Shy Glizzy - White Girl Lyrics

In love with a white girl
She's soft as powder
I get hard around her
I whip her right here
She French, I'm a coke boy
Don't fuck with broke boys
She know I'm a dope boy
She said give me dough, boy

I seen 15 bricks today
You make 15 bucks an hour
Robbin ass niggas in the kitchen, playing with flour
I got all this power, you a fucking coward
My bitch come from France, oh, she like my Eiffel Tower
My plug got them blocks, just like LuLu
I supply your block, I give you work and tell you do you
You no fool, you know that the Glizzy Gang will shoot you
We're not backing down, we not run from shit but woo woo
Cocaine, that's my bitch, oh, she made me rich
I wanna be like rich these niggas wanna be like mitch
In the kitchen, when I cook a wankle wankle wip
Free my dawg they book 'em just like Michael Michael Vick

In love with a white girl
She's soft as powder
I get hard around her
I whip her right here
She French, I'm a coke boy
Don't fuck with broke boys
She know I'm a dope boy
She said give me dough, boy

Trips from Puerto Rico
Fucking with my Migos
Bitch, they sing like Ne-Yo
This shit do not come with cheat codes
Lil' over seas ho
Wish I had a trio
Feisty like a lion, I forgot she was a Leo
She come from the slums
Grew up on first of the month
Know how to shoot a gun
Her father fought in Vietnam

She so fucking fine, yeah, she so fucking fine
She have a lot of niggas
She say I'm the dopest one

I got a lot of guns
I got a lot of paper
Won't nobody find ya body
Boy I got A lot of acres
I give these niggas tips
Ooh ya'll shouldve been some waiters
My Wrists like dirty checks
Ooh I shouldve been A banker

In love with a white girl
She's soft as powder
I get hard around her
I whip her right here
She French, I'm a coke boy
Don't fuck with broke boys
She know I'm a dope boy
She said give me dough, boy

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Shy Glizzy White Girl Comments
  1. Jahziel Cedillo

    Yung Jefe Holmes such a classic yo

  2. 714 Isabella

    Song still fye

  3. Edward Phillips

    Still🔥 2020

  4. Vanlz

    2020 anyone

  5. Gardenia Ceja

    2016 vibes 😭

  6. armypostal

    Did we all smoke weed to this b4 school? Lmao CLASSOF2015!!‼️‼️🔥🔥

  7. Juanita Sofrita

    Still vibing in 2020

  8. Zinoxe

    The intro sound like Goldlink - Crew lowkey

  9. The0nlyy Jayy

    What about black girls?

  10. Aced Svg

    this is the original crew

  11. India Meyers

    2020 🔥

  12. Nitra Ellis


  13. Dylan Wright

    2020 anyone?

  14. GMS Loyalty

    This a a piece of artwork

  15. Exposing Thots

    7 million views congrats bro!!!!

  16. Big bot 24

    So like who here from tik tok

  17. Tony Mora

    When I first heard this song I didn’t know know what this song was about but I still bump it till this day 💪🏼 who else still bumping it

    Reformed Felon


  18. Karla Jay

    Someone knows if this song got a official video?

  19. Aaron DeStefano

    15 bucks an hour is still pretty decent in 2020

  20. NOCEN YT

    This song is about one of my friends brothers His name is Mitchell

  21. Big Drakk0

    Really haven't heard this song in a min😩2020???

  22. King Stank Tv

    My bitch come from France she like my Alfa towerrrr best song to wake n bake to Checking in 01/14/20

  23. Nexus

    When dmv niggas fall in love with a white girl

  24. Brian Holliday

    This shit used to goo in college

  25. Christian Harper

    Who here 2020 though 💯💯

    Legit Amazing

    Smoking a cart right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

  26. Anina Garcia

    2020 man

  27. tyshawn

    The best song when you high

  28. Marco Barriga

    2020 still bang

  29. MOJO Deal


  30. JonnieMack DeBerry

    who bumping in 2020??

  31. Mason Marshall

    2020 anyone ????

