Siames - No Lullaby Lyrics

Blinding lights
Thunder tremble pack
Muddy hearts
Beanie babies lies

There's no lullaby
In this nowhere land

Shining high
Rumbles in the dark
Torn apart
Devil in disguise

There's no lullaby
In this nowhere land

What's the meaning
When you have a broken home?
Home, home

Where's the love
When you were left on your own?
So alone

Tumbling dice
Sentimental crap
Who's the smart
Leading daily cries?

There's no lullaby
In this nowhere land

What's the meaning
When you have a broken home?
Home, home

Where's the love
When you were left on your own?

What's the meaning
When you have a broken home?
Home, home

Where's the love
When you were left on your own?
So alone

What's the meaning
When you have a broken home?
Home, home

Where's the love
When you were left on your own?

What's the meaning
When you have a broken home?
Home, home

Where's the love
When you were left on your own?
So alone

Who said you're on your own?

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Siames No Lullaby Comments
  1. Amir Fujiwara


  2. Naueru

    Buena música

  3. Skiller The Dog

    Me: I'll find the best music group in the world!
    Youtube: challenge accepted
    Me: i found SIAMES
    Youtube: impossible!

  4. Janderson Campos

    wtf is 'lullaby'?

  5. Lady Aishiteru

    Nice <3

  6. Gerrod95

    I like this song so much. Everytime i listen this i fell so sad. Remerber how i lost everything, but didint lose myself. I would like make some sad amv, but i dont dare take this song.

    sorry if i made mistakes, my english isn't so well

  7. Aliha


    My love for Siamés :

    .... "as you get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh"

  8. Julian Gonzales

    Bueno, un usuario de youtube me pido que diera mi interpretación de esta canción, y alla vamos, espero les guste :)

    Bueno, la canción habla de un niño o niña la cual no recibe amor de sus padres, probablemente que ignoran a su hijo/ja, como podemos ver en varias frases de la canción, como por ejemplo "Cual es el sentido de tener un hogar roto" con esto supongo que el niño que es el que está cantando, se refiere a "¿Cual es el sentido de tener una familia y un hogar si no nos queremos?" Es como decir ¿de que sirve un techo durante la lluvia si este tiene agujeros?.
    De echo "Broken home" es un término inglés usado para situaciones en las que hay un problema familiar.
    Otras frases que demuestran que es sobre un niño es cuando menciona los "thunder packs" los cuales son pirotecnia, también los bebés de Beanie los cuales son unos osos de peluche, otra cosa que demuestra que es un niño es la parte en que dice "No hay canción de cuna" lo cual también demuestra de que no recibe amor de sus padres.
    La parte en la que dice "en esta tierra de nadie" se refiere a su casa, que le parece como un lugar sin nadie ya que seguramente casi no ve a sus padres o este no le prestan atención, otra cosa que demuestra esto es la parte que dice "donde está el amor cuando te dejaron tan solo".
    Bueno a ahí termina mi interpretación, si quieren hacerme preguntas o presentar su opinión por favor hágalo y les contesto.


    Muy buena interpretacion! Hay bastante de eso

    Julian Gonzales

    @SIAMES ohhh muchas gracias, no puedo creer que me respondieran :)

  9. Morgan Cowperthwait

    Say hi to #BabyNut!!!!

  10. Diggitox

    The song is veeeeeeery good, and the bass is it too man, you guys are very good at this

  11. Portal Enthusiast

    I'm actually upset that great creators like you are overshadowed by music from the 80s and 90s on the radio. Your stuff is quality that doesn't just pertain to nostalgia, and I think the messages each song has that basically necessitates listening to it multiple times is genius.


    Thanx so much for your compliments! We really aprecciate it!! 🙌🎵💙

  12. Runner 023

    the there's no lullaby is impossible do don't love


  13. Morgan Cowperthwait

    Will there be no lullaby for Harley Quinn?

  14. horacio fernando Abraham

    there is something they cannot do they are very good👍

  15. wullens robinson

    How do you manage to nail the perfect melody everytime, it's too good !!!


    Thanx so much!!!

  16. Fabiskon 13

    sooo good

  17. Shawn

    I love your music, it always able to reach my inner self and let's me feel the emotion of the songs and let me understand what's I've been holding in all this time and allows me to let it out


    Thanx so much!! We are glad that you connected like that with our songs!! 🙌🎶💙

  18. This is Geh

    232 deaf people and counting

  19. Faywynn

    I hope someday Davie504 could reach this comment and have fun SLAPPING the BASS on that beautiful song from SIAMÉS ! Lots of love

  20. Andromeda Sideral

    Me encanta este grupo y las animaciones de los videos son maravillosas. Muy tekkon kinkreet todo :) espero poder oirlos más!

