Sickick - G.O.M.D. Lyrics

A-zuku, a-zuku, sum, sum, maya

They call me the freak of the fall
Fuck a little bit (ch), I've come to take it all
I'm a, I'm a ghost, who the fuck you gon' call?
Mossin' with a scarecrow in the field, no
Lucifer reborn as a God
Feast on the blood drippin' down my jaw
Step out of my line and get outlined in chalk
Prince of the dark and the dead will walk

I can feel my enemy begin to fear my drum
I am ready, when it comes to pain I'm numb
I could tell you things you won't believe I've done
I kill to feel alive
I can feel my enemy begin to fear my drum
I am ready, when it comes to pain I'm numb
I could tell you things you won't believe I've done
I kill to feel alive

Me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Yo, me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Yo, me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Yo, me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Me, oh, my, I'm that ghost
Yo, me, oh, my

A-zuku, a-zuku, sum, sum, maya

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  1. claudi


  2. منوعات dz

    من الذي أتى من ذلك الفيديوا للأستاذ

  3. Kord 诶

    Vengo de la friendzone


    Después de tanto al fin la encuentro :'3




    @drakxer Condimento qué???

  5. Tomasz Dąbkowski

    Two words. Haley! Skillz!

  6. Krona Min Ocean

    I fell in love with this song.

  7. Settarali Özkan

    Neden akşam 7 yerine 9

  8. Kassandra LOFIU

    io vengo por el video del profesor de como salir de la FRINZONE :v

  9. charlotte.

    wtf is the friendzone video i'm here from a bill hader edit


    Its a video by will aime thats produced pretty well . You should watch it

  10. Gengel YT

    Fumar mata loko

  11. Gengel YT

    Lil pump

  12. উKelton YT :v

    like si veniste por el video de cuando el maestro es el amo 😎

  13. Nadhira Shuhada

    Who mouth is a cute mouth ever?

    Sickick- Like👍
    Billie eilish- Comment💬

  14. Giuliano ツ

    Like si vienes de los memes de Gacha Life o el Video original de "Como Salir de la Friendzone" xd

  15. Leonel Martínez

    Cómo salir de la FZ..

  16. fyeyf 404


  17. Francis Keaton

    Sickick is a voice for every self loathing, complex force of dark and light that worked together to make our souls human

  18. Amdiredhel

    Good times.

  19. Julie 1989


  20. El barto

    Soy ese comentario en español que buscabas xd

    Tınchøø XD

    Y yo un dislike q esperabas

    William Zhang

    @Tınchøø XD JAJA BRUTAL

    Kassandra LOFIU

    @Tınchøø XD xddd



  21. Taher Altaher

    I never got I. A relationship am here cuz I love this song

  22. k a r U m e n

    yo vengo por el video de Jeon subs, Alguien más? No, ok :,v

    Valeria Jeon

    【 Karumen 】 - カルメン así es

    k a r U m e n

    @Valeria Jeon AL FIN ALGUIEN MAS <3

  23. Changbin Seo

    came here after the skz 00 line edit

  24. Champarry Warjri

    Sickick u really make me sick

  25. random stuff

    Why every satanic music is getting popular , god have mercy of these souls

  26. Ahmed Hossam

    inter gaming

  27. JѳઽéP૨ѳ092 ༺

    Wouja ando agusto :v

  28. Cilan


  29. Vicente Gonzalez

    Aquí está tu comentario en español

    Kassandra LOFIU

    Lo que soñaba xd

  30. 4uk1

    Like si viniste por el video del profesor

    Eddy Alexander Sanchez Rivera

    tu si que sabe de lo que hablamos

    lawlietgamer yt

    Jaja simon

    Juan Flores

    Mrddd como lo supiste jsjsj saludos BROU

    Yovany Gutierrez

    Que serie es o pelicula papu

  31. BOT botu

    bok var paylaşıyon

  32. Sr_VeleZ


  33. Wendy Mayorga

    Badazzz video 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. ღ Kimberly 3712 ღ

    Vengo de la friendzone :'v

    Josue David Moreno Arostegui

    Yo pior


    Yo también 😂🤣🤣


    Casi todos :v

  35. Arielle Barajas

    Am I the only one watching this in 2019 and still has no fucking idea what G.O.M.D means?

