Sick Puppies - Earth To You Lyrics

There's a man stuck in the moon
Sifting through the history of you
Learning all the secrets you never knew

Feeding you the product in bed
Seeping poison in to your head
Reaping havoc turning your brown eyes blue

You're not dead
You're just in your head
Can you hear me

Wake up and break away from the machine holding you down
Make up for all the time you lost when you were tied and bound
Earth to you
Over and out

Lazy fattened up with the fear
Wasting days turn months into years
There's a wake up call but you cannot hear

They've insulated all of the walls
Barred windows and screened all the calls
So I've come to make all the curtains fall

You're not dead
You're just in your head
Can you hear me

Wake up and break away from the machine holding you down
Make up for all the time you lost when you were tied and bound
Earth to you
Over and out
Over and out

Wake the fuck up
Wake the fuck up

Open your eyes

Wake up and break away from the machine holding you down
Make up for all the time you lost when you were tied and bound
Wake up
Wake up
I really need you here right now

Earth to you
Over and out
Earth to you
Over and out
Earth to you
Over and out

Open your eyes

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Sick Puppies Earth To You Comments
  1. Firelord House

    That bass line is straight off of Tri-Polar. (That's a good thing)

  2. robert lozano

    I saw this band, in el paso texas with aranda, Bassist is cute, and band was bad ass hope they come back soon!

  3. mimi fair


  4. mimi fair

    I love sick puppies!!!!!!!

  5. Ned Moss

    this whole album makes sense now..

  6. Patrick Herzog

    I really don't like the song writing and the wanna be Hardcore instrumental

  7. Kevin Sullivan

    Fuck me dead that bass is fucking beautiful.

  8. Maine Man

    I am assuming that they changed lead singers because they wanted to go harder with their music?

  9. Vaughn Blaylock

    What a shame. Band members are not interchangeable. This is not Sick Puppies. It's some other band with a decent drummer, a bad vocalist, and a hot bassist. That's all.

  10. Ehh Itz Mehhh

    I want back Shimon😥😢😞

  11. Rachael James

    I don't see this in itunes :-/

  12. Anthon Girdeaux

    terrible temón!

  13. Myk Plaze

    I don't really like the way this album was mixed to be honest.... I don't know if it's just Bryan's guitar tone but the guitars sound a lot less prominent on this album.

    Michelle Radel


    Myk Plaze

    That's great. Fuck you too for being unnecessarily rude


    Myk Plaze I thought I was the only one who heard it

    Myk Plaze

    Like I'm not saying the album is bad, I'm just saying that in quite a few songs like this one especially in the chorus the guitar is really hard to hear compared to the previous albums were Shim's guitars were really audible.
    Like they were previously mixed in order of vocals guitars bass drums, whereas this album sounds like it's mixed vocals bass drums guitar.

  14. fede camusso


  15. Mr Mutters

    I really want to like the new singer... but every time I hear the Fury tracks I think of Shim and what he could've done with the lyrics. this new stuff just isn't the same. makes me sad...

    Helldog_spawn Entertainment

    You're right, it isn't the same. I'd actually argue it's BETTER!

  16. Josh Sanders

    I REALLY tried to hate this new lineup because I am a huge fan of their first 2 albums and I still prefer SHIM and hated how he was treated...... With that being said though, they found a great replacement, except I think the lyrics could be better, but NO ONE can touch SHIM on lyrics.... I'm a fan of this new shit though, and it has to be said that Emma is one of the most underrated bassists on Earth.

    Helldog_spawn Entertainment

    Honestly, reading what both sides have to say, it seems more like Shim was the absolute asshole to the rest of the band.

    That said, I honestly think this stuff's arguably a step up from a lot of Shim's work.

  17. Sara P.

    Bass on top!!

  18. Augusto

    Eu gosto assim mais rock, só tá faltando a Emma canta mais!!

  19. Rob Hines

    Yeah ive been trying to play some of their other songs. After looking at her bass tabs, she is definitely badass.

  20. Uruviel1

    This song is awesome! The bass is incredible, Emma's amazing!

  21. DrknssRules1

    So I just bought the new album today. This song is not on there. Track 8 is listed as "Earth to You" but it's not, it's some other song I've never fucking heard of. What the fuck?

  22. Michael Woodbury

    this is a a bad ass song..I know lyric videos like this seem to be the trend lately. but this song stands alone..hell yeah!

  23. Cora Mincer

    Ahh, I love this song. :) That bass line!!! :) Emma's a beast. ;)

  24. CjhCarter

    For some reason on my audio CD of Fury, this song was replaced with Charlatan (a Best Buy bonus track), so I don't have it. Charlatan is a good song, but Earth to You is probably my favorite on this album. Anyone else have the same issue?

    Chris Register

    yep, same here. weird

    Kristen Santamaria

    Cjh61197 I've been listening to it on Spotify and it has Earth to You as well. Must just be Best Buy. But if you use Spotify, it's there.

