Shy Glizzy - Prey For Me Lyrics

It's Glizzy, Glizzy baby I'm a trapper baby
All In ya city stopping traffic baby [2x]
I fuck all ya bitches, no that's not my baby
I'm bout that cash money just like slim and baby
They finally see I'm getting out the hood now
Niggas actin' like it's all good now
I used to steal cars I got my own now
Play with' me I bet yo brains get blown out
I am DC, nigga I run DC
Them rap niggas they ain't really from DC
They look at me and they see what they wanna be
I know they plottin' so I keep my gun on me
Look at my niggas, hittas they a come and get ya
You's a ugly actor boy Forest Whitaker
I gets lots of cheese, just like a tortilla
My whole gang in cages, I need more gorillas
Niggas talkin' bout killin' me, so I keep my artillery
Run up on Glizzy I'll turn yo ass to rotisserie
My bitch dumb like Hilary but we got a great history
You thinkin' bout dissin' me, I'll send yo ass on delivery
I remember when it wasn't no hope for the future
If those ain't my guys, those shooters
Don't let these rappers fool ya, they faker than they jeweler
That glocks asalamaleka but that KE hallelujah
Hold up!
Prey For Me
Big Glizzy Nigga!

I'm goin' in again!

Never been to the white house just the house with' the white
Play with' one of my niggas gon have to fight fa' ya life
Double G in the hood, just like roaches and mice
Eating off of one pie no you can't have a slice
I was coolin' on south beach met a bitch she from cuba
She apart of the cartel, say her uncle the ruler
Rob a nigga for his bands and spend that shit at the jeweler
Just make sure you mask up and keep that shit off computers
It was hot dogs and beans now it's hunnit dollar wings
I had hoes and matches now I'm a fucking diesel fien
Them rap niggas kept on sellin' me dreams
Got my bands up now I'm the Mark Cuban of this team
I was gon' catch one of them, come to my city I'm gunnin' em
I hope I punish them before I kill one of them
All excite my youngin nem
Mama like I'm proud of him
Then found out it ain't shit
Thankful I'm not one of them [x2]
Prey For Me

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