Sick Of It All - Good Lookin' Out Lyrics

Thinking back on what we had
want to give in, want to give up
despair washes over you
where do you go, what will you do
your mind is racing in a million directions all at once
where will you turn
you're not in this all alone
just look around, and you'll see
the answers right before your eyes
I'm here for you, and you for me
It's hard to open up, just try and you'll see
True friends will always be there

Thinking back on what we had
all those times we shared
all those times good and bad
our growing friendship has formed a bond
Never ending

You were there through it all, now it's my turn
there's no doubt, good lookin' out
when life's not fair
True friends will always be there

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Sick Of It All Good Lookin' Out Comments
  1. AMX

    Did you record this on a banana?

  2. MBallweg79

    true friends will allways be there....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tara L Bethune

    Memories of when my life was good, and things were fun, and I was happy..

    Before the doom metal started


    doom sucks!!

  4. milkhsuppe

    essential masterpiece of 90's hardcorepunk, with fuckin' catchy melodic riff at the end, burned in my memory for a lifetime...

  5. Md Muaz

    a pair of testicles

    İbrahim Akgül

    Someone lost one of his balls because there's 5 dislike

  6. Brian Carroll

    two dicks

  7. A.J. Meyer

    Who the fuck would give this song a thumbs down?!?!

    Way Way


    Spencer Rapley

    probably clicked wondering what's this.

    Tara L Bethune

    A.J. Meyer one of those dudes with the red suspenders and skully cap who starts up up a windmill in the pit. That guy would.