Shy Glizzy - Living It Up Lyrics

Trap house jumpin' junkies
Trying to bust it down
Just got me a rollie damn
I just bust it down
She a nag nag damn right she busting down
Hunnit gas bags I can't wait to bust it down

They're living up,living up,living up
Living up, living up, living up, living up
Living up, living up, living up, living up
Living up, living up, living up, living up
Living up, living up, living up, living up
Living up, living up

[Verse 1:]
King of the town
Muah, Kiss the crown
Work in the fender, rollers gotta bust 'em down
Looking like samoli is the way we running now
All hunnit rounds, raa, bust 'em, bust 'em down
Glizzy, Glizzy baby
Thugger, Thugger, Hey!
Whats up long way?
I had a long day
Clowns coming in all the way from L.A
Puttin' work in, trying to get to L.A
Breathe nigga, This weed ain't got no seeds
Nigga, Bow down to your knees
I got what you need,nigga
Them pounds and the keys,nigga
I do not believe niggas


[Verse 2: Young Thug]
We're living it up...
Yeah, we just pouring fours in a cup
These pussy niggas know they real messed up
No chuck but I got on Chuck Taylors
My dope white but I ain't no waiter
But I'll serve, Heard you got ya' own paper
Okay I heard, I make my young niggas stay
Down and run it up and now they worth
And they don't need glasses to see I'm
Loading on Steve Urkle
OG kush mixed in with purple, Yeah I'm
Falling off the edge, I'm leaning
I ain't talking bout no cops but all my niggas fed
Eating, Bitch we full
Wealthy is poor


[Verse 3: PeeWee Longway]
We just livin' me, Young Thuga & Shy Glizzy
Bustin' down to drizzy, bust down on the rollie
Rollie, I don't bop with glizzy, Fucking different bitches
That never OG was stitious
Junkies busting down the trenches when we get them chickens
I'm just living [?]
A bitch treat me like mr.bently
Stop crying out bad wolf OG bitch this is how we livin'
Wrap it up around they shit, set it off for them bitches


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Shy Glizzy Living It Up Comments
  1. Larry Burgs

    Cant wait to bust it down🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. tood nguyen

    This song fire but god damn young thug sucks ass

  3. Dee

    Busem busem down

  4. peaceful breeze


  5. Natrae Walker

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa live it up people yall hare what he said

  6. Blood

    hunned gas bags I can't wait to buss it down!

  7. Larry Burgs

    live it up live it up

  8. Moses Berkowitz

    Is this a parody? It's really funny...sounds like really square white guys trying to sound gangster.

    Amanda Florez

    lol this guy killed a guy that was dissing his dead homie at his gravesite oh yeah the other guy tried to smoke Lil Wayne hes in jail now

    Moses Berkowitz

    ok, so that's a big NO on the parody question!

    Amanda Florez

    @Moses Berkowitz all these guys are with the shits trying to get Lil Wayne killed they was willing to risk that with Pee Wee he locked up rght now

    Amanda Florez

    that guy dissing Shy Glizzy Homie is dead and like he was burning pics of his dead homie at his gravesite might be another shooting but had it coming

  9. KC Ace

    this my shii

  10. Dominic Sardina

    squad tracks for sure

  11. Dominic Sardina

    squad tracks for sure

    Heather Marie


  12. Dominic Payton

    longway spazzed on here🔥

  13. Ajani Mason

    Skylar tha great brought me here

  14. Jay Ru

    this my shit