    Helldog_spawn Entertainment

    This was actually a huge issue that Sick Puppies' official Twitter addressed. Earth To You was a free download.

    just some 1 on the internet

    well, i guess im too late then

  25. Jermaine Johnson

    This is fricking badass as hell.

  26. A Dark Reminder

    Anyone know why this song isn't on the album (or at least not the version I got, despite the track list claiming it's there)?

    Ryan Cloutier

    It should be on there, where'd you get it from?

    A Dark Reminder

    Bull Moose Music

    Cora Mincer

    It was kind of an oops. BUT if you email [email protected], they'll send you an access code so you can download ETY.

    But hold onto that CD, could be worth money someday. ;) Hope this helps!!

  27. Alfredo B

    Have you guys heard shims new band screaming at demons with their new song Rockstar , it so good . spread the word nobody hasn't even heard of them yet.

  28. Rudy Nava

    1:40 is where it gets real!

  29. Alfredo B

    Way better than stick to your guns.

  30. Andrew Voyer

    Couldn't stand this band because of the vocals. New guy is awesome. I will check out the new stuff for sure.

  31. Alfredo B

    Best one out of the album.

  32. Jireh Esther

    I'm really going to miss Shim, but at least you guys are back and Bryan sings really good. I really enjoyed this song and understood the message of it. You guys still have your old style and have not changed even though you have a new member and a new voice.
    Welcome, Bryan!

    Michelle Radel

    Jireh Esther i'm not I love Brand Scott

    super wrestling


    Isaiah Johnson

    Jireh Esther, I agree. they still sounds good but I am gonna miss shim

  33. ItsHakuro/ChrisSings

    do you guys not hear this sick bass line?


    RIGHT? Holy shit I wish I listened to Sick Puppies earlier. Emma is a fucking beast on bass

    Luke Transydaisy

    +kirbymario124 Its excellent. She really rocks!!!!

    Michelle Radel

    ItsHakuro/ItsChris look I go to there concerts you can here the bass so fucking load it so awesome

    Helldog_spawn Entertainment

    Um... How does one NOT hear it? It's literally the song's intro.

  34. Darb Yesmar

    favorite off the album!! hopefully it gets a video soon!!

  35. illx punk

    still gonaaa mis shimmmmm but honestly love the new singer, he fits as well as shim did.

  36. Liz Hittle

    This is my favorite band. But I haven't liked either new song so far :/ it's just not them anymore

  37. GoldStandard000

    Prefer stick to your guns, but this is still ok.

  38. Alfredo B

    I like this one better than stick to your guns.

  39. Alfredo B

    Just , Wow ! 😮😮😮😮😮

  40. EthanBucket Gamer

    my favorite song is still riptide

  41. Chezna Goodell

    Man I can't deny Emma. But im still thrown off a lil without shim... There's something bout how Emma plays I can't help but feel it!

  42. TheDomoJanee

    Love the video! Cant wait for the whole album!!!!

  43. VertigoCrime

    I like this, but it's missing something that Shim added to the band. There's not a catchy enough chorus, and it feels like the guitars and drums don't change at all when the chorus comes so it doesn't even feel like a chorus. Also, add more bass to the singer's voice because it sounds really off to Emma's bass playing (a.k.a he has a really high voice with sort of a roomy sound to it)

    Just a critique.

  44. Doctor Strange

    *sighs* I want to like this, but I'm just not feeling it. It's missing something.... something I don't wanna say out loud...

  45. BlurZZ

    can't wait till they come to buffalo this summer

  46. GeekygeekGaming

    love it

  47. Storm 1455

    I'm so happy to here from sick puppies again, they're my favorite bad

    Damian Hall

    band* lol

  48. NightcoreFantasy

    It's over for Sick Puppies. This guy needs another band. Not Sick Puppies.

  49. SpeedchampionVGC

    I have to use VPN to see this because its only avialable in the US, this sucks man


    +SpeedchampionVGC same here =/

    Kevin Sullivan

    Australia Mate.

    Kevin Sullivan

    Australia Mate.

  50. Kaitlyn Marie

    Love this video!!! Can't wait to see you guys at Pointfest!!!!

  51. Harry Dubner


  52. Maria Cuadra

    want to download this song so bad:C cant wait till i can get it

    Harry Dubner

    Copy the link to the video, then convert it to mp3 and

  53. infectiousdzz

    is that Miley Cyrus? lol

    Helldog_spawn Entertainment

    Not even close. Take another listen; Miley Cyrus doesn't use talent to make her music.

  54. RealKail

    Absolutely fantastic! This new album is going to be beyond amazing. This reminds me of Dressed Up As Life. They've definitely recaptured the edge they had when they first came to the U.S. Sad that Emma is the only founding member left.

    Good work guys! I'm eagerly awaiting the full album.

  55. Dan Wojcinski

    I like the bass line and the music not the biggest fan of the lyrics but the song itself is great

  56. CarryMe001

    Shocked but excited to see this pop up in my subscription box!

  57. Blkdrghunter