  32. Tre Allen

    Vibing in 2020


    I did a gram of coke to this song last night


    EMILIOMONTANA I got a handjob to this song last night😂💀


    iGreggoo fucking liiiive broooo😂💀

  34. Nuer Leth

    2020 and I just discovered this jam💜🖤 #late

  35. Reformed Felon

    2020 👇🏻

  36. Just A Fan

    I wish my plug had the pills that look like fruit loops

  37. Apollo

    mushrooms and molly in trap bumpin dis

  38. Rj Brewer

    And am with a white girl she soft a powder

  39. John Wayne

    Am I the only one who hears his influence in fetty waps music?

  40. Caleb Jefferson

    2020??? This shit still slap the same

  41. Aubry O'Hara

    Best shy glizzy track!! still in my playlist in 2019 💯💯💯

  42. 7even有有有


  43. Johnny Verga

    Cocaine is my girlfriend

  44. karen a

    White girl🧡

  45. John Wayne

    This song was so ahead of its time

  46. Sugaaa Candy

    Feisty like a lion 🦁 Guess he forgot I was a Leo ♌️

  47. Brooklyn Tody

    Rico Nasty would have been dope on the remix.

  48. Young Sibo


  49. CEO Huncho

    This still my shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. GET RICH WIZ 1999

    I cook for a living and I make 14:50 a hour and I live pretty good so ion understand how he tryin flex on ppl making 15 a hour

    45 Spurt

    GET RICH WIZ 1999 igz daz facs

  51. Ethan Reida

    My friend got shot in the beginning of 2018 and he showed me this song,


  52. Nauticity

    Wait this was in 2014

  53. chaketa King

    I played this song when I found my bsf 🖤🖤 and she's white 🧨🥊 💥✔️

  54. Eli Mateo

    Shit still hit

  55. Antony

    Trip to where the fuck did he say he be finding us MIGOS? Hahaha lying stunning ass nigka dont even know we've got NO relations with that island

  56. roy harris

    Trips to Puerto Rico , f*ckin with la migo 🔥🔥

  57. big dog 231

    You know he talkin bout cocaine rt

  58. pachi tutu914

    Almost the end of 2019 and still rockin to this shit like it just came out 🤘

  59. Rozenna Luna

    Phoenix Arizona

  60. RazorKage

    this shit is immortal

  61. Andreas Khamou

    Is this gon still be a vibe in 2020?

  62. Rosie Chavez

    We Not Backing Down We Don’t Run From Shit Cocaine Dats My Bitch...Whoop!R.I.P.CHEECH One Love

  63. Sasha Peltier

    Who's a white girl?😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  64. talyaaa walyaa


  65. Gangsta Disciple

    A classic

  66. Eli Gomez

    I haven't heard this song in a long time

  67. Kay G

    Snapchat: tripz.g


  68. Lil SaulDrowzy

    she fuck with broke boi

  69. Lil SaulDrowzy

    in love with a white girl she soft as powder

  70. DJ 617

    She’s so fuckin fine yeah she’s so fuckin fine!

  71. Kristina Melecio

    This song still lit

  72. darius cooper

    I wrote this shot my high on my momma 666 Jehovah now but thotty huslte

  73. Julian Meguinis

    twenty nineteen anyone?

  74. The Mexican King

    This slaps Harder then the flies i swat at my house

  75. Zachary Armstrong

    I likewhite girls

  76. B Rha

    almost 2020 i'm still baggings White Girl ! haha

    Lil ZUZU

    B Rha who ain’t, I got a prolem wit em

  77. ItsHTM

    2019 anyone?

  78. Brodi tamez 2nd

    2019 mane😁

  79. Janiyah Mccoy

    that my favorite song 👅👅👅

  80. Paige Davis

    i loveee this songgg...

  81. Epicgamer _yt

    Wow what a song

  82. Karla Jay

    This shit is on replay ❤
    Good as gold 🙌

  83. Erika Cruz

    5 years and still a banger

  84. it’s nicole

    *If you don’t know the whole lyrics to this song why you still listening to 2019 😭😭*

  85. Angiee Ramirez

    This ho go hard

  86. Jxshh 1k

    Thus diserved a video