who am I to blame *YOU*

    Maybe I treat you the *same*
    maybe I am treating you like shit all along?

    that's my guess

  11. Lady Lexy

    Masterpiece!! Omg love love love! Def would love to see some color in your videos.. your amazing.. underrated for no reason.

  12. Naznin Rahman

    From this world unto that..

    Ok let see...
    God help us

  13. Shaheer Sherminator

    This song deserves to be on billboard top hitting charts istg ❤️ 🔥...been following sickick for 3 years because of this phenomenal track. He is so amazingly talented and receptive... 💯✨

  14. iMohit

    Sickkick u the best og

  15. Ayan Choudhury

    One of my fav💙

  16. S G

    How you so underrated.

  17. Angel Beatz

    Still ur best Song dude. Love it!

  18. Claudia Claudia

    This is his favorite song. And I'm here because I'm missing him so badly right now.

  19. Steve Mejia

    Every song you make is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  20. chaotic

    Wow I just love this song!

  21. Evelyn Rodriguez

    The gift of this song is priceless

  22. Evelyn Rodriguez


  23. Marie Michaels

    I keep coming back to this awesome mv. But for real tho, how does one make a kiss look so passionate with a mask ?

  24. C slyJ

    Maybe I treat you the same
    I felt that

  25. Gourav Bhuyan

    east or west sickick iz best😍😍😍

  26. Gourav Bhuyan

    lob this song forever 😎😎😎😘😘😘😘😘

  27. Anatolyevich Khil

    Absolutely enjoyable song :)

  28. Mila milla

    My to no games...hahahahahaaa...

  29. Cristina Iordan

    this song gives me emotions..

  30. Mahek Tailor

    Blade runner 2019 vibes 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  31. x DARK BREEZE x

    My mom told me if I play this any louder she's going to smash my face into the keyboard !! Yeah like I belIoLfidh snkdiSoi jsidn k28-'?oforl. wlic+%- mksolk

    M L Gaming

    Are you alive bro

  32. Nick

    This video is.. WoW, no words can describe :O

  33. Ali Akbar Dekhani

    Pretty sure sicky boi here was smooching the mask when she was smooching the mask 🤣

  34. DiRTEE ViBEZ

    Spread the Sickness

  35. Sonia Arce


  36. Dustin Hubbard

    Now he just needs to make a song called "Game Time" with the video being set in 8bit pixel, just like how he was at the end of this video inside the game.

  37. Andy Meler

    Ultra Game Song :D

  38. Pani Otis

    3 3 3. 3 credits 3. 3 girls. Manifestation. Love is the most powerful emotion. He is using the 3 6 9 number sequence. Universal mathimatics and geometry Δ.
    Base chakra kinda stuff. Ι could go on for ever but you lot can enlighten youselfs the rest of the way

  39. Minu

    Sick i know your good but please do a colab please!


    And love wins?

  41. Naznin Rahman

    Really khonmani....if its possible ur dhanmani couldnot stop herself... ..

  42. Tech Hash

    What happens, if sickick not press the button on time, 2:20 ?

  43. urban architecture

    My favorite song ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. michelle harper

    This is definatley my favourite out of the music hes done ❤🖤

  45. S\V Whiskey Me Away

    you are sick!!! new to the sickick army

  46. johnny rocunzi

    I thought this was Jason at first

  47. KingKarmaTM

    all his songs are great, but you can tell how much the mans budget changes if you watch all of the music videos lmao, you'll get one like this thats pretty good, then ones like fadeds music video



  49. Ika Infina

    Может уже при поцелуе хоть снимешь свою маску??? Далбаеб ей богу!!!

  50. Naznin Rahman

    Really dear ur love is not a game bkz its my fame

  51. eric darkheart

    Your music has true meaning to it thank you keep it up. This song gets to me means alot how I feel.

  52. Lazar Danut

    I love this song

  53. Samir Fattal

    Sick song ! :D <3

  54. Павел ПоСпорту


  55. Karam Elle

    Enfin un artiste original.....bello car a travers sa voix il représente une beauté magnifique.....AMEN


    I want this mask😭😭😭

  57. Nicholas Cavallo

    Just another daft punk rip-off

  58. Eddy Anrsm

    No Games .. because you are the GAME .. !!

  59. McNair Guitar

    Damn, I feel this beat and these lyrics.

  60. Alpha Hardstyle

    🤘🖤🖤🖤🖤keep being you mang lovin your music

  61. Olivia Jaspering

    i saw that daft punk helmet mister

  62. Spectrix szue

    This song gives me star boy vibes.

  63. Scorpiutza

    so fucking cute !!!

  64. CatByte3D

    0:23 That sound freaked me out. I'm working in After Effects while listening to this. That noise sounds very close to the Render finished jingle.

  65. Shashank Naik

    Most underrated song of this world I dont know why 😕

  66. Angel

    VE A ESTE CANAL SI QUIERES ( Acapulco vista de la playa en streaming)

  67. Punit Kr

    Whenever m tense i listen to dis song
    Love thiS musIc ❤
    Don't know why ?

  68. Ahmed shah Khan

    Your good singer

  69. Ahmed shah Khan

    So cute music

  70. Y0ungbl00dM00n

    Wow! Ya'll did such an amazing job with this!

  71. Sagitario 86

    Lo e visto muchas veces, encanta!!!

  72. Eric Fram

    I don't like the girl but I love the song





  75. TheChampion

    Still watching this on Sept. 1st of 2019, exactly one year after this vid was made!! Who's with me?

  76. new latest video verma


  77. new latest video verma


  78. DarknoorX

    Damn this is good

  79. Melodi Kmpor


  80. Sowjan kks S.p

    All songs super.......

  81. Luke Phillips

    No offense but you look like an idiot with that mask, were you ninja turtles kid or a kiss idol, or too much mortal kombat when you were a kid?

  82. Seoulwalker

    Underated. I love him. I love the song. I love everything here on this channel. Make more. Thank you. <3

  83. Maria Abboud

    why do they have to put a cross everywhere!! so insulting. Don't offend other religions!

  84. ricky Prianto


  85. Rahul Regar

    U such a great...

  86. RyZe_Boondox_-

    Is that Thomas's helmet I just saw

  87. Shafique Ur Rehman

    Sickick. Good music i love your songs

  88. Himanshu Tyagi

    I am so sick of this song. Playing on repeat....

  89. DP Music

    The message behind this Video/Song is so indescribably important!

  90. chuck norris

    This has a synth wave feel to it

  91. MagicSushine100






  92. wazir legacy

    Who created this vfx

  93. Wolfy The medic

    The fidget spinner, no games and love thing is what made my grades go high af
    Thx you bro plz keep on makeing more music bc this channel is the only one that makes me happy and think positive 🤗🤗😊😊✌✌

  94. Gaming Gamer

    Whe live in 2019 he live in 2039

  95. God Of Helva

    mask kisssssss boiii

  96. Sourav Das

    Music Unic ...

  97. 2JK

    Who dafuq is sickick?

  98. خہارج عہن الہٰقانون

    I love you, man, you will become an artist and a great singer and you will be the best among them

  99. SickickMusic

    WE DID IT SICKICK ARMY - 1 million in under a WEEK - S!CKKKK

    Parry Sekhon

    Can i Use Ur Infected Song Sir

    Padhiyar Jay

    1b yet to achive, soon it will be

    Nick Mlg

    Let's goooooo

    Bradley welch

    Easy slap. Been here since the 100ks.