  36. meli dou

    Estaba buscando esta música por *como salir de la friendzone* (o algo así jsjs)

  37. Fabián Panzer


  38. Q T

    God! I've had this on repeat since the first time i heard it

  39. Anaiya Tyson-Cox

    Wait I came here from an amazing edit so pree that and this cold beat bc it’s so intriguing

  40. Rita Jasso

    Bassline ..boom boom boom...tempo...sway💛🙏💛

  41. Sidx1138

    Hail Satan

  42. Amine Lakehal

    It's amazing and keep U dancing crazy

  43. Hira Büyükduyak

    Instagram edits?

  44. Schnapp Bae

    Quién aquí por jeon subs? jajsja xdd

  45. ッTaro

    Who’s here because they wanted the nostalgia from listening to this years ago? I listened to him before he even reached 100k he was pretty much new when I discovered him he didn’t have many songs out

  46. shawn r

    Thank you Wil Aime for this one bro!

  47. los tenetxus

    Alguien argentino xd

  48. VeronicaEquestrian

    Anyone here cause of Hawkfrost?

  49. Marianne Rochon


  50. C Me TV

    What is azuku azuku sum sum maya?

  51. Theophilus

    The original Song is nice, this one is Sick

  52. W A V Y

    im not here because of friendzone im here because i do a dance of it

  53. Gray ¡ Mar

    I’m here just for video edits of doctor who and Grayson Dolan ....

  54. Slappy D.

    Y’all read the lyrics it’s kinda scary :/

  55. Mochi ChimChim

    I am here from a jimin fmv 😂

  56. paddy210


  57. Amy Williams

    Love this song

  58. Bogdan Groza 2k18-2k19

    Cine ii aici în 2019 de la SCOALA INVERS de Radu Constantin

  59. Aladin Chakib

    She always wanted a time zone if you want to win the election song

  60. Precious Mason

    Who think that sickick should be a hero or villian tell me in a comment 😊😋

  61. Head_ _Shottery

    Y this on my reccommended??

  62. Grand Modz

    Su6scri6e to my channel ;)

  63. Daniel



  64. [RG4] PEPETM

    Cómo salir de la friendzone :V

  65. Lit on fire design

    Id jam to this shit for sure!

  66. ಠ_ಠ

    The song sounds amazing. But lyrics are so edgy. I think it's Reaper's theme.

  67. Ariana kim

    He always makes cover of these aesthetically pleasing songs.

  68. Mustafa EROĞLU

    let me watch when it comes to notification at discretion

  69. Пия мн Протеин

    Just watch the frendzone and i realy enjoyed the song in it so i came here 😁😁

  70. Ive Alive

    @SickickMusic when is your next release of a new song?

  71. el men del PUBG E.T.F 4.0

    La canción del tío especias xd (Xsequias)

  72. Omar Crash YT

    Vengo del como salir de la friendzone

  73. Droidvini 3.0

    So o nuevo cancer curativo exijo respecto

  74. Ario 187

    Any lyrics?

  75. 10se 555

    Hora de criticar todo lo que exista :v

  76. Draqon

    Whenever I listen to this song I feel like the owner of the world.

    Ario 187

    Wtf 😂 how?

  77. Warm stares

    Lmao gottem

  78. Елена Андреева

    знаешь.я конечно обожаю тебя так то.но то что ты творишь это вообще отпад!!!я очень тебя люблю!

  79. Moonlight_Shade UwU

    This my fave song

  80. Violet B.

    Your voice is just so beautiful

  81. Violet B.

    I love your music sickick! Like a lot. You are amazing.

  82. Cosmin paducel

    Ascult melodia asta din cauza lui @CMB


    El Xsequias de antes :')

  84. Charles Nichols

    Hey hey they left out the g. Hahahaha

  85. Charles Nichols

    Remix Gucci I'm not goin

  86. x0xtran9x0x

    He needs more recognition🙌

  87. Hype Gaming

    "i prefer 9pm"

  88. Aslinur Kalenderoglu


  89. Charles Nichols

    That's im looking for me

  90. Anel Salcinovic

    “ Le FZ “

  91. #bTsfAn army

    I came here from edit of bts maknae line ...that is dope...🙈

  92. Rares Zaharia Lefter

    Everyone: J Cole is a God and GOMD is the best song ever, it could literally not get any better than this.
    Sickick: Hold my beer