Shyne - For The Record Lyrics

Pshhhh pshhhh
[repeat 3x]

[Verse 1]
Ohh you rhyme witta slug and sum shots in his face
He rhyme witta slug tryna sound like ma$e
Listened to his tape, this lil' nigga used to sound like cake
Maybe I'm juss killin, maybe he juss snitchin
See a whole lot different from my cell in Clinton
What I see is straight bug, straight girl
Yea he be a killa, you kill wit words
Rather look at the facts not the hype
Like who got shot and who got knifed
Who keep gettin struck, but don't neva strike
Hope the beef go away but the feds indict
I know yo card nigga, it's so clear
You juss wanna sell record you don't want warfare
You don't wanna ride you wanna get rich and hide
These niggaz would've died if they shot me nine times
Heyy it's juss for the best
Take this mob shit serious, please respect it

And there go the shots stay rippin 'em apart
Cuz it's a blood comin outta his slum
It's murdah bloody homicide is what they cry
When they losin' their life
When muhfuckaz ask me how I sleep at night
Pretty good witta a slug and my heat held tight
Pray to god while I'm gone, is what underneath feels like
It's my work by the surf when they turn off the lights

[Verse 2]
You ain't kill humma 'cause if you did
Why you ain't get the pen after all of that hit
You know I know, that if you live
That shit that you spit, somebody got somebody
Somebody got jumped, somebody got cut
Yoo a boxer nigga, nobody got shot
Nobody got flushed, you screamin what what
Okay okay killa you'sa slut
Think about it, enoughs enoughs
I'm tryna show 'em whoes who
And what is what
I mean how can I respect you
When them niggaz that left you ain't none of 'em blessed you
(not nobody)
You know where they are, where they perform
Bust yo gun, stop makin songs
Please no more ghetto quran
You got money now it's time to bomb
And that's juss fo the top
Take this mob shit seriouse please respect it

And there go the shots stay rippin 'em apart [2x]
Cuz it's a blood comin outta his slum

[Verse 3]
Death of perfection as I move witout motion
Ain't no nigga in his game doin the shit that I'm quotin'
Take a good look 'cause you'll neva a see enought of me
Might be sum otha g's tryna trace n color me
But I believe in the ways of old
Slice these niggaz throat tryna tell on po
That shouldn't excist, fuckin snitch
Cut of his dick, put it on his lips
You really think I was gon' let you slide
Fuckin wit me you must be outcho mind
You really think jail was gon' make thinks right
Nigga I won't stop till you you lose yo life
I was mindin' my own, word got back, niggaz talkin bout po
I was like ohh, god must be ready fo this nigga to go
Gang Land, this is the mob
You got yo break come finish yo job
Juss don't get the feds involved
And I'mma reunite you wit yo moms
I guess this ain't juss music
Cuz jail only made me much mo' ruthless (nigga)
And the bitch nigga knew this
That's why he tryed to sign me to g-unit
Tell 'em how you made me offers
(I don't want that blood I'mma godfather)
Loved on every street corner
Hurts yo heart that you don't get that honor
The feds I paid fo that
10 years up top
Not seven months shock
Walked the yard wit bloods
Took the bus wit cuz
Went gun fo gun
I earned my lug
You, you juss pathetic
You neva bg, bespite yo efforts
Take this mob shit serioue, you gon' respect it
Tha's juss fo the record

And there go the shots stay rippin 'em apart
Cuz it's a blood comin outta his slum
It's murdah bloody homicide is what they cry
When they losin' their life
When muhfuckaz ax me how I sleep at night
Pretty good witta a slug and my heat held tight
Pray to god while I'm gone, is what underneath feels like
It's my work by the surf when they turn off the light

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Shyne For The Record Comments
  1. Abdullah Hardy


  2. Tony Griggs

    That nigga Shyne stood in 50 chest on this bitch 😩🔥🔥💪🏽

  3. Ruben Dominguez

    When people freestyle on Xbox live

  4. Distance Love

    When you trying to have phone sex but your mom is sleeping.

  5. King Prince

    Taking a stroll down memory lane I miss the 90s and early 2000s

  6. Paul Bliss

    I liked 50 until he beefed with PO!!## im PO all day everyday

    Paul Bliss

    From 313 on this song goes hard as fuck

  7. Shane Burton

    Shane burton got money

  8. Testarossa Sosa

    " *Niggas Would've Died If They Shot Me 9 Times!* " that shit gives a mf the chills everytime I hear it because I know SHYNE was dead ass telling the truth when he said that shit

  9. FEB 1985

    Fif left Shyne alone after this song got released. The hardest diss song against 50.

