Sickick - Momofuku Lyrics

This that Momofuku
Kill em with that voodoo
Pray to the Gods you don't wake up the JuJu

This that ladi dadi
Yuh I like to party
Stunnin' is a hobby
Got more kicks than karate

Ooo, all the girls they line up
Ooo, and you know they'll come back again so
Ooo, all the girls they line up
Ooo, and you know they'll come back again so

Oh my Momofuku
Oh my Momofuku

You got the eyes of an angel
Body like a rose
Room 112 baby anything goes
Come ride with a stranger
Anywhere we go
Deep in the darkness anything goes

Lemme flow like, "ji-e-a-a-a" zim zimma
Watch out she can get you anytime, she a killa
Roll like, cruising in an I-8 Bimma
Lemme know if you wanna go fly with a winna
10 freaky girls when we stay in the villa
5 for dessert, and 5 for the dinner
Just the other night
You can kill me if I lie
But I had a few twins come by... mhm

Ooo, all the girls they line up
Ooo, and you know they'll come back again so
Ooo, all the girls they line up
Ooo, and you know they'll come back again so

Oh my Momofuku
And you know that
This that Momofuku

Looking' for love and now you found me
I've been in your mind all along
You ain't never heard about me?
My bombs drop like it's Vietnam
Dancin' in the back, slow whining
(Fire) Ring the alarm
You think you bad, come find me
Ta'ali ma'i lil-thalam

Twin twin flame, you don't play a fair game
Girl your loving' so inviting
You put in work, I can put it in words
Oh you struck me like lightning

After hour vibe in the dark
I can't lie you got me in the mood
And she be like
Kill all of the lights, in the dark
I just wanna be around you
After hour vibe in the dark
I can't lie you got me in the mood
And she be like
Kill all of the lights, in the dark
I just wanna be around you

Oh my Momofuku

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