  21. Char snod

    Me:"clicks banger song about lullubays"
    The video after like 7 seconds:"theres no lullaby "

  22. alejandra leiva

    Adoro que pongan subtítulos en español

  23. NijuNana

    I wish this song has the MV for it. The art looks like a story of a boy who went of a magical yet sad journey to find true meaning 'home' or 'family'.

  24. Goddamn It

    this feels like a midnight bike ride to nowhere with someone you love

  25. Emmanuel Hernández

    How much hope from the last message after a broken home " who said you're on your own?"
    Thx SIAMÉS, i needed this!

  26. mellow_mallow

    owah, i can't stop listening to it!!! it's entrancing.... so good

  27. Joshua Effendi

    each Song compose of this group when ever its back with visuals or not tells a wonder story of meaning that all should take heed of, Well Done SIAMES

  28. Master Mostfa

    That last line seriously gave me the chills

  29. ঔৣ͜͡ FrikiBoY6 ک

    Diablos, literalmente llevo como 30 segundos y me encanta

  30. David Klein

    This is so good, that bass grove is sooooooo good.

  31. Refg

    This song needs a Vidio

  32. Somoko Animations

    Everytime I look up any lyrics to any of your songs I cry.

  33. aranguren12

    *"You'll never beat your previous songs"*

    Siames: "Hold my mate"

  34. Diego Estrada

    This band is from Argentina, sings in English, and their music videos have a very heavy japanese influence.

    vicente asti

    They are from Argentina? I did not expect that

  35. Varghul

    Son fantasticos gente!!

    Sigan asi! Gran fan ^_^

  36. Izuku Midoriya

    yeminlen adamlarin kötü sarkisi yok ya

  37. Izuku Midoriya


  38. Izuku Midoriya

    sesi o kadar güzel ki adamin

  39. Fran Jimenez

    With no doubt i can say: Your music is the one I have heard the most this 2019.
    A M A Z I N G

  40. Gunjα Fury

    Honestly inspirational

  41. Katherine Beltran Luizar

    Hermoso el ritmo,para cuando la animación completa

  42. Jesus Daniel Perez

    las mejores canciones

  43. I'm obsessed with anime

    high hopes for an animation on this one

  44. I'm obsessed with anime

    another song i will never get bored of from this artist

  45. Sharigano Puck

    какой же ахуенный трек😍😍😍
    I love it so more

  46. Maria PC

    Bellisimo me encanta ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. Turtle Derp1123

    I don’t understand how every single song you guys put out is so distinct, but so good.
    Like how is there not ONE bad or even just mediocre song?
    They’re all incredible!

  48. Stellar Turtle

    You are amazing! I hope the best for all of you! And we love you guys, I think that you are real artists, we can feel it.

  49. Lady Freya

    How do you guys only have 351k subs

  50. Maria Camila Vega

    Everything you guys make slaps, literally

  51. Luis Fernando Da Silva

    I love your music♥️

  52. Valen xd


    *CONGRATS* 😍

  53. Adriana Chavez

    waaaa espero con ansias un video animación de esta cancion :')

  54. Redchaos

    Up the song to 1.5x it’s better afterwards

  55. Zamtik Girzzeta

    ¿¡¿¡Cómo no había escuchado está canción?!?! Está increíble, siempre con el toque único que la diferencia de las demás, aquí si me dieron en los feels pero de buena forma, me ha gustado bastante y sería increíble ver animación de ésta maravilla auditiva, sigan así <3

  56. smlbwdn

    2:45 - 2:47, that's some primus shit right there. MMMMM Bass

  57. David McKinney

    I let my recommended take me further every day.

    This is what I found on 12/19/19

  58. Pinky Genga

    Just say down to listen to your songs and just wow😍

  59. FOX 狐

    There's no lullaby

  60. Rhyannon Audet

    Check out caravan palace they are just as good

  61. Lord Helix

    I love how the art is a reference to a scene from Akira, a story about a orphaned boy who literally destroyed his home(Tokyo) with his unearthly powers

  62. Drake Hashimoto

    These songs are the perfect songs to listen to, they’re filled with amazing emotion, rhythm, movement, art style and all that make them amazing.
    Thank Siames for go giving this world a great band🤗😂

    I just have to say it twice, I’m that grateful

  63. Harold McCarty

    All this time, I've looked for a flawless band.

    Today, I search no more.

  64. nameGAME

    Es bellisimo

  65. CaptainObvious [Kool]

    SIAMÉS... is a good band I wish people listen to it more.

  66. Drake Hashimoto

    This song, the Wolf, Mr. Fear, and the other great songs are just absolutely amazing, the art style, the lyrics, the great rhythm and movement is so touching and fantastic, not to mention, the message as well. Thank Siames for giving this world a band that can provide just that. You rock !!!

    Edit: Thank you so much for the likes, but most importantly, Siames, master of beats and rhythm, you've changed my life completely, just speechless.