  10. Emerge Matic

    How this is not at one million views? SHYNE is Litty

  11. Willie Blacc

    Liking that part “ I went gun 4 gun I earned my love

  12. El Chapin

    😜50 cent got murder in this

  13. R H

    I was like oh god must be ready for this nigga to go

  14. JoeBananas888

    Y’all crazy 50 would body this wack ass dude just like he bitched dude on the phone haha


    lmao whatever 50 was shook when he heard this


    Man U a complete idiot bro I hope u just kidding lol

  15. Algeron Bradley

    He was our lucky luciano this nigga was so bad they deported him

  16. Jose Vgeta

    9 i was 14 when this came out, straight fire

  17. Bert Dam

    "You are just pathetic you will never be a G despite your efforts"

  18. Bert Dam

    "You really thought Im going to let you slide, fucking with me you must be out of your mind"

  19. JamesO19991

    How you gon single handedly murder someone from a prison phone?!!! R.I.P. 50

  20. Donald High

    Shit Hard As Hell 🔥 🔥 🔥#SHYNE

  21. Willie McLean

    Walk the yard with Bloods took the bus with cuz

  22. East Bee Da Beast

    Man dis shet was hot...TRASH!!

    Ciapha Gray

    You buggin! Shit was hard! And he did it in jail.

    El Chapin

    Ciapha Gray his a 50 cent groupie

  23. Timothy Agnew

    Takeover, Ether, Badass, Hit em up, For the record, etc....

    Jeremiah Mendoza

    Hit em UP!!!


    i love pac but hit em up was overrated...

  24. Roy Kable

    Well it don't get more gangsta than this, he busted his gun fo real and made a ruthless diss track going at 50 straight outta prison!

  25. Ryan Distefano

    where it at?

  26. Jose Vgeta

    9 straight fire rip 50 cent

  27. BigRon

    2019 n still one of the coldest diss tracks

  28. Tracy Higgs

    🔥through the prison phone

  29. Trouble man84

    I had to scroll through this comment section to make sure it wasnt no candy shop ass niggas defending 50

  30. Jose Vgeta

    9 high school memories

  31. Kris Barron

    2019 hitting


    Murda bloody homicide

  33. Hrothgar 85

    I was minding my own, word got back you was talkin bout po.. I was like oh... God must be ready for this nicca to go.

  34. Erik Estrada

    I know yard card nigga ....niiggas finnna died 9 times

  35. Stephen Hyland AV

    2019 anyone

  36. WilliamBernard BROWN

    This copy is mixed well

  37. Hector Espericueta

    Still in 2019. Shyne muthafuckin po

  38. Aundray Mcdonald

    Shyne kill 50 on this track fa real on some new York shit

  39. Daryl Cornelius

    Always been a shyne fan. Killed fifty.

  40. Blunt Sessions

    This is my shit . you don't wanna ride you wanna get rich and hide

  41. iky ikmal

    Get the strap


    iky ikmal stupid 😂

  42. RicoTorreze

    He got off in 50 cents ass with this one...Shyne addressed the situation perfectly on this record! Wish the vocals were clearer, but hey, real nigga shit!

  43. laquentin walker

    God must be ready for this nigga to go lol MAAAAAAAAANNNN gangsta as fuck

  44. E.M.R.G.

    Lyrical homicide


    2019 🤘🏾

  46. j hilaski II

    *50 who?*

  47. George Brother

    I believe every word shyne say!!!!💯

  48. wurl don 89

    "I was jus minding my own,
    Word got back niggas talkin bout po,
    I was like oh god must be ready for this nigga to go"

  49. Velocity Toxic

    Love this dude!!!!

  50. Ricardo Arriaga

    Why is this one of my favorite rap songs regarless of the quality ?

  51. Porius the Serious one air macz

    The snowbunnies boifriends came.. and they mad as hell.. wanna take the grand wizards place.. and they warmed them up real gud.. mafiosos all over the world wanna be involved in the master of the ceremonies.. and they warmed them up real gud..

    Porius the Serious one air macz

    This is how you should look like fuckin weirdo..

    Porius the Serious one air macz

    If they see a redline and snowbunnies sorround the dawg.. they wanna give you the death penalty..