    Drake Hashimoto

    didn't even know that if you edit, it makes this pinned comment, unpinned.

    Turtle Derp1123

    Drake Hashimoto why the heck has YouTube done THAT?

    Muises 123

    also summer nights is a good song

    Drake Hashimoto

    @Muises 123 oh definitely, I honestly believe that the fact that all of these songs are different and unique in their own way, nonetheless, sound absolutely amazing is what makes them all of my favorites.

    Meme Man

    I like how DEEP they are like they hide deep messages in these songs

  67. Dan The Man

    This is by far my favorite siamés song

  68. Ralph

    Siamés, quizás no leáis este comentario, pero me gustaría daros las gracias, gracias por hacer una música tan increíble y que transmite tantísimo. Desde que os conocí os habéis convertido en unos de mis grupos favoritos sin duda, vuestras canciones siempre me hacen querer sonreír, bailar, cantar y me levantan el ánimo. Así que solo espero que sigáis siendo vosotros mismos y yo, por supuesto, os seguiré apoyando siempre mientras crecéis y esperando más de vuestra música. Sois lo mejor.


    Gracias a vos por tan lindo mensaje!! Que hermoso q nuestra musica te genere todo eso!! Sigamos juntos si!!

  69. Francisco Ramon C. Pardinez, Jr.

    another underrated work from SIAMES

  70. phantom

    siames continues to suprise and please me with these songs and i can never get tired of them

  71. Blu3 Jund

    When you edit a video, you repeatedly listen to the same songs. In my case "No Lullaby".One of the many bands I know very little about, but really love their music. **Takes a hit** So I felt really connected to this song. I just wanted to write down this moment, because this experience was true. This is one of those moments. Where you feel peaceful, truly happy. I am here to appreciate those moments. And I am grateful. thx y'all, love u


    Thanx so much 🙌🙌🙌

  72. Victoria Davidsen

    your music helps forget my stomach pain

  73. Mo Bé

    Ghiền bài này quá rồi? Tính sao giờ? Huhu T^T GOOD ...GOOD VERY GOOD ~

  74. Franyely Montiel

    Espero hagan un video de esta cancion porque es simplemente hermosa!

  75. Candelaria Franco

    Amo todo lo que hacen, gracias por las letras en ingles + español

  76. Александр Сверхновый

    Make the openings, ending and OST for the anime

  77. Jed Valadez

    When did you bring back alternative music 😅

  78. Bull Frog Kaiju

    What's with artifacts inside of bubbles????

  79. Adi Pahima

    Currently planning a D&D campaign for next year, and these songs are most of my inspiration! The big events are based off of SIAMES' awesome songs and lyrics! So hyped for 2020 because of this and in anticipation for more SIAMES

    If you're passing by this comment, and this is the only song you know by SIAMES... you gotta check out more, dude!

  80. Dan McGannon

    This is the only music I can listen to, and write something nice in my stories.

  81. L Yang


  82. jotace senpai


  83. Javier Falcon

    Siempre haciendo la mejor musica.

  84. Valirion Saphris

    Siames' music portrays an aestetic I wish I could live in

  85. yeray diaz

    I'm amazed how fast this artists became one of my most favorite music groups.

  86. Gerebene GN

    im waiting for a animation of this

  87. Jacob Bryant

    Even though there is only one voice, this sounds like a conversation.
    More specifically, the singer trying to related to the other the moral of the song; and the other is venting negative emotions during the instrumentals.
    To which the singer is following along:
    Who said you're on your own?
    The other person's subject doesn't matter since this is the singer's perspective, the real point being that the other is confiding to the singer.
    It's weird that people obsess about telling, keeping, and sharing secrets. Feeling important. Creating a difference. Mean something. Elevating our peers, or being their downfall. And living with those consequences...

  88. Heart MK

    Espero una exquisita animación para esta canción tan ejemplar <3

  89. ELPLAK

    Que orgullo, Argentina.

  90. Lainter

    I really hope it's getting a video, your music videos are always incredible!

  91. Abnner Esteban de la o

    ~Home <3

  92. Gak R

    This song is so refreshing for my brain

  93. eskelis

    Akira mode

  94. HQY



    Serious question. Will there be a video as well? ;)

  96. Cramduck

    Everyone else: "Such meaning, many feels"
    My dumb ass: D I S C O - L A N D

  97. Camila -452

    Si el lugar de nuestro orígen está destruido, no nos queda nada. Pero con el tono de la canción, de cierta manera optimista, aún puedes seguir.

  98. Manoel Barrionuevo

    I don't get how can someone dislike this song. What is wrong with you folks? Haven't you got a heart? I'm just listening to it as my ears bleed from exhaustion due to the endless loop I trapped myself in this song.

  99. GC's Gaming Community

    2:38 for the amazing bass riff