  52. corey mac

    You ahould have left the part g unit was asking to sign him the start. " Just dont get the feds involved
    And im a reunite you with your moms"

  53. LeAndre Jefferies

    U don't wanna ride, u wanna get rich and hide/ cause niggas woulda died if they shot me 9 times. Cold as fuck and over the phone, adlibs and all

  54. undreaful

    Top 3 alltime diss track #gangsta

  55. m0rgoth xsK

    I guess this ain't just music caz jail only made me much more ruthless.

  56. Nameless_Ghost

    Hardest 50 cent disc ever.

    Jeremiah Mendoza

    Game came close 🤔🤔

    Young Menase

    @Jeremiah Mendoza or either Jadakiss and lox

    Jeremiah Mendoza

    @Young Menase Jada Kiss


    jada and nas

  57. The Thoro Network

    Aside from the mom reference (cheap shot) shyne broke 50 down with pure logic. He learned from his lawyer 😂. Every line digs into the contradiction that is 50.

  58. DaT804 LadY-don

    Niggas would have died if they shot me 9times

  59. sberry55

    Got at Kanan over the phone while locked up....

  60. thunder god91

    shyne po used to be bad ass

  61. Mikel Brooks

    Ma man said: Cut of his dick, put it in his lips! Hahaha...

  62. Mikel Brooks

    He said: I believe on the ways old, split a foes the tryna tell on Po! What da Fuck... Shynes been my dude since 2000

  63. Death Rager

    50 cent beefs:

    vs ja, needed the rest of gunit, d12 and busta rhymes. still didnt win hold this L
    vs shyne: couldnt win shyne buried him, another L
    vs jadakiss styles P, another loss.
    vs game, multiple Ls.

    when did 50 ever win a beef? and dont count ja rule beef as a victory because they couldnt even beat ja rule when they were with 10 or 11 dudes. then they called the fbi on murda inc, ja goes to jail and cant defend himself. thats not winning a beef. and 50 is a legend? foh.

    j hilaski II

    *shit Eminem killed Ja harder than 50 did and Ja is trash music*

  64. Jose Vgeta

    nigga said, i was minding my own word got back niggaz talkin bout po! I WAS LIKE OH! GOD MUST BE READY 4 THIS NIGGA TO GO!

  65. Jose Vgeta


  66. Che Guevara

    "I don't run with rats .."you could never be g"

  67. Joshua Soto Croci

    Shyne po destroyed fitty on dis jont

  68. Malone Stockton

    Shyne talking all that shit from a cell he don’t want it with me he in pc I can have a nigga run up on him with a shank for just a few pennies out my piggy bank 50 just gave him a few bars this is weak

  69. Stevie Dee 29

    I was like oh! God must be ready for this nigga to go!

  70. Earl Stevens

    7/09/18. And still got my guy shyne playing....harder then this new quote unquote music...ya dig

  71. Tevin Howell

    Just imagine if shyne was out when this all went down

    Derrick Alexander



    50 wouldnt be alive

  72. DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    He speaking factz. Even 50 would admit he made offers to Po tryna sign him to the unit.foh..Respect the OGs who came before you fif

  73. Urban Legend

    Its funny how 50 lost every rap beef he had to fight alone,like vs Jadakiss,Fat Joe,The Game,Camr'on,Shyne or Rick Ross.
    He won only against Ja Rule(on wax not on the streets)cuz he had help from Eminem,Dre,D12,Busta and TheGame...

    Death Rager

    he didnt win against ja rule. they lost , then they called the fbi on murda inc and they went to jail for tax evading. LMAO 50 never won a beef. he just suck alot of the elites dicks so he stay in the picture.

    50 cent = five o central station. never forget that.

    Quimane Richardson

    He deff killed em and fat Joe alone , fat Joe or Ja was never hot again, Rick ross was new and his buzz wasn't going anywhere, jada too lyrical to kill on wax so he had jada album at the time pushed back, learn ya history,

    Jonathan Buggs

    Don’t forget Kanye west

  74. El Chuma

    He killed that rat

  75. Lil tee Lizzlw

    God must be ready for this nigga to go ....ohhh weeeee that’s cold classic

  76. Jay Sams

    "You a boxer nigga no body got stuck."-/Truth, Its bs how they kicked him out of the country before he could get his full
    voice back and hooked him up with the wrong people when he got out. Let it be said this man murder 50 from the pen.

  77. 21 Streetifucation

    This is Concrete. My man Shyne's pops became the Prime Minister of Belize in like 08'...he wasnt fearing a thing.

  78. Sim ?

    For those who are wondering, the Samples are:

    Mystikal- "Here I Go" (A New Orleans Classic btw)
    Whodini- "Friends"

    One of my favorite diss songs of all time & it's unfortunate not too many people know bout this.

    Hungry Joe

    +Sim ? yo! For years I couldn’t figure it out! Thank you! 🍺

    C Ovey

    Sim ? Salute!!!!

  79. William Schaeffer

    still a classic in 2018

  80. RayGunz

    This record was vicious definitely on point with hit em up end it was the best dissed to come out since then on top of that he was serious at the time and then there was a smear campaign to fuck him up when he got out but everything he said in the record was true you can't deny that look at the facts and 50 Cent worked for daddy before he got on he wrote songs on the flop album diddy put out puff daddy forever or whatever that was and I'm telling you shyne knew what was going on. 50 Cent only got away with what he got away with because the people allowed it look at Eminem now if he wasn't with him then he wouldn't have gotten away with it the white fans let Eminem smuggle him out from the snitch campaign

  81. Vince McMurtry

    Shyne my favorite Bad Boy artist next to Big Murdered
    5. 0

  82. First Last

    Who keeps getting struck but won’t ever strike!

    Death Rager

    i know ya card nigga, its so clear
    u just wanna sell records, you dont want warfare
    you dont wanna ride, you wanna get rich and hide
    these niggaz woulda died if they shot me 9 times


    Recorded over the prison pay phone. This is some real gangster shit.

    Khader Habet

    @paul Bliss he out an here in Belize big movements again

    King Kevious

    Nicca said he would basically commit murder over a jail phone while in jail... u cant get no realer than that lol

    Anthony Arcanum Sanctum Regnum

    word also got silenced for the rest of his sentence It kinda killed him shame then they deported Him
    I'm 41 so I remember all this as it happened they were gonna let Dude make some albums under his own Co label but his shit was to real he couldn't drop another one.

  84. Carlos Garcia

    Gotta look at the facts not the hype......

    Yadiah Taxo Dysmas

    bust your gun stop making songs.

    Death Rager

    no mo ghetto quran
    u got money now, its time to bomb

    holy shit this line still flies over my head even though i know all the lyrics. the quran bomb line insane son. shyne woulda been one of the goats really. fucking p snitchy.

  85. kevin harrison

    " who keep getting struck , but never strike back , hope the beef go away when the feds indict".

    Connell Harris

    He killed em on that alone

    Death Rager

    Connell Harris  just dont get the feds involved
    and imma reunite you with ya moms (rip)

    Jamie Tv

    Tell 'em hw u made me offer, I dnt run wt the blood, I'm a godfather. He's the shit!

    j hilaski II

    *niggas woulda died they shot me 9 times* straight finishing lyrics

  86. Adrian Nino

    From prison phone HaHa

    Khader Habet

    Haha? Now that's Gangster!! You call gangster Ina booth?

    Randy Tang

    he's actually not the first to do this. there's a west coast artist named x-raided that did some serious time and put out several tracks recorded from a prison phone much earlier than shyne. check out his track named 'use yo nina', its pretty tough.

  87. foongU

    Im bout that west coast shit...but shyne is one of my the top 5 dudes i fuck with from da east ...i like his music cuz it was like a oldskool style of singing!

  88. Nunu Ruff

    It hurts ur heart dat u dnt get dat honor

  89. Money Birdz Brand

    he needs to record thiz again since hes out

  90. reemoe17

    25 people don't wanna ride, they wanna get rich and hide.

    Reggie Rightwing

    Niggaz gonna die if they shot me 9 times



    Blunt Sessions

    67 ppl now fuck em

  91. John Gomez

    🔥 🔥 🔥😈

  92. O Childs

    2017 listening to

  93. MSotelo503

    Best diss top 5 at the least with Eazy E Real Compton G.

  94. Rmac12x31

    Don't get the Feds involved and ima reunite ya with your mom.... Shyne was cold as hell lol

    Flex Washington

    Rmac12x31 😂😂😂😂

  95. Adam Howell

    I was minding my own

    Jamie Tv

    Words got out, this nigga is talking about po'

    Death Rager

    James 678905 Anthony  word got back niggaz talkin bout po*

    Derrick Alexander

    I was like Oh God must be ready for this nigga to Go!!!!!

    j hilaski II

    *Bye bye, bye bye*

  96. Chavis Young

    shyne. need more people like you around the world.